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CRM implementation at Solem: a tool for achieving excellence and staying competitive

Step into the journey of two enterprising sisters who transformed an idea into a prosperous venture. Solem, a microfiber products company, capitalized on the opportunity to structure their growth with our help. Dive into the inspiring story of Marie-Hélène and Mylène, and see how a well-implemented CRM can be the key to your success.

Humble beginnings, ambitious vision

Marie-Hélène Doucet and Mylène Lessard, once part of the healthcare world, set off on a journey to break the mould with Solem's high quality microfiber towels. The seed of an idea, born from the challenges of conventional cotton towels—slow-to-dry, sand magnets, and odour collectors sparked their quest.

Their encounter with Suzanne Arbour, a wise mentor and co-founder of Gestisoft, was a decisive turning point. At a trade show, Suzanne was impressed by their product and entrepreneurial dynamism. She saw the potential of Solem and offered to guide them in structuring their growth.

With her guidance, Marie-Hélène and Mylène could transform their small business into a solid structure ready for growth. Suzanne helped them understand the importance of effective digital and management tools to support their expansion.

This ambitious vision and Suzanne's strategic support enabled Solem to grow from humble beginnings into a thriving company. They're ready to tackle new challenges with the help of advanced technological solutions like those offered by Gestisoft.

Why did Solem choose to implement a CRM?

Structure for growth

From their very first meeting, Suzanne was struck by Marie-Hélène and Mylène's enthusiasm and vision, but also by the challenges they were facing with their rudimentary management system. She quickly saw Solem's potential and knew that to avoid costly mistakes and optimize operations, implementing a CRM would be essential.

"Before, we were working with an application called Planner, but it was disorganized. We forgot tasks and didn't always call customers back,” explains Marie-Hélène. Suzanne advised them to take this important step towards digital transformation.

The decision to implement a CRM was not only strategic, but also urgent.
“Suzanne told us that if we really wanted to succeed, we had to invest in robust technological tools,” recalls Marie-Hélène.

With this recommendation, the sisters decided to turn to Gestisoft for their expertise.

If we really wanted to succeed, we had to invest in robust technological tools

- Marie-Hélène Doucet

Christian, Gestisoft's CRM specialist, played a crucial role in this transition. He not only steered the implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales, but also provided comprehensive training to ensure that everyone could use the tool effectively.

Thanks to the CRM implementation, Solem was able to automate numerous tasks, improve sales tracking and generate accurate reports.

The tool provided an indispensable structure for managing growth and maintaining a clear view of opportunities.

CRM has given us a great work structure and leverage for opportunity tracking.
Marie-Hélène Doucet

By adopting this technological solution, Solem was able to avoid the common pitfalls of fast-growing startups and concentrate on what really matters: their growth and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Gestisoft support: a key partnership

When the Solem team decided to embark on the implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales CRM, they knew they would need a reliable and experienced partner. That's where Gestisoft comes in.

Christian, Gestisoft's dedicated consultant, was the expert guide Solem needed to navigate this digital transformation.

Gestisoft's support was not limited to initial training. Christian was always available to answer questions and provide ongoing support.

"Whenever we had a question, Christian was super quick to respond. We really appreciated this level of support,” emphasizes Marie-Hélène. This availability and responsiveness were essential to ensure full adoption of CRM by all team members.

Thanks to this rigorous training and constant support, Solem was able to take full advantage of Dynamics 365 Sales functionalities.

The tool is really user-friendly and easy to use. It was important to us that the whole team could adopt it quickly.
Marie-Hélène Doucet

The CRM made it possible to automate repetitive tasks, centralize customer information and generate detailed reports, facilitating more efficient and strategic sales management.

The partnership with Gestisoft has been a real lever for success for Solem. "The support we received from Christian and Gestisoft gave us the confidence to integrate and use CRM on a daily basis. It has transformed the way we work,” testifies Marie-Hélène.

This exemplary collaboration has not only enabled Solem to structure its operations, but also to prepare for even more ambitious future growth.

Leverage for operational excellence

Gestisoft's implementation of Dynamics 365 Sales CRM has transformed the way Solem manages its day-to-day operations, delivering a multitude of tangible benefits that translate into impressive ROI and increased competitiveness.

One of the most significant benefits has been improved sales tracking. "Before, we'd forget tasks and lose opportunities. Now, with our CRM, we can track every prospect and every sale in a precise and organized way,” explains Marie-Hélène.

This ability to centralize and efficiently manage customer data has meant that Solem no longer misses out on any opportunities. The power of automating repetitive tasks has also been a major asset.

