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What is Power Automate in Microsoft Power Platform ?

Repetitive tasks need to be rationalized to optimize the operations of a business, corporation or organization. Among the many software solutions available to professionals, Power Automate stands out thanks to its particularly useful benefits. Why is this software so popular? Who was this application designed for and how do you integrate it into Microsoft Dynamics 365? This article will address all these questions and more!

What is Power Automate?

Brief description of Power Automate

Previously called Microsoft Flow, Power Automate has garnered well-deserved popularity with many professionals. Nonetheless, without specialized knowledge of digital tools for businesses, corporations or organizations, users may be left with plenty of questions about this software.

Basically, Power Automate is a solution designed for automating workflows to rationalize repetitive tasks. Naturally, this software is largely prized for the significant amount of time it will save you. It makes your work easier and minimizes the risk of processing errors.

Don’t forget that Power Automate is available via Microsoft’s Power Platform. This application complements Power BI and Power Apps, two other incredibly efficient solutions. However, this new version of Microsoft Flow can be used on its own; it includes tools that are often critical for professionals.

Does your business use Workflow? Do you want to understand the main differences between this solution and Power Automate? We will discuss various answers to these questions below.

Power Automate vs. Flow

Both of these software solutions allow dynamic content. That said, you cannot loop information in Workflow. Power Automate is notable for its compatibility with Dynamics 365, as well as with other competing systems designed for similar purposes.There are multiple noteworthy aspects of this software’s performance. Workflow lets you trigger multiple Common Date Service events simultaneously. However, if you want to perform commands based on a digital calendar, you can only do this with Power Automate (though you cannot run these commands live). Similarly, the new version of Flow does not allow you to analyze your history.Lastly, Power Automate offers a “solution support” feature that perfectly supports portability. Workflow, on the other hand, does not offer an AI-powered chatbot.

What features are offered by Power Automate?

Power Automate offers a number of incredible features for optimizing the operations of a business, corporation or organization.

Automate business processes

Unsurprisingly, creating workflows is one of the main features of Power Automate. Thanks to this software’s compatibility with over 220 online services, you can centralize and improve the administration of every business process. This will let you approve tasks much more quickly.

Automate notifications for overdue tasks

Once again, Power Automate’s capacity for integration with Dynamics 365 and its compatibility with many services lets you efficiently manage how you process critical information. For example, you are automatically notified before tasks are identified as “overdue.” This advanced notice inarguably makes professionals’ work easier.

Move business data between systems (based on a schedule)

In addition to precisely managing tasks, with Power Automate, you can also move business data between systems based on a schedule. The presentation of views and charts related to a flow entity thus provides a comprehensive, controlled overview.

Connect to many public data sources or APIs

As you have learned by now, Power Automate’s compatibility with other software constitutes an undeniable plus for this Microsoft tool. The new version of the online application Flow leverages around 300 data sources and every programming interface destined for public use.

Automate some of your data processing

Lastly, Power Automate can also automatically process certain data (particularly information in Excel spreadsheets). While this feature may not be considered one of Power Automate’s main tools, it is still useful.

Who was this application designed for?

Contrary to popular belief, Power Automate is not only for professionals with extensive backgrounds in IT. A brief training session can easily suffice to fully understand the features of this software. Indeed, this brings to mind another relevant question: who was this application designed for? Practically speaking, Power Automate can meet the needs of most sectors.

For example, a banking corporation can optimize its employees’ performance by efficiently customizing generated reports or automating many daily tasks. The manufacturing sector can benefit from critical and innovative solutions for dealing with increasingly fierce competition. Health services can reduce administrative delays, thereby prioritizing patient care. Insurance companies are yet another example: by rationalizing their training processes, they can help their agents work much more efficiently.

Of course, these examples do not constitute an exhaustive list. Regardless of the type of operations of your business, corporation or organization, Power Automate will perfectly meet your needs!

How do you integrate the application into Microsoft Dynamics 365?

There is another particularly relevant question that professionals often ask: how do you integrate Power Automate into Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Basically, Power Automate is initially part of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Does this mean that usage issues may arise with this application if Workflow is already deployed within a system? Absolutely not. Indeed, while these two software programs do include some similar features, you can think of Power Automate as an “updated” Workflow.


Power Automate is an amazing software program for managing workflows and automating certain repetitive tasks. Other features provide daily support to the operations of many professionals across all sectors. Novices will also appreciate Power Automate for its ease of use.

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