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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Elevate your customer experience to new heights

Step into the future of customer interactions. Revolutionize how your team connects with customers, offering personalized, efficient, and anticipatory service that sets new standards in satisfaction and loyalty. Harness the latest in intelligent technology to not only meet but exceed customer expectations, ensuring every interaction becomes an opportunity for excellence.

Revolutionizing customer interactions

Empowerment through innovation

Evolve with TRIMIT, where each feature is crafted for trendsetters in fashion. Our system is your ally in orchestrating a symphony of seamless processes, informed decisions, and exceptional customer interactions, solidifying your status as an industry leader.

  • Deep customer insights

    Gain a 360-degree view of your customers' preferences, history, and feedback, enabling personalized service that resonates and builds long-term relationships

  • Streamlined communication channels

    Leverage multi-channel support to connect with your customers on their terms, ensuring seamless interactions across voice, chat, SMS, and social media.

  • Anticipate needs

    Utilize predictive analytics to proactively address customer needs before they become issues, setting a new standard for service excellence

  • Optimize operations

    Automate routine tasks and guide agents with AI-powered suggestions, freeing them to focus on complex issues and deliver solutions faster

  • Empower customers

    Offer an intuitive self-service portal with a comprehensive knowledge base, allowing customers to find answers quickly and efficiently.

Setting new standards

Craft exceptional customer journeys

Turn each customer interaction into an exploration of fulfillment. Our solution enables seamless, captivating experiences that meet changing customer needs. Utilize cutting-edge technology and insights for impactful services, building loyalty and sparking positive referrals. Enhance your customer journeys to be a collaborator in their success.

  • 360° Customer insight :
    Seamlessly integrate customer data for a complete understanding, enabling tailored interactions that resonate on a personal level.
  • Anticipate and act:
    Leverage predictive analytics to address customer needs proactively, setting a new benchmark for service that delights and surprises
  • Personalized customer engagement : Utilize deep insights to craft bespoke experiences, making every customer feel unique and valued throughout their journey

Self-service revolution

Empower your customers, transform your service

In today's fast world, customers seek autonomy and speed. Our self-service portal empowers them to easily find information and manage inquiries, surpassing expectations and boosting satisfaction and loyalty. This frees agents to address more complex issues.

  • Instant answers, anytime : Give your customers the keys to a vast library of resources, allowing them to find quick, easy answers to their questions 24/7
  • Guided by AI, powered by efficiency : Leverage cutting-edge AI to provide virtual assistance that guides customers through solutions, enhancing self-service with intelligent support
  • Seamless self-help : Navigate inquiries with an intuitive portal designed for maximum user-friendliness, ensuring a satisfying and autonomous service experience
  • Understand customer sentiment

    Dive deep into your customers' feedback using advanced sentiment analysis, gaining valuable emotional insights that guide personalized and empathetic service interactions.

  • Monitor performance metrics

    Keep your finger on the pulse of your customer service performance with real-time KPI tracking, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that enhance service quality and customer satisfaction.

  • Elevate your service with Microsoft 365 Copilot

    Upgrade your customer support with Microsoft 365 Copilot, an AI tool that offers more than just answers. It provides deep insights into customer sentiment, enabling your team to understand and react to the emotional undercurrents of customer queries. With Copilot, provide responses that truly resonate, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Unlock potential

Empowering teams for peak performance

In a landscape where every customer interaction counts, equipping your team with the right tools is paramount. Transition from just managing tasks to excelling in them with our advanced productivity tools. By providing your agents with intelligent, intuitive solutions, you empower them to resolve customer issues more efficiently, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately contribute to the bottom line. Discover how our platform fosters a high-performance culture by simplifying complex processes and enabling agents to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional customer service.

  • Intelligent support: Empower your agents with AI-driven insights and recommendations, enabling them to resolve inquiries with precision and speed.
  • Seamless multitasking : Enhance agent productivity with tools that allow for effortless switching between tasks and cases, ensuring no momentum is lost
  • Collaborate to solve : Facilitate instant access to expertise across your organization with seamless integration into Microsoft Teams, speeding up case resolution
  • Leverage customer insights : Incorporate real-time customer feedback into service strategies, continuously improving the quality of support provided

Success in action

Voice of transformation

The Gestisoft team offered a high level of both business and technical experience to the project and actively listened to and grasped all needs. Their recommendations enabled our client to make the best choice and have access to Business Central's greatest features. Along with this knowledge, Gestisoft consistently maintained strong communication.

Jean-Marc Giroux
International Engagement Manager

Learn how our solution transformed an organization's customer service, increasing efficiency and satisfaction. See the significant impact and potential for transformation in this inspiring testimonial showcasing the tangible benefits and strategic advantage of our platform.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Choose the plan that's right for you

Discover how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service can supercharge the synergy among your sales, service, project, and operations teams. Work smarter, not harder!

Customer Service Professional

Elevate your customer service experience with advanced capabilities: personalize interactions, enhance agent productivity, and refine operational efficiency for transformative results.

$67.80 per license / per month

  • Unlimited named users
  • Case management
  • Knowledge management
  • Mobile acess
  • Lead creation
  • Customization and extensibility
  • Unified service desk
  • Analytics and KPI reporting
  • Portals
  • Multisession support
  • Context-driven suggestions
  • Embedded intelligence

Customer Service Enterprise

Unlock next-level customer service with cutting-edge features: tailor every interaction, boost agent performance, and streamline your processes for unmatched efficiency and satisfaction.

$128.90 per license / per month

  • Unlimited named users
  • Case management
  • Knowledge management
  • Mobile acess
  • Unified service desk
  • Embedded intelligence
  • Context-driven suggestions
  • Analytics and KPI reporting
  • Lead creation
  • Multisession support
  • Portals
  • Application customizations