Enter the world of digital transformation of the manufacturing industry with Gestisoft.

It is well known that the manufacturing industry is facing great challenges with the shortage of manpower and the tough international competition. These factors therefore seem to push many companies to feel isolated and unable to consider solutions: they are in a black hole. However, the solution exists and it is right here: digital can help you cope with these changes and find a prominent place in the market.

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Choose the right partner to support you in your manufacturing transformation

To cope with all these changes and the fierce competition, to avoid finding yourself lost in a black hole, it is necessary to find a partner who understands your challenges and who knows your industry as well as you do.
Initial Connectivity
Implement basic levels of data collection, analysis, and communication to better plan, establish strategies and stay ahead of the competition.
Process Optimization
Increase networking and digitization, improving current processes, and optimize the use of assets to relieve you from your redundant daily tasks.
In addition to mastering the peculiarities of the manufacturing industry, Gestisoft will help you:
Establish your priorities and their impact
Get financing for your project
Create a transformation plan
Evaluate your company’s internal processes
Implement your manufacturing ERP
Support your staff throughout the change in management
Continuously evolve your way of working
Increasing automation
Maximize data collected and leverage data with advanced algorithms to give you the means to get to your goals without having to put in more effort.
New Business models
Use the collected data and insights to create new revenue streams and value for customers. That is a great way of monetizing your efforts.

With our team of 80 experts, we have one goal: to ensure the success of your project.

Our team helps Canadian companies in their digital transformation projects with the help of Microsoft CRM and ERP applications. Our role is to find how you can use these business solutions to have a real impact on your business. From manufacturing production to managing your sales, our experts will find how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can accelerate your success.

Vice-President Sales & Marketing
François Cloutier
Dynamics 365 - Architect
Felix Carrier
Vice-president, Professional Services
Vincent Fournier
Claude Rose

Make informed decisions

Make informed decisions with data connected between accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and customer transactions.

Create dynamic dashboards.

Create graphs of your financial performance in real time with integrated Power BI dashboards.

Simplify your daily tasks.

Speed up financial closing and reporting, and maintain compliance with fast, accurate accounting.

Improve the accuracy of your forecasts

Improve your forecasting accuracy with comprehensive analysis and modeling of your financial data.

👉Download our free e-book on the state of Canadian manufacturing

Make the first steps on your road to digital transformation and exploit the true potential of your ERP

Adopting an ERP is a very easy first step on your journey to the digital world. Where will it lead you? If you adapt its functions to your processes and use its automation force to simplify your daily life, you can get wherever you thought was impossible. Whether you hope to find yourself at the top of the market, to double your sales, or to ensure your financial sustainability, an ERP can give you tools for:

  • Supply Management;
  • Warehouse Management;
  • Item Tracking;
  • Production Orders;
  • Demand Forecasting;
  • Capacity Planning;
  • Project Management;
  • Vendor Managemnet;
  • And much more…

Gather the right BI and improve your process

Having a good analytical tool (Business Intelligence) on hand can make you travel to the future in record time. How? By pointing out exactly where you need to improve, by giving you the essential data to support your strategies, and by gathering all the useful information to overcome hardship on your way. Managing your company has never been so easy.

Perfecting your efficiency with the manufacturing IoT and making your profit explode

The technology we provide is not only a management tool, but also an ally to increase your productivity and help you with your daily life. With a versatile and powerful IoT, Gestisoft can help you manufacture more products and better products. Can you imagine a world where exponentially increasing your profits is not a synonym of effort? With the right IoT, you can.

And after? The possibilities are infinite

What is most interesting with an ERP, is that when you have established your processes and adopted the technology to your operations, anything is possible. Once out of the dark hole, you can use the full power of your ERP to free your companies from constraint and to overcome the challenges of the future. Have you dreamt of it? It is probably possible.

👉Download our free e-book on the state of Canadian manufacturing