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BI ERP solutions: Why integrate Power BI into your ERP software?

Integrating BI (Business Intelligence) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in the same management software is an excellent asset for your company. A BI ERP solution transforms raw data into usable information, making decision-making faster.

Every day, businesses of all sizes and in all industries juggle hundreds or even thousands of data points. Is it too much data to handle? Not necessarily—but all that information must be used and analyzed effectively. Opting for a BI ERP solution is a great way to get there.

Let’s look at the benefits of adding business intelligence to your ERP software.

BI ERP software features for your business needs

By combining resource planning and business data analysis, BI ERP solutions such as Microsoft Power BI provide businesses with the best of both worlds.

The combination helps optimize decision-making for organizations. This type of software can present data in the form of reports or interactive tables, making the information easy to use, analyze, and share.

And that’s not all—Microsoft often adds new features to its Power BI software. Here are a few recent additions:

  • Multi-source data
    Power BI can connect to more than 70 internal or external data sources. They might be online services, text files, or databases such as Oracle.
  • ETL and data storage
    This BI ERP software offers companies ETL solutions. ETL stands for Extract (extract data from its source), Transform (transform and standardize the data according to company needs) and Load (load the data to a new location).
    Once the ETL process is complete, the data is stored in what’s called a data warehouse.
  • Data visualization
    Dozens of visual options for your data are available with Microsoft Power BI. Whether you need tables, diagrams, gauges, or maps, you’ll find the right solution!
  • Data processing
    The BI ERP solution can dig deep into your data. One way to get the most out of your data is by creating dynamic tooltips. These tooltips make each piece of information for readable and precise. You can also connect reports or generate custom reports from existing data.
  • Data sharing and dissemination
    The software lets you schedule data updates, making it easy to share reports and dashboards with internal or external stakeholders.
  • Full integration with other Microsoft products
    Your BI ERP software can be linked with Office 365 or Microsoft suite.

With so many great features (and we haven’t even touched on all of them), BI ERP software lets you get the most out of your data flow. It’s just as helpful for executives as it is for analysts and IT experts.

A BI ERP solution to better manage and analyze data

Manage. Consolidate. Analyze. Automate. With software like Power BI, these actions can be accomplished in real-time for any type of data. It’s a powerful tool for managing various aspects of your business, including:

  • Consumers
  • Sales and marketing
  • Transactions
  • Customer interactions
  • Products
  • Employees
  • Supply chain
  • Processes

In addition to being quickly accessible, these types of data can be visualized in a matter of seconds.

With a BI ERP solution, all your essential data is extracted, processed, and interconnected, regardless of its source. The data might come from a PDF, MP3, or JPG file, or another management system. After it’s converted into the form you want, the data is accessible from any device—computer, tablet, phone, etc.

What more could you want?

3 BI ERP solutions that can adapt to your needs

With its BI ERP software, Microsoft offers three complementary solutions to help you consolidate your data and create reports that are accessible anywhere. They’re ideal for making decisions, no matter what time of day it is or where you are.

Let’s explore these three solutions:

  1. Power BI Desktop
    Once installed on your workstation (for free!), this BI ERP solution lets you create advanced analytics and personalized, dynamic reports. It leverages artificial intelligence to provide you with useful, precise details.
  2. Power BI Service
    This Cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) solution is used to publish and share previously created visual reports with other users. However, options for modifying reports are limited. Thus, we generally use Desktop to generate reports and Power BI to distribute them.
  3. Power BI Mobile
    This BI ERP application is suitable for any device. Make informed decisions whether you’re stuck in a traffic jam or 5,000 km from the office. While on the go, you can still access data securely, annotate it, and receive updates in real-time. This app gives you peace of mind while saving valuable time.

By adding these three modules to your data ecosystem, you promote flexibility, security, efficiency, and collaboration among your team in a real, concrete way. These changes benefit many players within your company:

  • Directors and decision-makers: We all know how precious decision-makers’ time is. Often on the move and overwhelmed by urgent matters, managers need to simplify their lives. When you opt for a BI ERP solution such as Microsoft’s, your managers can rely on easily and quickly accessible dashboards for all their IT needs.
  • Analysts and controllers: These workers are bombarded with data every day. Sometimes they don’t even know where to start—yet part of their job is to make stats more digestible. These professionals can use Power BI Desktop to analyze raw data, transforming it into something more practical and useful for everyone. The BI ERP tool also helps them create logical links between data sets.
  • The IT department: Whether sourced internally or externally, your company’s IT experts can use Power BI to secure your business data. Moreover, they can manage data access, monitor user activities, and ensure the compliance of all your processes.

Why choose Gestisoft Microsoft Power BI software for your BI ERP solution?

The Gestisoft team has over 20 years of experience in business-adapted ERP solutions. It offers a personalized approach to BI ERP software implementation that meets the needs of any organization—no matter how specific.

When you work with Gestisoft, you receive expert advice in effectively using, analyzing, and securing your data through BI and ERP.

What are your ERP implementation needs? Let us know!

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