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What Are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing?

If you want to outscore your competition and ace up your marketing game, marketing automation is all that you need. And when the automation comes from the house of Microsoft in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing, I am sure – you can never go wrong. Equipped with the best automation features and capable of introducing transparency to your workflows, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing ticks all the right boxes.

Okay, all this is great, but what about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing pricing, you ask?

I understand budgeting is important, no matter the size of the business. This is why I will explain all the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing pricing and licensing details in this article. But before I dig deeper, let’s brush up the basics first.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing?

Dynamics 365 Marketing is the new addition to the Dynamics 365 umbrella that aims to execute marketing campaigns visibly easier for businesses.

The platform comes loaded with out-of-the-box tools that help you integrate sales and marketing departments and other third-party tools. It comes intact with a range of high-end templates and an easy drag-and-drop interface to help you execute your marketing campaign, just the way you like it.

Is It For You?

Considering the fact that the Dynamics 365 Marketing comes loaded with a lot of intensive tools and in-depth tracking of customer journeys, it is a comprehensive tool that could prove to be a bit overwhelming for small and medium-sized businesses. These businesses might not have the capacity, resources, and even the need to make the most out of the invincible capabilities of the platform.

So, if you are willing to invest time and resources into marketing strategies, Dynamics 365 is the ultimate marketing automation platform that you need.

Although the solution is designed for both B2B and B2C marketing, in my view, it is more suited to B2B space.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Benefits

One of the main benefits of Dynamics 365 Marketing is that it enables you to run both creative and data-driven marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the ways Dynamics 365 Marketing helps you out:

  • Mapping customer journeys
  • Executing multichannel campaigns
  • Native event management tools
  • Conducting webinars to generate leads
  • Managing leads
  • Collecting marketing insights
  • Third-party integration
  • Informed marketing decisions
  • And much more!

Now that you have a basic idea of the unlimited possibilities that Dynamics 365 Marketing enables you to tap into, let’s have a look at the various licenses of the platform.

What are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Licenses?

However, before I dig deeper into SLs, let’s first understand what contacts are, as most SLs are based on the number of contacts.

In simple terms, contacts are the people you come in contact with while marketing your product. These could include contact and engagement through landing page visits, marketing emails sent, forms submitted, survey invitations, LinkedIn collaboration, and more.

Additionally, contacts also include leads, but these should be linked to a contact record in the same Dynamics environment.

It is important to mention here that contact records are only counted when these are engaged through varied marketing activities. Inactive contacts or contacts that you have excluded from your marketing campaign are not counted as contacts.

Another important term that you will often come across is a tenant. A tenant is an account that you create to access the Microsoft Online Services environment, like Office 365, when you sign up for a subscription. This way, a tenant is identified by unique domains, security groups, subscriptions, and users.

Dynamics 365 For Marketing (Per Organization)

Dynamics 365 Marketing offers two types of user subscription licenses (SL). This license requires users to have their own login and allows users to access the service through multiple devices.

  • Full Users: These SLs are for users who require using feature-rich business applications. Think of salespeople, finance employees, human resources, customer service representatives, and the like. These users are also called power users or professional users. These users are licensed with Dynamics 365 application subscription and get access to Dynamics 365 plan, customer engagement plan, and marketing application.
  • Additional Users: These users comprise a large chunk of users in an organization. They need access to the platform to perform light tasks and may not require full user capabilities.

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 Plan provides you with access to the Customer Engagement plan. The plan allows multiple users to access Dynamics 365 applications with the help of a shared device login.

Dynamics 365 Marketing (Standalone)

If you are new to Dynamics and have less than ten power users in various departments, you may consider going for the Marketing (standalone) application that provides you with an entitlement of 10K contacts.

You get the access to Customer Engagement Applications entitlements once if these entitlements are not already granted to your account.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Attach

If you have less than ten power users of Project Service Automation, Sales, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Customer Service, and Commerce, you may go with the Marketing Attach application with the leverage of 10K contacts.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Additional Application

If you are a Dynamics 365 Marketing customer and need additional access to a Marketing application for a separate instance or non-production use, you may purchase the Marketing Additional Application. It will provide you with one instance of the Marketing Applications along with contacts at the tenant level.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing pricing is pretty straightforward. Here are the two available options:

For Organizations With No Other Dynamics 365 Application

If you don’t need to have access to any other Dynamics 365 application, the cost of Marketing starts from $1,920 per tenant/month. The plan provides you with usage rights for 10,000 contacts.

For Organizations With An Eligible Dynamics 365 Application

If you have a qualifying Dynamics 365 application, the pricing starts from $960 per tenant/month and entitles 10,000 contacts. However, this plan requires that you have at least ten users of Dynamics 365 applications.

Additional Contacts Pricing

If 10,000 contacts per month are not enough, and you need to buy entitlement to even more contacts, here is how the pricing works:

  • 5,000 to 49,999 contacts: $320 per pack per month (each pack consists of 5,000 contacts)
  • 50,000 to 99,999 contacts: $1,920 per pack per month (each pack consists of 50,000 contacts)
  • 100,000 to 249,999 contacts: 1,600 per pack per month (each pack consists of 50,000 contacts)
  • 250,000 to 499,999 contacts: $960 per pack per month (each pack consists of 50,000 contacts)
  • 500,000+ contacts: $6400 per pack per month (each pack consists of 50,000 contacts)

Additional Apps

  • Customer Insights : Dynamics 365 Customer Insights pricing starts from $1,500 per tenant/month for 100,000 profiles
  • Customer Voice: Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is included for Dynamics 365 customers for 2,000 survey responses per tenant/month.


So, this was the basic structure of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing pricing. Undoubtedly, the platform does packs a punch when it comes to delivering highly automated, personalized, and targeted marketing campaigns.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing pricing is on a higher side, but it is all worth it if you know to extract the goodness from the platform to its fullest.

Therefore, it makes sense to train your workforce and get acquainted with the different features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to make the most out of it. This is when Gestisoft training service helps you out by empowering your employees with everything that they need to know about the platform. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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