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Dynamics 365 Marketing Vs. ClickDimensions: Which CRM Is The Best For Marketing ?

If you are getting started with your marketing campaign and are looking for a suitable CRM to assist your efforts, I feel you. In this article, I will provide you an in-depth dynamics 365 marketing vs. ClickDimensions comparison to help you make the right choice.

Let’s get started.

Dynamics 365 Marketing vs. ClickDimensions: Some Definitions

What is Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a powerful tool from the house of Microsoft that allows you to execute excellent marketing campaigns by helping you create and distribute marketing communication to your potential and existing customers. Essentially, Dynamics 365 Marketing works as a closed-loop marketing system such that it helps you gather and analyze the results of your campaign.

What is ClickDimensions?

ClickDimensions is an effective marketing automation software designed for Microsoft Dynamics CRM that helps you by bringing together the marketing and sales department under a single platform to generate revenue. Some of the areas ClickDimensions can help you with include email marketing, campaign automation, internet intelligence, web forms, and social media.

Dynamics 365 Marketing vs. Click Dimensions: Features and Integration

Feature - ClickDimensions - Dynamics 365 Marketing

Campaign automation

yes (business only) - yes

Social marketing

yes - yes

Email marketing

yes - yes


yes - yes

Lead scoring

yes (business only) - yes

SMS messages

yes (for business with third party support) - yes (with third-party support)

Landing pages

yes (business only) - yes

Web forming

yes - yes (with portals)

Event management

yes (business only) - yes


yes (business only) - yes (with customer voice)

Web intelligence and Analytics

yes -yes

Dynamics 365 Marketing vs. ClickDimensions: How Can They Align Marketing and Sales?

Aligning marketing and sales departments is no more a choice, but a necessity. A recent report shows that aligning the two departments leads to 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher sales win rates.

This is when Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you out by letting you combine the marketing and sales department. It does so by allowing both the teams to access the same data based on their business processes.

The platform lets you transfer qualified leads from marketing directly to the sales team. It eliminates data silos and makes it easier for both the teams to track changes and results on the go.

Here are a few ways Dynamics 365 marketing helps you align sales and marketing:

  • Track and prioritize leads
  • Enhance productivity and coordination with inbuilt workflows
  • Simplify collaboration
  • Unify data and view prospects under a single roof
  • Identify and close top accounts

On the other hand, ClickDimensions also enables you to integrate the sales and marketing department, albeit with limited features. Lead scoring is one feature of the CRM that helps you automate actions. It helps you align the efforts of sales and marketing teams to convert leads into customers.

Dynamics 365 Marketing vs. ClickDimensions: Do They Offer Analytics Features?

Dynamics 365 Marketing

When it comes to analytics, Dynamics 365 Marketing provides you with comprehensive support, this is all thanks to its built-in analytics. However, you can also create your own reports and analytics from your marketing data using Power BI.

To create custom analytics, you need to connect two different data sources, say profile data and interaction data. While profile data can be fetched directly from Power BI, you can set up Azure Blob Storage to get interaction data and then connect Power BI to your blob storage.

Additionally, Dynamics 365 Marketing also assists you with artificial intelligence and a data-rich dashboard to help you make educated decisions.

When it comes to defining the marketing journey, Microsoft Dynamics 365 steals the show, in my views. Its pages, forms, and websites are pretty nice with drag-and-drop based editing. The platform also provides you with a range of ways to generate leads and follow up.


Talking about ClickDimensions, it doesn’t disappoint you at all. The platform provides you with customizable dashboards that let you have a deeper look at active IP organizations, active anonymous visitors, active visits, active pages, and more.

ClickDimensions also provides appreciable reporting features, including form reporting, survey reporting, SQL reporting services reports, and more. Additionally, the platform can also be integrated with Google Analytics and social media analytics for easy tracking and reporting purposes.

The Intelligent Dashboards of ClickDimensions provide you with access to 13 marketing and sales dashboards carefully designed by IT, sales, marketing, and sales experts to track 172 best KPIs across social, web, CRM, and advertising channels.

Dynamics 365 Marketing vs. ClickDimensions: Price Comparison

Now that we have had a look at all the major features of both the platforms, let’s talk about pricing.

Dynamics 365 Marketing

The pricing of Dynamics 365 Marketing starts from $1920 per customer per month for companies that have no other Dynamics 365 application. However, if your business already has a qualifying Dynamics 365 app, it will cost you $960 per customer per month.

Microsoft Customer Insights cost you $1920 per tenant per month for organizations that don’t have to other Dynamics 365 applications. However, if you have one, it will cost you $1280 per month.

The Customer Voice costs you $128 for 2000 survey responses per client per month.


On the other hand, ClickDimensions offers you with two plans: Basic and Business. The Basic starts from $499/month with a 12-month annual subscription to be paid in advance. The Business plan costs $699/month with a 12-month annual subscription to be paid in advance.

Dynamics 365 vs. ClickDimensions: Two Powerful Software

All in all, you would agree with me that both Dynamics 365 Marketing and ClickDimensions are two amazing products to kick start your marketing campaign. However, when it comes to choosing one of the two, I believe this depends on your organization’s marketing goals and vision.

If your marketing strategies involve setting up website conversion forms, sending some emails, and tracking activities, then ClickDimensions is the best affordable option for you.

However, if you want to take your marketing campaigns to the next level and make the most out of the available data through the power of artificial intelligence, you need a more robust platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Additionally, if you are looking for a user-friendly platform for your employees that would not require endless hours of training, ClickDimensions is the way to go. It is simple to master and provides you with straightforward ways to create targeted campaigns and web forms.

On the other hand, Dynamics 365 Marketing has huge potential. The platform has so much in itself that it could be tough to make the most out of it without proper orientation and training.

So, are you all ready to harness the most out of the Dynamics 365 Marketing capabilities? Gestisoft is here to provide the best implementation services. We help you customize to the next level by tweaking the platform as per your preferences and requirements. Sounds good? Contact us today to learn more.

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