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Streamline contract management effortlessly

Dive into the future of contract management with our advanced app, designed to simplify every aspect of your contract lifecycle. From automated alerts to prevent missed deadlines to centralized data storage for easy access and security, our solution transforms the way you handle contracts. Experience enhanced efficiency, reduced overhead, and improved compliance, all within an intuitive platform that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft's ecosystem.

Contract Management

Boost your profitability by 9%*

At Gestisoft, we've seen the challenges businesses face with contract management—hours spent on administration, penalties from missed deadlines, and the risk of lost documents.

That's why we developed a solution that safeguards, organizes, and streamlines your contract processes. Our app's alerts and notifications give you a comprehensive overview, ensuring timely renewals and secure storage, protecting against theft, loss, and oversight. Elevate your contract management to drive efficiency and safeguard your bottom line.

* Based on findings from the Independent International Association for Contract & Commercial Management

  • Strategically organize your contracts
  • Enhance contract monitoring and payments
  • Never miss a deadline with scheduled alerts
  • Centralize files for customers and suppliers

Microsoft Power Apps: Simple & Scalable

Transform your contract management with our PowerApp solution. Import contracts effortlessly, customize alerts and expiration dates, and gain a comprehensive view of your agreements—all within the intuitive Microsoft interface. 

Say goodbye to toggling between programs or getting lost in data mountains. Our solution streamlines your workflow, making it not just efficient, but a process you'll love. Embrace the simplicity and power of integration that brings your contract management into the future.

Seamlessly synced with Office & Dynamics 365

Just like you, we've got a soft spot for Microsoft. That's why our app integrates flawlessly with the Microsoft ecosystem. Enjoy seamless connection with Dynamics 365 and Office 365, making your contract management smoother and more integrated than ever before. 

This is about making your workflow as cohesive and efficient as possible, leveraging the tools you already trust.

Enhanced search with rich data insights

Gestisoft's Contract Management not only safeguards your contracts from oblivion but also ensures their security and organization within Microsoft PowerApps. Set user roles for added control over access, and rest assured knowing your contracts are hosted on Microsoft's robust platform in Canada. 

With a 99.9% SLA, redundant backups, and stellar technical support, Microsoft provides a dependable foundation for your contract management needs, making it the ideal choice for securing your valuable contracts.

Interactive dashboards for smarter management

This feature empowers you to swiftly pinpoint the exact information you need, transforming complex data into actionable insights. Dive deeper with detailed searches and leverage a comprehensive dashboard to stay ahead of renewals and delays. 

Our app ensures that the insights you need are always at your fingertips, simplifying decision-making and enhancing your strategic advantage.