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Let us be your trusted partner for implementing ERP software in Quebec

Having access to the finest ERP applications in Quebec is now easier than ever. As a result, you’ll be able to better organize your resources, lower your manufacturing costs, and have more control over your finances. It’s all about being more productive, after all.

Our knowledge and comprehensive software tools assist companies in the province’s capital in achieving their objectives: promoting development by maximizing processing capability, handling warehouse operations, assisting with financial activities, and delivering improved customer service.

However, to do that, you’ll need to hire a company with a track record of ERP or CRM implementation. As a result, the business will depend on effective software that is completely customized to meet your specific needs.

To help you benefit from all of these productivity gains, we offer you the best ERP software service in Quebec and its region.

Gestisoft, expert CRM et ERPGestisoft, Québec’s leading ERP software partner

Our IT company has specialized in ERP and CRM tech solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries for over 20 years. Furthermore, we put together nearly 65 specialists who are still on the lookout for fresh and creative ERP ideas in Québec.

As a result, we assist businesses in taking the next step and achieving the following objectives:

  • Gain full control of their operations;
  • Have more transparency and visibility in their distribution processes;
  • Easier inventory and cost control;
  • Perfect control of finances;
  • Optimize customer experience and satisfaction;
  • Work well remotely;
  • Speed ​​ up and facilitate decision-making.

We’ve helped over 350 customers from various industries accomplish their goals, and we’ve completed nearly 500 ERP or CRM tech deployments in Quebec, thanks to this expertise.

We’ve established ourselves as trusted partners for companies by combining people and technology in this way. Furthermore, we focus on powerful collaboration mechanisms to deliver unrivaled support to our customers.

Our success, though, can be demonstrated first and foremost by our corporate values, which drive all of our decisions.

Valeurs de GestisoftGestisoft’s 5 values for your ERP software

  1. Speed: We share your goals, and your needs easily rise to the top of our priority list.
  2. Relevance: We believe that each of our solutions can add value to your organization.
  3. Authenticity: We approach all of our clients and colleagues the way we would like to be treated.
  4. Simplicity: We aspire to make your life simpler with every ERP support we provide. To put it another way, we give you more without asking you to do more.
  5. Exceeding our own expectations: We provide the best service to our clients by giving our all and testing our boundaries on any project. We excel in being creative by overcoming our own expectations!

Learn how our results and the success of the ERP deployment are influenced by these principles.

Our ERP services in Quebec

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a comprehensive management software that helps the company achieve its full potential by automating all of your administrative tasks, such as:

  • The Inventory;
  • The sales;
  • The purchase orders;
  • The vendors;
  • The distribution channels;
  • Compatibility;
  • E-commerce.

To learn such a dynamic and detailed method, it takes time and a lot of experience to execute ERP successfully. As such, having a partner like Gesitsoft to help you in the deployment and afterwards is critical!

An ERP used to its full potential can save the business a lot of time by centralizing and automating as many procedures as possible, such as operations and distribution, pricing, and accounting. Furthermore, an EPR helps you to link anything and enhance departmental communication, especially by avoiding duplicate data. This frees up your time and allows you to concentrate on what you do best: your job.

In a nutshell, ERP is an all-in-one solution for increasing the reliability of your operations and ensuring departmental coordination. Many of the complicated corporate procedures that can be a source of frustration are centralized and condensed thanks to this software.

In Quebec, there are a variety of ERP solutions available, depending on your location or business needs. We’ll assist you in making the best decision possible.

Allow one of our ERP experts in Quebec to assist you in your digital transformation and progress. Our specialist will support you in selecting, customizing, and evolving your ERP over time.

Get to know our range of ERP software and services for companies

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

This modular and adaptable ERP, available through the cloud, is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses. It provides agile solutions to increase the performance of all the company’s processes. It also quickly combines with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM to offer you a completely centralized solution for even greater performance.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Though Business Central is a cloud-based solution, Dynamics NAV is a desktop-based ERP that can be installed and used on the company’s servers. This ensures you keep complete autonomy and have access to all of the same functionality and perks as Business Central.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is a Microsoft ERP that offers personalized applications for companies to maximize industrial sales. It is compatible with other Microsoft ERPs, being a one-stop shop for product management, workflow, order fulfillment, and the whole supply chain.

  • Customer success

Enjoy full support and a complete solution for your ERP or CRM needs in Quebec. Through proactive and agile strategies that optimize your life and maintain the consistency of your operations, our team ensures our clients’ success.

  • Online training for Business Central (ERP)

With a series of online courses for users or administrators who use the program in your enterprise, we will help you get the best out of your ERP and the Microsoft Dynamics environment.

  • GestiOnTheGo

GestiOnTheGo is an online self-service platform that we’ve created to allow you to book our consultants or developers. It’s a fantastic way to make your life easier.

Working sessions with our experts, in particular, will help you make small changes or access ad-hoc training. Every step of the process will be explained to you. Simply choose a time slot, specify your requirements, and you’re good to go!

You’ll also have access to instruction summaries as well as a transcript of the whole session afterward.

Click here to learn more about our ERP solutions in Quebec.

We must also not forget the CRMs!

CRM solutions are essential to address your business’s needs and ensure its maximum productivity. Thus we also offer a fantastic CRM service in Quebec.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a type of management software that seeks to improve the efficiency of your business relationships, whether they be with consumers, staff, or vendors.

Your sales funnel should be followed by a good CRM implementation. A CRM that is put to good use will actually save the company a lot of time by centralizing and automating as much as possible all of the processes and data required to maintain successful business relationships.

We provide deployment, customer success, and CRM training services with GestiOnTheGo, on top of our ERP services in Quebec.

Combine CRM and ERP to get the most out of your business!

Rely on ERP software that evolves with you

Our team of experts will provide you with ERP solutions in Quebec.

Your company will always require ERP software that keeps up with and adapts to your expansion, regardless of your market, demands, priorities, turnover, or number of customers and employees.

However, in order to reach that degree of harmony, you must have the right partner by your side.

Ensure that any dollar spent on your ERP system in Quebec pays off

Since 1997, we’ve been delivering turnkey services that serve companies from A to Z throughout the province. We also assist our customers by being proactive and responsive in the implementation process.

Hiring Gestisoft for your ERP needs in Quebec means…

  • To count on a proven group of experts;
  • To receive personalized training, individually or in groups, on-site or remotely;
  • To have access to user manuals and training videos to get the most out of your software;
  • To attend personalized workshops;
  • To be able to make quick adjustments to your ERP solution;
  • To take advantage of fast, efficient and available customer support;
  • To have a fully optimized and personalized ERP.

Would you like to know more? Then do not hesitate to contact us:

  • Online, by clicking here;
  • By email, at;
  • By phone, at 581-205-8756;
  • In person in Quebec by visiting us at 1020 rue Bouvier, suite 400, G2K 0K9.

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