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Seamless service : crafting citizen experiences

Our platform seamlessly connects citizens and city services, offering an intuitive request management system that enhances public service, making it more efficient and enjoyable for everyone. By empowering your agents with tools that allow them to offer unmatched service, we help forge a happier, more cohesive community.

Citizen request management

Paving the way for smarter cities

Gestisoft's Citizen Request Management solution is a comprehensive toolkit designed to elevate city operations and enhance community engagement. With a robust array of features tailored to streamline request processing and improve service delivery, our platform is aiming to optimize efficiency and foster more connected and satisfied citizens. By integrating advanced technology and intuitive design, were simplifying tasks for city workers and enriching the citizen experience.

  • Cohesive user journeys across all touchpoints

    Empower your 311 teams with a harmonized interface that centralizes information and functionalities, streamlining their workflow and enhancing efficiency across all service channels.

  • Connect on all channels with ease

    Our Citizen Request Management solution integrates seamlessly across communication platforms, enabling 311 agents to offer personalized, positive experiences to citizens through every interaction.

  • Empowerment through self-service solutions

    Equip citizens with intuitive self-service portals, complete with comprehensive knowledge bases and community forums, fostering independence and community engagement.

  • Connect with your city on the go

    Provide citizens a mobile-friendly platform that enriches their experience and accessibility, showcasing your city's commitment to responsive and convenient services.

  • Uncompromised security for personal data

    Leverage the strength of centralized Microsoft databases, ensuring the utmost protection of citizen data with our top-tier security measures.

  • Smart systems to prevent request duplication

    Enhance operational efficiency with our solution's intelligent request management, eliminating redundancies and saving valuable time for 311 and field agents.

Provide your citizens with an intuitive self-service portal

Empower your community with our user-friendly self-service portal, designed to streamline interactions between citizens and city services. This platform provides immediate access to information, enabling citizens to submit requests, track progress, and receive updates with ease. By enhancing transparency and accessibility, we foster a more engaged and informed community, ensuring that everyone can contribute to the city's well-being and improvement.

  • Reduce call volumes effectively
  • Streamline communications with automation
  • Achieve real-time visibility into operations
  • Deliver proactive responses to citizen needs
  • Instant access to request history

    Our platform, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers 311 agents and managers swift access to comprehensive communication histories across all channels. This feature enhances case management efficiency, ensuring timely updates and resolutions.

  • Insightful reporting and dashboards

    Empower your decision-making with Civio 365's advanced analytics and dashboards. Create and track reports effortlessly, streamlining the response process to citizen inquiries for optimal service delivery.

  • Optimized 311 agency budget management

    Our citizen request management solution is your ally in reducing the 311 call center's operational costs. By cutting down on inbound calls, preventing duplicate requests, and automating workflows, we help cities achieve significant budget efficiencies.

Maximize efficiency for your 311 agents and field teams

Empower your 311 agents and field teams with our Citizen Request Management solution, a comprehensive tool designed to optimize their workflow and enhance operational efficiency. By centralizing data and automating key processes, this platform streamlines request management, allowing your teams to focus on delivering exceptional service. Elevate productivity and effectiveness across your organization, ensuring prompt responses and seamless coordination for a more responsive and agile service delivery.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: A robust CRM system serves as the cornerstone of any 311 service. Our cloud-based database, Citizen Request Management, consolidates all data, boosting the efficiency of request processing. Simplify workflows by identifying and resolving duplicate requests, lightening the workload for your teams.
  • Intelligent case routing: Automate the allocation of administrative cases and tasks to the appropriate teams with precision using our smart routing feature. This dynamic functionality adapts seamlessly to organizational changes, leveraging geomatic and contextual attributes to ensure optimal task assignment from the get-go.
  • Collaboration made easy: Facilitate seamless coordination, communication, and collaboration among stakeholders by centralizing information exchange. Citizen Request Management enables efficient tracking of requests from senior management and addresses citizens' inquiries to the City Council, promoting synergy and teamwork.

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Citizen request management

Specialized in simplifying the citizen request management

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  • Citizen Portal
  • Citizen Service Request
  • Complaint management
  • Knowledge base
  • Omni-channel
  • Approvals
  • Workflows
  • Connected to geo data