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12 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as your ERP software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has established itself as the most reliable and consistent ERP software on the market. This robust, all-in-one solution assists you with financial management, project management , operations management, financial reporting, supply chain management, customer service and business management—all while remaining simple, intuitive, and agile. If you own an SME, are responsible for IT solutions in a medium-sized enterprise, or are simply looking for the best management tool out there, look no further. 

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, having a comprehensive and adaptable ERP solution is crucial for success. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central truly shines. As your business navigates through various challenges and opportunities, having ERP software that can seamlessly evolve with your needs is a game-changer. Business Central offers the flexibility and scalability required to accommodate growth, innovation, and industry shifts. Microsoft Dynamics' cloud-based architecture ensures that you always have access to the latest updates and features, empowering your organization with cutting-edge capabilities. Whether you're streamlining processes, optimizing your supply chain, or enhancing customer interactions, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides the foundation for a thriving, future-ready business.

Here are 12 reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as your next ERP software.

1) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps control and reduce costs

The first reason to choose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is undoubtedly its ROI. This ERP software reduces your annual IT costs. Thanks to its user subscription system and flexible licenses, you can save on software costs while staying up to date. Microsoft Business Central is an accessible, turnkey management solution that doesn’t require any additional security software or external servers. Moreover, you’ll never again need to worry about fees related to software management and maintenance.

2) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes it easy to define everyone’s roles

When you open Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you immediately see every company player and their crucial role. This simple interface lets employees access the information they need without any guesswork. The Business Central software boosts productivity by reducing training times and unnecessary HR inquiries.

3) It’s the most powerful ERP on the market for boosting sales and improving customer service

In a highly competitive market, it’s challenging to set yourself apart. To boost sales, you need more than just a plan of attack—you must approach customer service in a way that helps your business make waves. Bolstering your client relations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with tools that regularly monitor sales cycles and prioritize customers based on purchasing interests. Avoid unpaid invoices, outstanding balances, and even bad debts.

4) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is THE Cloud solution to help you keep track of your budgets and deadlines

Since controlling time and money are the two pillars of success, it’s crucial to have a tool on hand that quantifies and qualifies every aspect of your operations. Enter Business Central. By centralizing your company’s many moving parts—and sharing this information judiciously with the employees who need it—your business becomes more productive and profitable. Why Business Central? Because it offers a comprehensive suite of features that cover budgeting, scheduling, financial management and task management, all of which seamlessly communicate with each other while staying up to date, thanks to the Microsoft Cloud. With Business Central, you gain not only the ability to measure and analyze your business's performance but also the means to optimize its various processes for maximum efficiency and growth.

5) It optimizes your supply chain

Do you ever feel plagued by backorders? When items go missing, inventory management can be the source of endless headaches—for you, your employees, and your customers. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality, you can now easily optimize supply while making effective use of warehouse space. Maintain a constant and robust supply chain by offering purchasing alternatives and improving your production planning.

6) It lets you manage your business wherever and whenever

Undoubtedly, remote working is becoming the norm. To meet the demands of globalization and the flexibility needs of your team, you need a software solution designed for freedom of movement. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a robust ERP software, is accessible either on-site or from the Cloud, making telecommuting more accessible than ever before. It doesn’t matter what device your employees use or where they connect; they all have access to the same tools as if they were sitting in your office. This level of accessibility extends to critical areas like customer service and the supply chain, ensuring that your business operations remain efficient and responsive, regardless of location. Additionally, by utilizing Power BI, you can gain valuable insights into remote work patterns and their impact on productivity, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that further optimize remote workflows.

Download the case study to learn more about our project with Bedard HR
Download the case study to learn more about our project with Bedard HR

7) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central meets your needs at every stage of business development

As your operations expand, simply add the extensions and applications you need to get where you need to go. It’s a scalable solution that follows the trajectory of your business plan and the learning curve of your human resources. An ERP software, like Business Central, adapts to your activities and the size of your team, supporting you in what matters most: the development and growth of your business.

8) It puts security first

As an employer, priority number one is providing a safe workspace for your employees. Following your lead, Microsoft Dynamics ERP takes the same approach with data. It lets you establish different security roles and responsibilities for each employee, safeguarding your business’s and customer’s data. Additionally, by using ERP software, like dynamics business central, you can ensure compliance with GDPR, now mandatory in several countries.

9) Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is always up to date

Thanks to automatic updates and extension developments, your ERP software always remains up to date. Regardless of the customization level of your extensions, the Microsoft team keeps everyone updated quickly and transparently. This commitment to seamless updates extends to various critical areas, including customer service and the supply chain, ensuring that these essential aspects of your business keep pace with the evolving landscape. After all, updates should accelerate growth, not slow down productivity. By leveraging tools like Power BI, you can gain real-time insights into the impact of updates on your operations, allowing you to make informed decisions that optimize both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

10) It lets you easily access Cloud insights

When it comes to AI and Machine Learning, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you a competitive edge. Looking for promotional ideas based on financial forecasts and linked to performance indicators? With a Power BI license, Cloud Insights can do just that. Easily forecast sales and add value to all your transactions. Easily forecast sales and add value to all your transactions using Power BI.

11) Microsoft Dynamics ERP software offers the best native integration on the market

A significant strength of the D365 Business Central solution is its native integration. Each tool or application you use collaborates intuitively with the others. It’s a masterclass in workflow. If you’re looking for agility, this is the tool you need. The seamless integration extends to Power BI, allowing you to visualize and analyze your data across your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem with unparalleled ease.

12) There’s a whole world of partner applications

Lastly, thanks to the Microsoft Azure portal, Microsoft can equip users with endless partner applications. Developers from around the world participate in one of the largest collaborative platforms for IT solutions ever. It’s almost impossible not to find a product specially developed for your entrepreneurial realities in Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you control all aspects of managing your business. This is why business central is a smart choice. And by entrusting the implementation of your ERP software to Gestisoft, our ERP and CRM experts can help develop the best possible game plan for your operations. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

If you want to learn how to choose the right ERP solution for your business, you can download our "10 criteria to select your new ERP software" ebook .

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