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What is a CRM software solution?

From sales to customer service: your CRM is there to help you do more with less

So what is a CRM software solution? In fact, the CRM has nothing to do with its sidekick, the ERP, which handles everything related to your resources, like planning and certain processes. On its side, the CRM is there to support you with the management of your client’s relationships.

By automating some tasks, reduce the stress of client follow up, and focusing all your actions, you will make more time and information to put winning marketing strategies in place.

Due to your CRM, you will have a constant flow of clients to your door and you will be able to better nurture those relationships with them. What is a CRM system used for? It will handle everything:

  • Register your clients
  • Support you in the client acquisition
  • Nurture your existing relationships with your clients
  • Register the info in a database
  • Analyse data, behaviours, etc.

That way, the CRM will help you focus on your client and allow you to generate more sales. Because we have to be honest here, clients are as essential to enterprise as air is for breathing. I’m not saying anything new here.

So, the data can be found all in the same place to get a better portrait of the situation. So you will be able to identify specific behaviour better and make informed decisions. All the information, this data, and the reports will help you create efficient sales strategies and create an insightful marketing plan.

Who is a CRM for?

Honestly, if I put one dollar aside each time someone told me that CRM was not for his or her company, I would be incredibly rich today. The problem is that people believe, incorrectly, that CRM is made exclusively for big companies and multinationals.

The CRM can suit both big and small companies and can be adapted to one or another. What is a CRM system used for again? As explained earlier, the CRM can help you better follow up with your client. We have to say, whatever the size of your company, you need clients to survive.

Then, it’s possible to customize your CRM to meet your specific needs and industry requirements. However, whether you are a small company or a multinational corporation, CRM is there to simplify your life. From the big to the small enterprise, the problems can vary, but the utility of this tool is always useful.

What is a CRM system used for?

So when we talk about improving your productivity, optimizing your processes, nurturing your client’s relationships, what does all of this mean? Well, here are four great services offered by CRM in general.

Sales with CRM

Since sales are essential to your company’s survival, it can be complicated for small enterprises to have a special team dedicated to your sales while big companies can have a hard time offering a coherent follow up with their prospective clients.

This is why CRM can always help you sell more due to its numerous tools that target the right markets and potential clients, and that do part of the follow up for you.

What is a CRM software solution doing for your sales? The CRM will enable you to register your clients (potential or actual) while adding some notes to their file to ease your sales team’s life. You will have access to previous purchases, insightful analysis, and you will be able to better collaborate together as a team to close a maximum of sales.

In fact, a CRM simplifies your sales cycle by gathering everything under the same umbrella, by compiling all your data, and by allowing you to work with your team on many proposals at the same time. Say goodbye to thousands of email chains or the horror of cold calls, a CRM will give you the needed tools to sell more without having to put in more effort.

And the marketing in all of that?

Obviously, with so much data in the same place, it goes without saying that the statistic researches, the segmentation, and the gathering of information to get a global picture will be accessible in one click.

What is a CRM used for in marketing? Obviously, a CRM will help you to better build your marketing campaigns and free you from numerous restrictions that will prevent you from creating the magic of marketing. No more repetitive tasks, your campaigns can be automated and managed directly in your CRM.

And why not manage your project on top of everything?

What is a CRM software solution doing with project management? Once again, whatever the project size, the CRM is there to help you take action. Discussing with your team members, dividing the tasks, planning the timelines, and doing a follow up after all that will never be that simple.

Plus, you will avoid losing yourself on the road, your communication will be more efficient, you will be able to automate some tasks and collaborate more often on multiple projects to offer the best from your team to your clients.

A customer service equal to your products

Again, what is a CRM software solution? With a name that includes client and relationship, it goes without saying that CRM will become your best friend when it comes time to help you with your customer service.

With all the data in the same place, your entire team will be at your fingertips. With an efficient and optimized management system, there are no problems that will be forgotten or left without solutions.

Dynamics CRM, the best CRM on the market?

Unfortunately, because of a change of behaviour that we can see happening with consumers today, many excellent CRM systems have lost their efficiency in the last few years. In fact, these days, most of our clients will contact an company when they are 60% through the sales funnel because buyers today look for themselves to find solutions to their problems.

This is why Microsoft released a new generation of Dynamics CRM into the market in 2013. With its numerous benefits and easy-to-use platform, this CRM offers you the ability to put a sales funnel in place that is dynamic so you can close more deals. Remember what a CRM system is used for?

With a user-friendly system, numerous applications that flawlessly communicate with each other, and its powerful analytics system, Dynamics CRM will help you put better marketing strategies in place, flawless client’s follow up, and ensure impeccable customer service.

From project management to sales, it’s the most adaptable tool for companies of any size with thousands of benefits. Discover these benefits right here.

So this is how a CRM can really change everything in your company: by allowing you to make more with less, compensate for a lack of employees in the case of small businesses or increase your sales—whatever your sales cycle. By automating many of your tasks, by gathering all the data under the same umbrella, and offering a flawless workflow, it’s easy to complete projects and put in motion global strategies. So it’s like combining a customer service agent, a project manager, an analyst, and a salesperson into the same software: powerful and high-performance.

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February 22, 2018 by Frédéric Charest VP of Marketing

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