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Why ERP software is a must for any SMB ?

If you are heading a small or medium-sized business (SMB), you are likely often collaborating with a tightly knit team to work wonders on a daily basis, i.e., bringing competitive and high-quality products to a dog-eat-dog market while keeping up with the biggest players, and this despite all obstacles. However, it's also inevitable that at times you find yourself wanting the same access to the same resources as these major corporations - the same tools for your own business development, the same kind of capital for your own operations, and a level playing field for the same opportunities.

So, what are you waiting for? Read on to discover the many reasons why an ERP system is the right choice for your SMB.

What exactly does small business ERP software entail?

An ERP is a system for managing your company's resources ("Enterprise Resource Planning"). It enables you to optimize your entire production chain, from supply to shipping to your customer.

ERP software will enable better resource allocation, lower production costs and even increased productivity for your SMB. Offering a host of applications, it functions as a versatile and comprehensive tool.

And that's without mentioning the accounting modules that some ERPs provide in order to facilitate your financial tasks. Your accounting, your project planning and every other relevant module will all be on the same page and work in unison.

There exists a variety of small business ERP systems, each with different advantages, different features and different licenses. Some are in the cloud whereas others can be hosted on your network; some ERP systems are specific to your industry while others are more general, but which can suit your needs just as well.

Why implement ERP software within your SMB?

Regardless of the organizational size and structure, the top priority of any small business manager is process efficiency. Due to a lack of financial and human resources, many SMBs are unable to maintain their internal information systems.

The situation becomes even more complicated when each department of the business in question depends on different software applications. Hence the major advantage of having a single software package to manage all activities while at the same time remaining versatile enough to adapt to any constraints or changes in the sector. It's important to acquire scalable software that expands alongside your company. Whether it's acquisition or expansion, a good ERP software will not only optimize your SMB operations, but, and more importantly, it will help take your company to the next level! It's a genuine tool that can truly make the difference between excellence and mediocrity in terms of business development.

It's time to modernize and optimize your system! It's not because you are a small or medium-sized company and your workforce is limited that you shouldn't dream big and plan for the future!

To achieve such goals and to overcome such obstacles and challenges, you need to arm yourself with the very best tools available – and that goes for any business, SMB or not. Corporate life can quickly become hectic, overwhelming and stressful, you should therefore avail yourself of the invaluable assistance than an ERP system provides to handle your day-to-day operations.

So, why does ERP software have the reputation of being a wonder-worker? It's because it is a comprehensive system that enables you to navigate from production to inventory without interrupting your business activities:

  • Financial management and accounting
  • Supply chain management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Project management and planning
  • Service management

ERP software facilitates all day-to-day tasks. By choosing a tool that optimizes operations, automates a number of duties and communicates seamlessly across all parties, you get more time to focus on what really matters.

As such, your small business ERP software will enable greater productivity and financial control, thus securing your corporate future. This is quite a feat, to say the least.

The benefits of small business ERP software

ERP software for small and medium-sized businesses improves performance all while further developing management and centralizing data. The features offered by ERP software are wide and varied, making it the IDEAL business management solution. The benefits of ERP are just as numerous:

Time saver

ERP software enables the automation of certain processes that not only ensure production efficiency, but also reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. The time saved can be allocated for the company’s strategic planning.

All your company's information is stored in one place in real time. This eliminates the need for employees to re-enter information in multiple locations. Your work teams spend less time on secondary tasks and more time focusing on their actual duties.

For example, data centralization dramatically cuts down on time spent searching for information, thus leaving your work teams free to focus on more productive tasks.

Better strategic decision-making

ERP software incorporates analytical features that enable employees to monitor various key indicators related to your company (turnover, inventory, orders, etc.). Thanks to its organizational capabilities, you will be able to manage your budget at every turn. ERP software gives an SMB the ability to develop its activity at a greater pace than others.

The data collected can be analyzed and compared in order to respond to strategic issues of the company. Business Intelligence tools can be created to help you in your strategic choices. You are able to obtain detailed reports according to your needs.

The reports obtained are more quickly exploitable and favor better strategic decisions concerning the restocking of products, for example. Inventory management through ERP software enables you to analyze your customers' consumption behaviors in order to further optimize your business strategies. Restocking frequency based on trends can be reassessed in order to achieve better results. The identification of off-peak periods is also another significant advantage in improving inventory management.