Our CRM has enabled us to automate a lot of tasks, which has saved us precious time. Now we can concentrate on higher value-added activities.
Marie-Hélène Doucet

This automation has not only improved operational efficiency, but also reduced human error, guaranteeing better quality of service.

The detailed reports and analyses generated by the CRM have provided Solem with a global view of their opportunities and performance. "Thanks to the CRM reports, we can easily output sales projections and track our performance in real time. This helps us make strategic decisions based on concrete data,” says Marie-Hélène.

This ability to analyze data in depth has been essential in identifying trends, optimizing sales strategies and maximizing revenues.

Another key benefit of implementing CRM was the ability to stand out from the competition. "CRM has given us a competitive edge by enabling us to better manage our customer relationships and respond more quickly to their needs. It has really strengthened our position in the market,” says Marie-Hélène.

This increased responsiveness and optimized customer relationship management has enabled Solem to gain in credibility and customer satisfaction.

Finally, their CRM has helped Solem to attract and recruit qualified talent. “With a clear work structure and powerful tools, we've been able to attract talented employees who see the potential in our company,” explains Marie-Hélène.

The arrival of new talent has enabled Solem to push the use of CRM even further and reap additional benefits.

How do you know when to take the plunge?

One of the most crucial questions for any growing company is when to invest in a management tool such as a CRM. For Solem, this decision came at a key moment in their evolution.

As their business grew rapidly, the two entrepreneurs realized that their manual processes were no longer sufficient to manage their operations effectively.

Growing sales volumes and increasingly complex operations made the adoption of a more robust, integrated system essential. It was the right time to take the next step and adopt a solution capable of supporting their growth.

Solem's experience shows that it's crucial to recognize the signs that a company is ready for such a transformation. Switching to a CRM has enabled them to better manage customer relationships, track sales more effectively and make decisions based on accurate data.

For Solem, adopting a CRM has been a catalyst for growth and efficiency. This structure has not only enabled them to manage their current growth, but also to prepare for future challenges.

We were able to structure our operations and focus on expansion without worrying about administrative details.
Marie-Hélène Doucet

Ultimately, the timing for implementing a CRM depends on each company's specific needs and stage of development.

For Solem, the decision was made at the right time, when the complexity of their business required more structured and efficient management.

Their experience shows that recognizing the right time to invest in technological tools can transform the way a business operates and thrives.

A bright future with a CRM

Implementing Dynamics 365 Sales CRM was just the first step. Building on this success, Marie-Hélène and Mylène are now considering new integrations to take their business even further. With Gestisoft's ongoing support and Suzanne's expert advice, they are preparing to integrate additional modules, including marketing and an ERP.

The integration of the marketing module is a strategic objective for Solem. "Our strategy this year is to develop our digital marketing. We've started using sequences and campaigns, and CRM will enable us to structure this more effectively,” says Marie-Hélène.

By centralizing marketing efforts in their CRM, Solem will be able to better target its campaigns, track results in real time and adapt its strategies accordingly.

Another ambitious project for Solem is ERP integration.

"An ERP is in our plans, but we're waiting for the critical mass we need to justify the investment. This is where Gestisoft's expertise and Suzanne's advice are invaluable,” emphasizes Marie-Hélène.

The ERP will enable Solem to manage the various aspects of their business, from production to distribution and financial management, in an even more integrated and coherent way.

Thanks to this evolution plan, Solem is well positioned to continue its growth and reinforce its competitiveness. "We know we can count on Gestisoft's expertise to guide us every step of the way. Their ongoing support gives us the confidence to undertake these new integrations,” says Marie-Hélène.

This close collaboration with Gestisoft ensures that Solem has the best tools to succeed.

A winning partnership for a bright future

The story of Solem and Gestisoft is a powerful testament to what a well-orchestrated strategic collaboration can achieve. From their humble beginnings to their digital transformation, Solem has capitalized on every opportunity, thanks to a clear vision and trusted partners.

The partnership with Gestisoft has been a catalyst for excellence and competitiveness, perfectly illustrating how a company can reinvent itself with the right tools and support.

For small business leaders still hesitating to take the plunge, Solem's story is a source of inspiration. The tangible benefits of implementing a CRM are numerous: better sales management, automation of time-consuming tasks, detailed reports for informed decision-making and an overall improvement in operational efficiency.

With Gestisoft at their side, Solem is well positioned for a bright future, ready to take on new challenges and seize tomorrow's opportunities. Their story is living proof that, with the right support and the right tools, any company can turn its ambitions into reality.

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