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Microsoft Power Apps (Integrated Applications)

Our proprietary solutions

At the heart of our expertise, we present proprietary solutions designed to streamline and enhance your business processes. Each solution is meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft's ecosystem, empowering your organization with the tools it needs to succeed. Discover how our specialized applications can transform your operations, improve efficiency, and drive growth.

  • Regulatory Bodies Management

    Discover Legio, our innovative Regulatory Management Software, meticulously designed by experts to address the complex needs of Regulatory Bodies seamlessly. Transform the way you manage membership renewal with Legio's cutting-edge technology and intuitive design, empowering you to focus on what truly matters.

  • Citizen Request Management

    Our platform seamlessly connects citizens and city services, offering an intuitive request management system that enhances public service, making it more efficient and enjoyable for everyone. By empowering your agents with tools that allow them to offer unmatched service, we help forge a happier, more cohesive community.

  • Contract Management

    Our advanced app, designed to simplify every aspect of your contract lifecycle. From automated alerts to prevent missed deadlines to centralized data storage for easy access and security, our solution transforms the way you handle contracts. Experience enhanced efficiency, reduced overhead, and improved compliance, all within an intuitive platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's ecosystem.

Membership management for regulatory bodies

Simplify your membership management and automate your administrative tasks

Legio has 15 modules and more than 300 functions designed to speed up your organization and simplify your life.

  • Membership management and Renewal
  • Admissions management
  • Management of complaints, ethics and discipline
  • Event management
  • Practice monitoring
  • Billing and Accounting
  • Members overview

Citizen Request Management

Improve the experience of your citizens

Offer exceptional service to your citizens while optimizing the workflow of your 311 agents. Our citizen request management solution, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, gives you the tools to centralize information on citizen requests, open new communication channels with stakeholders, and offer a self-service platform to your citizens, which will allow you to raise your quality of service to a higher level.

  • Unified user experience
  • Multichannel communications management
  • Use of self-service tools
  • Web and mobile citizen portal
  • Personal data security
  • Avoid duplicated citizens' requests

Contract Management

Automate your contracts in just a few clicks

Say goodbye to missed deadlines. Our Contract Management app automates and streamlines your contract renewals, bringing efficiency and serenity to your workflow.

Don't take our word for it!

  • Manufacturing

    Always attentive to our needs, the dedicated team never hesitated to take the time to review points generating concern in order to ensure a project that would meet our expectations from A to Z.

    Olivier Marotte, CPA
    VP of Finance
  • Consulting

    The Gestisoft team offered a high level of both business and technical experience to the project and actively listened to and grasped all needs. Their recommendations enabled our client to make the best choice and have access to Business Central's greatest features. Along with this knowledge, Gestisoft consistently maintained strong communication.

    Jean-Marc Giroux
    International Engagement Manager
  • Energy

    We had initially had excellent references on Gestisoft regarding their services. We were charmed to meet a very well-structured team dedicated to its customers. It's a real pleasure to work with such passionate people.

    David Lafrance
    Director, Data and analytics
  • Distribution

    Gestisoft's consultants come from the industry, so when we worked together, we spoke the same language and shared the same vision of what was important and necessary. They guided us in implementing industry best practices. Throughout the project, their industry expertise eliminated any potential irritants that might have risen from inexperience in the distribution environment.

    Frédérik Lajoie
    Vice President
  • Services

    Gestisoft was very responsive and proactive in adapting to the internal challenges we faced and ensuring that we met our objectives. We were very impressed with the work of everyone involved in the project.

    Julie Lachance
    Director, IT & Innovations
  • Manufacturing

    The solution delivered to us has significantly improved our production visibility. We are now able to track our production in real time, and have more accurate data on the costs of each production run.

    John Franceschini, CPA
    General Manager & President

Frequently asked questions

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 stands out as an integrated, modular solution, offering seamless connectivity across various business applications like sales, marketing, and customer service. This integration not only prevents data duplication but also ensures up-to-date information across departments.

    Moreover, Microsoft's unique Power Platform enhances Dynamics 365's capabilities. It allows for process automation with Power Automate, custom app creation with Power Apps, and access to a vast range of add-ons from global Microsoft partners through App Source.

    The real edge, however, lies in Microsoft's proven reliability and ongoing investment in development, including in areas like artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. With Dynamics 365, you get a comprehensive and flexible ecosystem, ready to meet both current and future organizational needs, and the convenience of hundreds of connectors for effortless system integration.

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