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Use a solid ERP to optimize your e-transformation!

We will explain why there can be no e-transformation without a robust ERP in our new post. ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning, is a critical component of any digital transformation - here's why...

It would be impossible to improve your customers' experience without an ERP platform that allows you to connect orders, inventory, accounting, refunds, shipping, and other functions. Having a software platform to rely on helps you easily progress through the stages of improving your employees', customers', and suppliers' relationships with new technology.

What is e-transformation?

The goal of digital transformation is to drastically improve your organization's procedures. Customers, suppliers, and stakeholders may communicate with your company more easily thanks to a successful e-transformation. ERP serves as the foundation for launching such a digital transformation program. An ERP solution connects all parts of your organization, improving efficiency, speed, and customer satisfaction. As such, your ERP software serves as the foundation for your e-transformation.

ERP is a valuable resource for your e-transition

ERP, as previously said, is the platform that drives your e-transformation. In this regard, an ERP consolidates all of your company's tools and data into a single platform, allowing users to access uniform and consistent data under one roof. Instead of having different software for each department, all of your teams will be using the same solution. E-transformation combined with an ERP is a powerful tool for reducing time and facilitating efficient cooperation throughout the organization.

Is your business prepared to embrace e-transformation?

After implementing digital transformation with an ERP, staff and users must be trained to help them perform better and make better use of these new resources. This is especially important when it comes to digital transformation in businesses that rely heavily on human knowledge and skills. Advanced technology must be able to increase its capacity to function at a higher level.

Therefore, managers and leaders must grasp and accept the necessity for more cooperation and communication with their staff if digital transformation with ERP is to be successful in their company. Traditional communication routes will continue to be used, but remote and digital communication methods are far more successful in reaching all personnel, faster and with better records.

How to ensure a successful e-transformation with an ERP?

Data consistency and integrity are critical to the success of any ERP-based e-transformation. Starting by verifying each piece of data between the legacy and new systems is the best way to approach this issue.

Another issue is the possibility of interference, which must be addressed at the organizational level while the project is being planned. A test with a small sample in a pre-production setting including all stakeholders is one approach to achieve this. Organizations can also prepare many simulations at various phases with all stakeholders involved.

Ask yourself the following questions if you want to know if you should undertake your digital transformation with a new ERP:

  • Is your current software capable of meeting all your requirements?
  • Is your ERP system capable of keeping up with your company's data volume growth?
  • Is it possible to link and transfer data from other programs and software?
  • Is it possible to access your data platform remotely?
  • Is it possible to include an e-commerce platform?
  • Are you able to undertake data analysis or obtain performance reports?
  • Could your present platform help you enhance customer and user satisfaction?

Your firm is ready for an e-transformation with a new ERP if you replied no to one or more of these questions.

It is critical to create an action plan and move in stages if you want your ERP digital transformation to be successful. Our post on ERP data transfer processes will be quite useful in this regard. Furthermore, a thorough grasp of your company's objective is critical for the improvement of your operations.

If you believe you lack the financial resources to begin your company's digital transformation, you should be aware that the Ministry of Economy and Innovation (M.E.I) offers subsidies and that a tax credit may be available to assist you in financing your ERP deployment.

Why is the Cloud such a critical component of your ERP solution?

Starting with security, there are several reasons why using the Cloud is critical in your ERP e-transformation. Because your company's data is so essential, it is critical to keep it safe from hackers. Protecting sensitive data using a cloud-based ERP solution is a wonderful method to avoid it slipping into the wrong hands. Through standards-based security procedures, risk management, attack prevention, and security enhancement practices, an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central guarantees optimal data protection.

Furthermore, cloud-based ERP solutions often demand less initial investment and provide greater visibility and collaboration across all your departments.

Finally, cloud-based software allows for faster and easier upgrades. Patches for security, software updates, new modules, and other aspects are typically installed automatically.

The benefits of collaboration tools for ERP and e-transformation

Managers and leaders must prioritize cooperation and communication with their staff if the e-transformation initiative is to be a success. Digital remote communication solutions are three times more successful in reaching the greatest number of employees. Microsoft's technologies, such as Teams and Outlook, for example, encourage cooperation among all work teams, regardless of location. Furthermore, project management and automatic invoice recognition (OCR) systems have demonstrated their efficacy in a variety of domains, including accounting.

Choose Gestisoft as your e-transformation ERP partner.

With the integration of an ERP, choose a reliable partner to enhance your e-transformation. Let Gestisoft's experts offer guidance and support throughout your company's ERP transformation, from implementation to staff training.

Contact us to learn more about every Microsoft app that can help you accelerate your company's e-transformation.

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