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Can you maximize your company’s profits with ERP software?

In an age when we’re all connected, data drives competition. Thankfully, today’s businesses have access to a range of systems designed for today’s data-rich world, helping them achieve economies of scale.

For instance, ERP software provides businesses with added value thanks to precise analytics and a 360-degree approach to operations. It’s a solution that offers growth and support to very small businesses, SMEs, and multinationals alike.

Given ERP software’s powerful capabilities, we need to understand its foundations, advantages, disadvantages, and the many ways it can maximize profits.

Taking a more in-depth look at ERP software will help take your business to new frontiers.

Rethink your business model and maximize profits with ERP software

Big shifts in the business world used to be limited to one sector at a time. Today, with ERP software emerging as the leading business solution, companies of all stripes are undergoing significant changes simultaneously.

Offering a 360-degree overview of your operations, ERP software significantly simplifies the management of your company while accelerating economies of scale. For VSEs, SMEs, or multinationals looking to maximize profits, it’s necessary to:

Rethink processes

By simplifying HR operations, accounting, production, and team management (all while collecting and analyzing important marketing data), ERP gets you to rethink every one of your processes.

For instance, automation brings with it a slew of new considerations—not so much in terms of restructuring but rather, in the context of adapting your business to new ERP realities that facilitate economies of scale.

Simply put, to conquer new territory and become a leader in your field, you need to reimagine the ways ERP can reshape your business.

Boost employee productivity

ERP gives you production gains by reducing the number of manual tasks, increasing automated processes, and letting employees focus on the aspects of their job that matter most. The result: added value in all your products or services.

Without question, ERP software is a crucial tool for boosting productivity. Afterall, optimized employee workflow means optimized profits.

Improve communications

Yes! ERP software also lets you improve targeting and, in turn, your overall communications. Increasing precision and efficiency can significantly boost your ROI. With ERP’s relevant and highly detailed data analysis capabilities, you’ll undoubtedly want to retool your communications strategies.

Improve customer relations

A satisfied customer is a returning customer. Thanks to artificial intelligence and its analytical capabilities, ERP software lets you heighten the overall customer experience.

When it comes to improving customer relations and retention, it’s imperative that you let data drive your decision making—and all this is possible thanks to ERP software’s tools. Remember, it’s always cheaper to retain a customer than it is to acquire a new one.

Indeed, there’s much to account for when it comes to leveraging ERP to maximize profits. That’s why it’s so important not to skimp on a solution that lets you approach business matters in an easier way.

The impact ERP software and features have on profits

Hopefully, you’re already starting to rethink your business model based on ERP software’s capabilities. Now, it’s time to look at the impact ERP has on specific sectors within your company:


ERP software is lauded for these capabilities. Extremely comfortable with number crunching, it’s perfectly suited for economies of scale in accounting.

Indeed, it helps you coordinate teamwork, but it also automates more than 80% of processes—a powerful asset for VSEs.

Inventory management

Highly focused on numbers, ERP software has an incredible impact on inventory management. Its advanced data processing and organizational capabilities make it your go-to business assistant.

Sales and after-sales service

Another one of its strong suits is sales. Always calculating with a watchful eye, ERP software oversees every aspect of your commercial transactions. If—thanks to this improved style of management—your revenue suddenly goes up, your after-sales service will be impacted as well. Luckily, the increased levels of automation offered by ERP software help you provide better and more accessible customer support.

Understanding how this software solution affects these three sectors of your business is key in integrating it successfully. Always data-oriented with a penchant for numbers and automation, ERP systems leave a positive impact on accounting, inventory management, and sales.

How choosing a Gestisoft ERP service can maximize profits

Now that you understand the impact ERP software can have on profits, it’s important to know that not all ERP services are the same. While some are more aimed at VSEs, others cater to multinationals.

Gestisoft, meanwhile, services businesses of all sizes (with a particular fondness for SMEs). Armed with the right ERP services, its experts provide businesses of all sizes with:

Local expertise

Customer service and support remain at the heart of Gestisoft’s business model. It’s why its team stays close to yours, evolving with your company and providing consultation services adapted to your business’s realities.

It’s a modern, rare, and therefore invaluable approach to doing business. Gestisoft remains attentive to your needs in all aspects, crafting tailor-made and often unprecedented ERP services for your company and its values. Don’t hesitate to contact the Gestisoft team to discuss your needs.

Winning solutions

Gestisoft is passionate about SMEs and seamlessly adapts its services to this sector. Its expertise, paired with the power of Microsoft Azure, offers numerous advantages:

  • Global management of your activities
  • The latest generation of security
  • Automation of key processes

Working with Gestisoft means readying your business for tomorrow. For instance, its experts can facilitate remote working to reduce operations costs.

Clear answers

Gestisoft’s development has always remained in step with businesses like yours. In tune with the current market and, therefore, you, it offers ERP solutions that take you farther than the competition.

Ready your business for tomorrow with the most advanced functionalities on the market—all available on a simple, accessible interface designed for teamwork. Technology, profits, precision. If ERP puts your business on the right track, Gestisoft propels it toward exciting new horizons.

A true partner for VSEs, SMEs, and multinationals, Gestisoft helps you shift gears in a simple, natural way. It provides solutions that are innovative and, above all, custom-built for you.

If you want to learn how to choose the right ERP solution for your business, you can download our “10 criteria to select your new ERP software” ebook.

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June 18, 2020 by Frédéric Charest VP of Marketing

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