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How to choose an ERP consultant ?

There is no denying that no one knows your business and its processes better than you. Similarly, no one has a better understanding of business management systems better than an expert who deploys and develops it for living. The most critical and vital factor in an ERP implementation is coordination and partnership between a consultant project team and clients.

An ERP consultant is an expert in transition and alteration from an old and disparate management system to an innovative and new solution. It is the job of a consultant to analyze and understand business requirements. Also, in the same context, they assess potential long-term ERP solutions for business management. An ERP consultant handles everything from choosing the appropriate system, organizing, customizing, testing, and fine-tuning it during different phases of the project.

What Does Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Do?

Enterprise Resource Planning software, commonly known as ERP, is raging in popularity in many businesses and companies. The core competency of ERP software is to help corporations run management, improve their activities and development. Whether it is in accounting or financial terms such as HR or logistics, the software makes it possible to strengthen coordination among different facets of the company.

The software is a real management aid and also called ERP for Integrated Management Software in French. It can centralize all the data necessary for company operations. Considering this, companies must work with a consultant who is particularly suited to this type of solution.

It is worth noting that professional solutions remain complex to implement at this outset. They are not demanding in terms of process but adaptation. This is what makes it essential to find software suitable for the company first and then deploy the required staff.

What is the Role of an ERP Consultant?

ERP consultants establish themselves as experts who specialize in software solutions. They are able to articulate knowledge around customer needs, and all business parts requiring technical assistance and digital transition.

These are the points that should allow companies to deploy adapted solutions for growth and boosted e-reputation.

Why Choosing an ERP Consultant is Important?

As an ERP consultant can help implement different types of solutions, their role is significant and substantial. Indeed, they stand as a particular expert in a specific kind of field. Although many areas are focal points of an ERP consultant’s work, the leading role is to provide adequate solutions to the company to make the best use of ERP solution data. In summary, an ERP consultant can help companies:

  • Select the most suitable and appropriate ERP software: Choosing the most suitable and efficient ERP software is often a complex matter for many professionals. A consultant, in this regard, helps companies find and determine the most suitable software for the company and its needs.
  • Save a whole lot of time:  When it comes to improving productivity, an ERP consultant, with their global vision of solutions, simplifies the process. They help you avoid weeks of work and upstream that start with the solutions and continue until they are adopted. This helps companies save a considerable amount of time.
  • Have a complete vision of the market: Thanks to an ERP consultant’s global and comprehensive vision of the market; they are able to guide and advise you all the time. You can have a new point of view here, which allows you to dominate sectors and fields without getting exploited.
  • Help you adapt to intuit persona:  The ERP consultant,in this logic of services, will help you create and adapt to your market. They take personalization for each company into account and find out space where they will work. A consultant does everything case by case and makes sure that once chosen, the needs of the company are put in synergy with the ERP software. In short, an ERP consultant works with a tailor-made approach.

That means there are plenty of points proving an ERP consultant to be a major player in the development of the company. Expert consultants precisely work for VSEs, SMEs, and multinationals.

The expertise here is inherent to the specific company and educates the personnel. The idea here is to bring the chosen ERP software to its maximum potential for the company, both in the short and medium terms. In the long run, new solutions may prove effective for company growth, depending on the development of the company.

In short, the ERP consultant stands out as the central point of the growth of a company through a digital transformation.
Download the case study to learn more about our project with Bedard HR
Download the case study to learn more about our project with Bedard HR

What Criteria a Company Should Use to Choose an ERP consultant?

The very first step is to choose an ERP consultant. Once selected, you can evaluate an ERP consultant based on specific criteria. Take a look at the following points to assess your ERP consultant.

  • Listening Ability:  It is important to select your consultant based on their understanding of the project. That is to say, their ability to listen to you, understand your requests, properly calibrate your ambitions, your budgets, and your company plays a vital in the selection. Excellent listening skills are essential.
    Know that you should never favor a consultant who imposes their vision on things. On the other hand, you need to choose ERP consultants who know how to create a lasting relationship while taking your company operations to the next level.
  • Availability, Openness, and Responsiveness: Keeping in view the growth and productivity of your company, it is essential that you choose an ERP consultant based on communication.
    Their availability is a fundamental point, especially if your activity is subject to various constraints and unforeseen flows. Responsiveness goes in the same direction as it favors reactive and proactive consultants to help develop a seamless relationship with ERP software. This way, you can use it against your competitors.
  • Expertise, Skills, and Pedagogy:  These two are vitally linked points. While having expertise and knowledge of software is important, it is necessary to connect these aspects with the transmission of learning to make the most of it.
    For this reason, it is vital to find an expert consultant who is capable of adapting to an educational approach that is also useful for the teams in place to help them tackle ERP solutions.
  • Proximity: last but not least, proximity is another crucial aspect to consider when choosing an ERP consultant. Choosing an ERP consultant who is in the same proximity obviously has more advantages than a consultant located several hundred kilometers away.

So the mentioned points have paramount importance when choosing an ERP consultant. Choosing a consultant who listens to your company and considers its growth in the first place is fundamentally important.

Why choosing an ERP consultant with Gestisoft is Beneficial?

Gestisoft has the expertise and excels in providing ERP consultation, which no other company offers in the market. It is in-depth knowledge of the ERP markets that make Gestisoft a leading company in the field. With its ability to help its customers, Gestisoft helps you choose your ERP consultants on three particular points:

  • Gives you Freedom of Choice:  It allows you to select a consultant most suited to your business. That means you have the ease and freedom of choice here. Moreover, they will guide you within your career path to help you to find a professional who will perfectly meet your expectations.
  • A Most Appropriate Solution:  Choosing Gestisoft means you can have a tailor-made solution. A solution that offers answers to your questions solves your problems and supports your business in its development. In short, you get a service adapted to what you want to do with an ERP for your business.
  • Considers the Evolution of the Company:  Finally, the evolution of your company over time the consultant’s main focus. We ensure that you get support throughout the growth process and the new challenges your business encounters in the future. That means we support you in all the essential moments of your digital transition journey.

In short, Gestisoft allows you to choose the best ERP consultant on the market by offering you tailor-made solutions. It provides ideal solutions that will save you time and enable you to evolve and grow your business in the long run.

In the end, choosing an ERP consultant by using the Gestisoft platform means you have the assurance of choosing the right person. You get the assistance of a reactive and attentive person with expertise that is often required in the complex environment. And this is perhaps real added value. We assure you that the transmission of our knowledge will be at the heart of our exchange with you and your company. Need help with your ERP software implementation? Discuss your project with a ERP expert.

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