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Pay per session workshop

Unlock on-demand expertise

Discover instant expert guidance with our pay per session service, ideal for Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM. Offering flexibility and specialist support, it's designed to boost your system, optimize operations, or unveil new opportunities with our Microsoft experts. Tailored sessions fit your agenda, providing a fast track to excellence without long-term commitments—just empowering expertise.

Unlock flexible dynamics mastery

Expert support, whenever you need it

Navigating Microsoft Dynamics 365's complexities becomes simpler with our pay per session service, your guide to flexibility, expertise, and instant benefits. Tailor support to your exact schedule and needs, accessing our expert Microsoft Maniacs instantly. This on-demand support is the game-changer your business needs.

  • Unparalleled flexibility

    Tailor support to your precise schedule and needs, ensuring expert help is there exactly when you require it.

  • Expertise on demand

    Gain insights and solutions from our seasoned experts, who are ready to empower your Dynamics 365 experience.

  • Cost-effective customization

    Enjoy bespoke advice without the commitment of a lengthy contract, paying only for the time you need.

  • A relationship built on trust

    With Gestisoft, you’re not just signing up for a service; you’re partnering with a team that’s invested in your success.

  • Expert tips for the everyday hurdles

    Unlock the secret to a smoother day with our on-the-spot expertise.

Why choose our pay per session workshops ?

Navigate the ever-changing digital terrain with a service designed for your business's rhythm. Paying only for the time you need is your strategic advantage in utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here's why it stands out:

  • Instant solutions, lasting impact: Jump straight into resolving your Dynamics 365 challenges, with outcomes that echo long after the session ends
  • Scale as you grow: Perfect for businesses of all sizes, our service scales to meet your evolving needs—ensuring you only pay for what you use.
  • Agility in innovation: Stay agile with on-the-spot expertise that helps you adapt to market changes and technological advancements with ease.
  • Strategic empowerment: Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to take your Dynamics 365 usage from routine to remarkable.

Business Central mastery awaits

Unleash the full potential of Business Central with our expert-led training sessions. Dive deep into the heart of your ERP system and emerge with the prowess to transform your business processes.

  • Training Pay per session workshop

    Master your finances with ease

    Master Dynamics 365 financials with our guidance— optimize accounts, nail your reporting, and streamline every transaction. Quick, clever solutions await.

    Duration 1h

    Cost $130

  • Training Pay per session workshop

    Customize your core systems

    Shape your Dynamics 365 environment to fit your business perfectly. Customize interfaces, add fields, validate data, and tweak reports with guidance from our expert developers at every turn.

    Duration 1h

    Cost $130

  • Training Pay per session workshop

    Data insights transformed into action

    Boost your data strategy. Merge Power BI with Dynamics 365 for insightful dashboards. Our experts help you fully leverage Power BI for smarter business choices.

    Duration 1h

    Cost $130

CRM command centre: elevate your impact

Amplify your CRM skills with quick, targeted training sessions. Whether enhancing sales, service, or custom fields, our experts deliver the know-how you need to excel—fast.

  • Training Sales and services consultant

    Master CRM Dynamics — your strategy, your growth

    Elevate your sales and service game. Our sessions are tailored to CRM professionals eager to expand their capabilities and drive business success.

    Duration 1h

    Cost $130

  • Training Pay per session workshop

    Data-driven success made simple

    Craft powerful, insightful dashboards with Power BI. Ideal for analysts and data enthusiasts looking to make an impact with their metrics.

    Duration 1h

    Cost $130

  • Training Pay per session workshop

    Automate with ease with PowerApps

    Innovate with automation. Whether developing new apps or refining flows, our consultants make it simple, sharing the keys to streamlined Dynamics 365 automation.

    Duration 1h

    Cost $130

Got questions? We've got answers!

  • Simply put, it’s your on-demand ticket to Dynamics 365 expertise. Choose the service you need, book a time that suits you, and an expert will be ready to tackle your challenge or training need on the spot.

Exploring new services often raises questions. We've compiled FAQs about our Pay as You Go service for clarity—from booking to session details. For further insights or unanswered questions, just reach out. Our goal is to ensure a seamless and informative experience with Dynamics 365.

Elevate your dynamics 365 journey:

Got a project? We're here for you!

Start a transformative Dynamics 365 journey. Our Customer Success team offers detailed, personalized evaluations. Gestisoft aims to exceed your expectations, helping unlock your solution's full potential. Let's achieve this together.