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Simplified Contract Management: Visibility and Compliance for the Public Sector

In collaboration with public sector organizations, Gestisoft has designed a robust and specialized application that enables public entities to improve visibility and control over their contract management processes. The application offers an intuitive interface that makes it easy to track and manage contracts.

Key Features

Gestisoft Public Contract Management stands out with a series of essential features that meet the specific needs of the public sector. These features enable simplified and efficient contract management, ensuring increased compliance and better operational transparency.

Contract Tracking

With a user-friendly interface, users can easily monitor and manage their contracts. The application provides a clear visualization of the status of ongoing contracts, facilitating quick and informed decision-making.

Creating a New Contract

Users can create new contracts by assigning them a title, contract type, and contract number. The contract type can be customized according to the organization's needs. The application allows specifying the account and contact associated with the contract, as well as determining if the contract is a parent or child contract.

Payment Information and Renewal

Users can input payment information, including payment period, contract amount, and payment method. The application provides a countdown to the contract's end date and allows setting the contract's renewal type. Users can also specify the contract's renewal date and keep track of the days remaining before this date.

Renewal Management

The renewal management feature enables tracking contract renewal dates and notifying suppliers in advance, thus avoiding service interruptions or late penalties.

Document Management

The application maintains comprehensive records of contract notes and associated documents, offering exhaustive documentation that is easily accessible for each contract.

Supplier Tracking

Effective supplier management is made possible with this application. Users can easily identify suppliers requiring special attention and manage relationships proactively.

Customizable Workflows

The application allows customizing workflows to align with the unique processes of each organization, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems.

Dashboard Overview

The Gestisoft Public Contract Management dashboard offers a visual representation of the user's contracts, including the number of active contracts, monthly payments, and contracts up for renewal. This dashboard provides a comprehensive overview and enables efficient and proactive contract management.

Benefits for the Public Sector

Gestisoft Public Contract Management is the solution of choice for public sector entities seeking to streamline their contract management operations. This application not only enhances efficiency but also ensures better compliance with current regulations.

Increased Visibility and Control

By providing complete visibility into all aspects of contract management, the application enables organizations to make informed decisions and maintain strict control over their contractual commitments.

Efficiency and Compliance

By automating processes and providing comprehensive management tools, the application helps public entities improve operational efficiency and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Optimized Resource Allocation

With Gestisoft Public Contract Management, public sector organizations can free up valuable resources that were previously tied up in manual contract management processes. These resources can now be redirected towards more strategic initiatives, enhancing overall productivity and enabling the organization to focus on its core mission. This optimized resource allocation ensures that staff can dedicate their time and efforts to activities that drive value and improve service delivery to the public.


Gestisoft Public Contract Management sur Microsoft AppSource est une solution incontournable pour toute organisation publique souhaitant optimiser la gestion de ses contrats. Grâce à ses fonctionnalités avancées et à son interface intuitive, cette application se distingue comme un outil essentiel pour la gestion efficace et conforme des contrats dans le secteur public. Pour en savoir plus et découvrir comment cette solution peut transformer votre gestion des contrats, contactez-nous dès aujourd'hui.

Discover simplified contract management with Gestisoft Public Contract Management

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June 14, 2024