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We're not your average solution provider; We shape Microsoft business solutions that champion commercial proficiency and help our clients unlock value at scale.

A quarter century of insights

Your Microsoft Journey

Crafting your success story

With a keen eye for detail, our experts delve into your unique business needs, charting a path to the Microsoft Business Application that best fits your journey towards success.

Explore our core offerings

Empowering your business with Microsoft solutions

  • Dive into the world of smart business with Microsoft's leading ERP solution, trusted by over 30,000 businesses. Streamline operations, improve financials, and forecast cash flow with Microsoft's finest. Integrate seamlessly with Microsoft 365. Enhance productivity, automate processes, and drive decisions with AI-powered insights.

The Gestisoft Edge

Supercharge your business

Leverage our extensive experience to master digital transitions. We offer tailored tools and support, committed to elevating your business above the rest.

  • Tailored solutions

    Crafting solutions that resonate with your business vision, we ensure every decision is centered around what matters most to you.

  • Unconfined scalability

    Embrace solutions that evolve as you do. Designed for businesses with an eye on the future, we ensure scalability that matches your ambition.

  • Seamless implementation

    Embrace change without the hassle. Our team prioritizes a smooth, user-friendly implementation, making the move to advanced solutions worry-free for your team.

Standard Packaged Offers

Pre-Configured Dynamics 365 Solutions

Our optimized Dynamics 365 solutions, born from deep system knowledge and client partnership, are tailored to address specific industry challenges efficiently.

Tailored to your potential

Our custom-fit comprehensive services

Craft your ideal solution

Custom implementation

When our standard packages don't cover all your bases, our custom implementation steps in. We begin with a thorough analysis, followed by a collaborative design and build phase, tailored just for you.

Continued success partnership

Support services

We extend our partnership well beyond initial implementation, providing ongoing maintenance, evolution, and training to ensure your Microsoft solutions always perform optimally.

  • Support Plan
  • Optimization
  • Training
  • Pay-per-session workshops

The Gestisoft Touch

Where our team makes the difference

We stand out not just in what we offer, but in our daily interactions, thoughts, and attentive approach.

  • Bespoke Support

    Our support services are personalized to address your unique challenges, providing you with the assistance you need, when you need it.

  • Wizard of Work

    We work our magic behind the scenes, optimizing your operations and ensuring your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

  • Microsoft Maniacs

    We are passionate Microsoft enthusiasts, dedicated to leveraging technology meaningfully.

Don't take our word for it!

  • Manufacturing

    Always attentive to our needs, the dedicated team never hesitated to take the time to review points generating concern in order to ensure a project that would meet our expectations from A to Z.

    Olivier Marotte, CPA
    VP of Finance
  • Consulting

    The Gestisoft team offered a high level of both business and technical experience to the project and actively listened to and grasped all needs. Their recommendations enabled our client to make the best choice and have access to Business Central's greatest features. Along with this knowledge, Gestisoft consistently maintained strong communication.

    Jean-Marc Giroux
    International Engagement Manager
  • Energy

    We had initially had excellent references on Gestisoft regarding their services. We were charmed to meet a very well-structured team dedicated to its customers. It's a real pleasure to work with such passionate people.

    David Lafrance
    Director, Data and analytics
  • Distribution

    Gestisoft's consultants come from the industry, so when we worked together, we spoke the same language and shared the same vision of what was important and necessary. They guided us in implementing industry best practices. Throughout the project, their industry expertise eliminated any potential irritants that might have risen from inexperience in the distribution environment.

    Frédérik Lajoie
    Vice President
  • Services

    Gestisoft was very responsive and proactive in adapting to the internal challenges we faced and ensuring that we met our objectives. We were very impressed with the work of everyone involved in the project.

    Julie Lachance
    Director, IT & Innovations
  • Manufacturing

    The solution delivered to us has significantly improved our production visibility. We are now able to track our production in real time, and have more accurate data on the costs of each production run.

    John Franceschini, CPA
    General Manager & President

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