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Overview Of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Here is an important update for Dynamics 365 users. Microsoft has discontinued the Dynamics 365 Markets Insights Preview service and is now offering a more advanced Dynamics 365 Customer Insights in its place. This step comes as the result of continuous improvement of services refined through customer feedback. The new solution aims to provide a more comprehensive solution to provide valuable insights to Dynamics 365 users.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can be used as a customer data platform with powerful features to dig out consumer behavior insights. It thus enables you to run business operations aligned with your target audience’s expectations. Here is a brief overview of this new marketing insights module and how it can help you boost your brand image and loyalty.

What Is The Customer Insights Module In Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is a powerful, real-time enterprise customer data platform. It is designed to be an intuitive and intelligent data platform that will help businesses manage customer data from multiple sources and find insights to help drive better customer experience.

This module was created out of the valuable insights gained from a previous service offering called the Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview. The core concept, technology, learnings, and consumer feedback were used to design this comprehensive Customer Insights module. It adds further enhancements to the core capabilities of Market Insights Preview, such as brand recognition and social demographics insights.

It also includes additional features to make the consumer insights module a centralized data platform for efficient data management and analysis. The major reason Customer Insights is replacing marketing insights is to align with the need for focusing on customer-centric business operations.

Why Use It

There are many reasons you need to check this Customer Insights module. Let me list down some for you.

  • If you have been using the older Marketing Insights Preview, inevitably, you need to switch over to the newer Customer Insights module. Customer Insights module retains the key features of Marketing Insights Preview and offers a whole new set of advanced data platform related features.
  • Organizations need real-time insights to provide powerful personalized customer experiences, which is exactly what Dynamics 365 Customer Insights offer.
  • You get faster results for your queries as the product can consolidate data from multiple sources quickly.
  • The learning curve for using the Customer Insights module is very gentle and requires minimal training and IT assistance.
  • It is an adaptable and flexible solution that can be used for varied purposes like managing personalized campaigns, customer engagement, post-sales service, accurate and fast business analysis, and so on.

What Are The Features In Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

Real-Time Insights

The biggest advantage of using Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is its real-time capabilities. You can readily see the real-time changes in consumer behavior, reaction to your campaigns, and keep track of your growth. Real-time insights help you take up timely measures in case of a failing campaign and steer away from a worst-case scenario.

You can also optimize your post-sales service operations on the go, and recommend best-fit products, manage to cross-sell and upsell with the help of real-time insights.

Unified Data

Customer Insights provides a unified data platform to integrate customer data from multiple sources and manage them effectively. This helps you get deep audience insights, unlike any other isolated data modules.

Connected Experiences

By enabling data integration from multiple sources, Customer Insights allows you to devise and run a highly personalized customer experience.

For instance, you can get valuable insights by integrating customer profiles from different accounts and buying behavior to predict their next buying intention.

You get a 360-degree view of customers that allows you to understand their preferences better. All data sources are maintained to be up to date.

You can create accurate user personas by bringing together all your transactional, behavioral, and demographic data into one unified data platform.

Integrate AI To Create Powered Insights

The Customer Insights module is powered by the latest AI technologies and machine learning to help you gather deep insights into customer intent and preferences.

This lets you automate your marketing strategies like cross-selling and up-selling via better product recommendations.

You can also identify better ways to engage with your audiences by evaluating their brand affinity, interests, and preferences through proprietary AI tech.

Security And Privacy Platform

Customer Insights module ensures a high level of security by leveraging the expertise and tech built by Microsoft. It is fully compliant with the GDPR data policies and ensures that you retain full ownership of your data.

Analytical And Data-Crunching Capabilities

Azure Synapse Analytics powers the analytical capabilities of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. You can combine all sorts of data from financial records to unstructured IoT data for deriving powerful insights. You can discover new customer segments and devise innovative marketing strategies that will deliver good results.

You can also connect the Customer Insights module to Microsoft Power BI to access customizable dashboard and reports

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dynamics 365 Customer Insights?

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights is all about running customer-centric business models. The more you understand your customer, the better you will meet their expectations and ensure a successful business.

Customer Insights works by gathering customer data from multiple data sources and then using machine learning and AI models to derive useful insights.

As it is equipped with the Power Platform, it can work with any data from various sources like Microsoft Access, Excel, Jason, graphs, and REST APIs.

Here are some benefits of using customer insights you would never want to miss out on.

Easy-To-Use Enterprise Customer Data Platform

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights can readily adapt to your existing enterprise data sources and requires very little training and IT support. Anyone from a business analyst, marketing executive to a sales executive can easily find answers to important questions like ‘ When to initiate a campaign?’, ‘what to recommend to a customer?’ with minimal training.

Data-Driven Decisions

It helps you identify the customer trends quickly and helps you make data-driven decisions that deliver value to your business.

Power The Entire Customer Journey

Customer Insights makes way for efficient incorporating of customer feedback into your marketing and product development strategies. You can easily integrate customer feedback into your existing product profiles and get quick insights into each product’s reception and customer sentiment.

Gain Customer Trust

The more weightage you give to actual customer feedback, the more they feel engaged and respected. This can invariably improve customer trust and affinity towards your brand.

More Personalised Experience

By understanding actual customer intent and preferences, you can ensure a highly engaging personalized experience for your customers.

Help Sales Representative

Sales representatives can easily use Customer Insights to make quick decisions on the best-fit product recommendations, cross-sells, and upsells. They can also develop a better customer relationship and increase the purchase volume when interacting with a customer’s careful understanding.


Even the best tools are only as powerful as you use them to be. Take full advantage of the powerful Dynamics 365 Customer Insights module by partnering with Gestisoft. Our experts can help you discern the customer insights and guide you in making the right business decisions. We can also help you customize your dashboards and data reports to maximize the benefits of using this awesome customer data platform. Contact us today to learn more.

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