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Privacy Policy

Gestisoft takes matters relating to the protection of the personal information of its customers and staff very seriously. We have therefore developed this Privacy Policy to clarify our ongoing commitment to protecting the privacy rights and personal information of our customers and Gestisoft employees. Some of the practices discussed in this Privacy Policy reflect requirements imposed by federal and/or provincial laws in force in Canada and Quebec. At all times, it is Gestisoft's policy to meet the expectations of its customers and employees that we respect their privacy and protect their personal information, while complying with the requirements of applicable laws and professional responsibilities.

Principle 1 - Responsible use of personal information

We are responsible for personal information in our possession or control. Gestisoft is responsible for all personal information in its possession or control, including personal information that we receive directly - for example, from individual Gestisoft customers and employees - as well as personal information that we may receive indirectly - for example, from corporate or government customers. We have established policies and procedures to protect the personal information of our customers and employees. We have appointed a Privacy Officer to oversee the protection of privacy and personal information on behalf of Gestisoft. We have also informed our staff of the existence of this Privacy Policy and of the essential role that everyone must play in ensuring the protection of the personal information of our customers and staff. Should you have any questions regarding our privacy practices, please do not hesitate to contact our Privacy Officer, Mr. Martin Desrosiers (

Principle 2 - Identifying the Purposes for Collecting Personal Information

Before or at the time of collecting personal information directly, Gestisoft indicates the reasons why it is doing so.

Personal information about our customers:

In most cases, Gestisoft will only use and/or disclose personal information about its customers in the course of providing professional services, technological support or services. When a visitor consults our website, a data file may be placed on your device or browser, such as a "cookie", pixel tag (a very small graphic element) or similar file. These files enable us to store certain information about your use of the website, including the date of your most recent visit, the pages consulted and the files downloaded.

Together with tools such as Google Analytics, Microsoft Clarity, Microsoft Dynamics and Dealfront, these data files enable us to tailor the website to better meet the interests and preferences of our users. In this way, we can better understand how our visitors interact with our site and landing pages, enabling us to constantly improve our users' experience and optimize our services. These files may also be used by Gestisoft for targeted marketing purposes in order to present you with content or advertisements that we feel may be of interest to you based on your browsing behavior on the website. You have the option of disabling these cookies in the future if you wish by managing your browser's configuration options.

Principle 3 - Minimizing Collection of Personal Information

Gestisoft limits the amount and type of personal information it collects. Gestisoft limits the collection of personal information to that which is deemed reasonably necessary to provide its services and to carry out its business activities.

Principle 4 - Limiting Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

Gestisoft uses and discloses your personal information only for the purposes for which it has obtained your consent, or as permitted or required by law. We retain personal information only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes. With respect to the retention of personal information concerning its employees, Gestisoft complies with employment laws and standards. All Human Resources files and other files containing personal information about Gestisoft employees are destroyed when such information is no longer reasonably considered necessary for legal, regulatory or administrative purposes, or for audit purposes. Gestisoft retains the personal information collected from job applicants for a period of 24 months so that it can contact these applicants to offer them other positions that may be of interest to them. Should another suitable position become available at Gestisoft during this 24-month period, Gestisoft may contact these candidates to discuss these new employment opportunities. In such cases, personal information concerning these candidates may be retained for an additional 24 months. If a candidate is hired, the personal information collected about him or her during the hiring process is retained for the purpose of establishing and managing the employment relationship.

Principle 5 - Appropriate Safeguards

Gestisoft protects personal information by security safeguards appropriate to the sensitivity of the information. Gestisoft protects personal information by using secure facilities, industry-standard tools and practices, and by adhering to clearly defined internal policies and practices. Security measures are in place to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of personal information under our control. Personal information is stored in secure environments that are not accessible to the public. All Gestisoft data, including personal information, collected in connection with your use of the website is stored on servers located in Canada. However, this data may be processed by Gestisoft's third-party service providers located outside of Canada to enable them to perform their services. In such cases, Gestisoft will take reasonable steps to ensure that such third parties are bound by appropriate safeguards.

Principle 6 - Transparency

Gestisoft will respond to any complaints or questions regarding the confidentiality of personal information. In the event of a complaint, we will investigate and attempt to resolve the matter. Anyone who has doubts as to whether Gestisoft's practices comply with the principles set out in this Privacy Policy is invited to express their concerns to Gestisoft's Privacy Officer, ideally in writing. The Privacy Officer will ensure that all complaints are investigated internally and will make every effort to communicate his or her findings to the complainant within 30 days of receiving the complaint.

We recognize the importance of protecting the privacy and personal information of our customers and employees. If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy and the role we play in protecting your personal information, please contact our Privacy Officer at