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Increase Customer Engagement With Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat

In an increasingly remote working culture, chats have become necessary rather than a good-to-have for both businesses and client communication. You need a collaborative chat tool that can provide the best omnichannel support for customer engagement and internal function.

The new Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat is a solution that fits perfectly for this need. It helps you connect with your associates and customers in real-time.

What Is Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat?

The Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat is part of the bigger Dynamics 365 Customer Service platform that integrates the chat services with your CRM platform for enhancing customer experience and delivering value round the clock at all times. It includes additional features like contextual customer identification, intelligent routing, and a work distribution engine for easier agent supervision and management.

The customer Service Chat app can be used as an add-on with the D365 Customer Service Enterprise. It can be further extended with omnichannel capabilities to include SMS and Facebook messaging as well.

You can use the dedicated unified interface desktop app or access the feature within the Unified Service Desk application to configure and use the chat service. Agents can connect with the customer in real-time and capture notes for each chat session. All conversations are recorded and can be tracked using the associated contact, case, or the available record types.

Agents can also search for information and access the knowledge base within the chat session itself, enabling faster resolution of issues. You can see the most relevant knowledge articles on the knowledge tab based on the search keywords. The overall interface of the chat service is designed to make your service operations more efficient and productive.

You can also create custom chat widgets through the Omnichannel Administration App. You can select the icon, color theme, and title and get a corresponding HTML code generated to be used on any website. You can also make use of additional options to restrict file attachments, enable downloadable chat transcriptions, and so on.

Some of the benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat include:

Faster Case Resolutions

As Dynamics 365 Chat connects with your existing CRM and can provide cross-company collaboration, you will be able to communicate with experts in the organization quickly and get solutions faster

Increase In Lead Generation

Dynamics 365 Chat allows you to connect with your customers faster, which, in turn, increases your chances of capturing sales leads and executing a better marketing funnel.

Consistent Service Experience

With the integrated service platform, you can quickly deliver a consistent service experience across your delivery touchpoints and ensure it stays consistent even if there is no agent for channel transfers.

Intelligent Routing Of Customer Queries

You can automate the routing of cases by topic or channel depending on the actual case in hand by leveraging the intelligent analytics support from Dynamics 365.

Quick Search And Discovery

You can easily search and share knowledge articles to find better customer solutions

Flexible And Personalised Customer Interactions

Chat service allows your customer to reach out and get their queries solved conveniently. It works 24/7 enabling you to respond to customer queues any time of the day.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat Is Useful For

The Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat is useful for any organization that wants to utilize the D365 customer service platform’s potential fully. As chats can provide a real-time and personalized conversation with your customers, you can significantly enhance your customer experience and gain valuable insights into customer needs and wants. Any organization operating on any scale focusing on sales will benefit substantially from this omnichannel chat service.

When you have a diverse range of customer profiles and an emphasis on better service delivery, it makes sense to employ a quick response system as that provided by the D365 customer service chat.

What Are Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat Features?

Here are some of the features of Dynamics 365 Chat:

Pre Chat Survey

You can configure pre-chat surveys with up to 5 questions to help you capture the essence of customer queries and locate knowledge records accordingly. This helps in faster case resolution and display results early on.

Dynamics 365 Integration

The chat application integrates seamlessly and helps create better sales leads by empowering the agent with access to CRM data. Agents can quickly look up more information and existing records to link the conversation with.

Predefined Responses

Agents can make well-crafted responses for common cases and be able to respond quickly to frequently asked questions.

Skill Based Routing

Conversations can be easily redirected to the agent who is more knowledgeable on the topic under concern, thus speeding up issue resolution times. For instance, when customer queries are raised in a particular language, the conversation can be directed to an agent skilled in that particular language and better deal with the customer. Similarly, agents with product expertise can be assigned for the corresponding product related queries for better issue resolution.

D365 Chat allows you to set the skill attachment rules and routing rules that will make these redirections automatic and seamless.

Sentiment Intelligence

Agents can use sentiment intelligence and AI-based conversation analysis to make customer interaction more engaging and enhanced.

Agent Scripts

This feature can be beneficial for both fresh customer agents as well as seasoned agents. These scripts can set up a series of steps to be followed when interacting with a customer.

Agent Supervisor Role

Supervision tasks like monitoring conversations and managing the agent’s presence, capacity, and assignments can be easily carried out. The supervisor can also join in on any ongoing conversation to evaluate and oversee how it goes.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Customer Service Chat?

The Customer Service Chat solution adds additional value to your Dynamics 365 Customer service platform by letting you take full advantage of its service capabilities.

  • You can offer a high level of personalized services by integrating your knowledge base portals and 360-degree customer views
  • Automate self-service with virtual agents and advanced analytics
  • Increase productivity of your sales and customer service teams with better supervision and management
  • Intelligence routing of customer queries can be done to arrive at accurate solutions and enhanced productivity.
  • Agents can be equipped with the right information powered by AI to arrive at accurate case resolutions and be able to provide context-based suggestions.
  • Can be integrated with IoT devices for early detection of issues and resolve the issues before it leads to severe service degradation.

What Is The Price For Having Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat?

The D365 Customer Service Chat is an add-on feature that can be utilized when you already own a Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise license. You can subscribe to the Chat service for each chat user. Any user trying to access the chat service must hold both the D365 Customer service Enterprise license as well the add-on license for the chat service.

You can also get access to additional omnichannel capabilities like SMS engagement, Facebook messaging, and more with a Digital Messaging license.

The current cost stands at USD 60 per user/month for the Dynamics 365 Customer Service chat add on.


Are you wondering how you missed out on such a crucial feature that can enrich your customer service? You don’t have to wait any longer. Subscribe to the Dynamics 365 Customer Chat app and get expert help in activating it efficiently for your customized needs. Contact Gestisoft today for expert guidance and help in implementing the D365 Customer chat for your organization.

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