In the era of digital transformation, SMBs must demonstrate adaptability in terms of business management so as to offer their customers and employees with the best commercial experience. Increasing productivity, managing the supply of goods, and simplifying the purchasing process are challenges that small business ERP software can solve.

Enhanced data security

Viewing Excel files can be tricky when the accessibility to such data cannot be fully controlled, whether it is stored locally or via a Cloud service. ERP software enables you to define each authorization granted to your employees in order to secure your data and improve the inventory management of your company or organization.

Moreover, as this solution is fully automated and Cloud-based, important updates are frequently scheduled for better performance. It is also worth noting that Microsoft has enhanced its Cloud and online business security to a level equal to, if not better than, that of financial and banking institutions. This gives small business owners peace of mind knowing that their data is protected by leading-edge Cloud security solutions.

Cloud ERP software for small business: A must-have!

Cloud ERP is often one of the most sensible solutions for SMBs. Since the Cloud is everywhere and can even be present in your business, it is an appealing option for small business owners.

It's hard to overstate the importance of Cloud ERP for SMBs in today's environment. With a reasonable cost of entry and access to a host of tools, SMBs can truly achieve more with less when using ERP software, which is continuously optimized with regular updates from Microsoft.

In addition to offering cutting-edge technology, industry-level security and an ERP system for small business that is accessible anytime and anywhere, Cloud ERP is an adaptable solution that scales in cost based on the applications and the number of users.

The Cloud is a powerful, secure and innovative alternative because such solutions offer security in terms of data backup, in case of disaster or a major event, which is accessible from anywhere at any time. This is a cost-effective solution that adapts to your needs and your budget to free you from the financial burden of an internal infrastructure and to offer you the same resources of any multinational company.

A quick and easy ERP implementation: Yes, it can be done!

Obviously, as a small business, you certainly don't want to take too great of risk in implementing ERP software.  You probably have often heard that such a system is difficult to implement, and as a result, you are a bit reluctant to undertake a project of this magnitude.

However, rest assured because ERP can be easily and simply deployed at the grassroots level, little by little through various stages and according to the needs of the company. Choosing an expert in the field, however, is crucial. You will, likewise, have to think about choosing the right ERP system for your SMB. This may seem rather obvious, but it is not always easy to do without the guiding help of an expert. Indeed, ERP systems are adaptable and complex, and the wrong choice could cause reluctance on behalf of your employees to use it, or it could downright slowdown your productivity.

To avoid such a situation, it will be necessary to have guidance throughout the process: from choosing the right ERP software for your SMB to expanding its capabilities. By choosing an ERP partner who will act as both a consultant and resource for many years to come, you can be sure to have all the essential tools for a successful implementation.

Such a partner will guide you through the different options, seek the best solution for your needs and answer any questions and concerns you may have throughout the entire process. Moreover, ERP implementation experts are not just excellent consultants, they also specialize in strategic planning and project implementation management. All this makes for a stress-free experience on your part.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: The ideal ERP software solution for your SMB

Every SMB requires great management capacity: whether it is analyzing data, inflows and outflows, generating quotes and invoices, or conducting international trade. All these parameters make Dynamics 365 Business Central the preferred alternative.

With its Business Central version, you will be able to go one step further. You will benefit from extraordinary versatility, which will provide the opportunity to optimize your supply chain and boost your sales.

Several modules make up this program. Together, they will enable you to:

  • Manage and track your financial data
  • Customize your dashboards
  • Add applications/modules specific to your needs
  • Make business decisions based on reliable data
  • Strategically set up a supply chain and/or warehouse

Gestisoft: Your reliable partner

Finally, an ERP system for your SMB means choosing a long-term solution. So, to get the best experience out of your ERP, you will need continuous support. Make sure that your ERP partner offers you customer service for updates, ad hoc revaluation of your needs, as well as for any other problems that may arise along the way.

As you can see, small business ERP software is a comprehensive and invaluable tool that enables your company to do more with less all while promoting its growth and maintaining its competitiveness. It's no longer just for the big players, you too can now arm yourself with the same effective tools for a level playing field. Just remember to find a professional partner who can guide, advise and aid you throughout the entire implementation process.

Choose a trusted professional to optimize your SMB's productivity by adding ERP software to your arsenal. Contact Gestisoft specialists for advice and assistance.

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