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Choosing the Best Rental Management Software with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Every company needs rental management software given the numerous options available and the complexity of the leasing process. Accounting standards are increasingly stringent. Large-scale operations make using efficient rental management software especially necessary. What is the best rental management software? Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations the best software in its class? Gestisoft offers you this complete article.

What is rental management software?

Rental management software assists you and ensures that you do not need to perform the tasks of a real estate professional by yourself. It is designed for any company or person owning real estate for rental purposes. It enables you to keep accounts and edit the documents you need. You can also use it for drafting statements.

Rental management accounting software also eliminates the need for you to set up a dashboard of all your real estate activities on your own; it does this for you. It can bring together information relating to your rental statuses or your properties. Furthermore, it provides the status of payments and insurance for each tenant. The software is capable of entering an invoice and paying a supplier as well.

Rental management software is therefore linked to the sale, purchase, and rental transactions. It can take care of the entire management of your real estate. Becoming digital is now essential for any company. It is all about efficiency and accuracy.

What are the features of rental management software?

The many features of rental management software explain its extensive use within companies. It offers, among other things, lease management and an overview of each tenant’s situation. It is also used to produce rent receipts and facilitates the recovery of information while pointing to another solution. Also, the software makes it easier to keep track of your management schedule.

Rental management software sometimes goes so far as to let you edit a lease in its entirety. The full details are then specified. Of course, you still have to make sure you are familiar with the different clauses to avoid any unpleasant surprises. As the landlord, you take responsibility for these clauses. Features also include assessment tools tailored to your situation.

The more properties your company owns, the more you need to use the features of business management software to manage all related information and to circulate that information. Furthermore, the software manages your documents, and everything related to your business activities as part of your rentals. Your information may also be updated automatically.

Among the useful features of this type of software is the data recovery feature. It is essential for retrieving information on any rental property that you have purchased. You then have the flexibility to reuse it later.

Why opt for rental management software?

Several reasons prompt companies to use rental management software. It is still possible to entrust complex rental management to external parties. In such a case, it is a question of entrusting your data to external parties, which is not always advantageous. If you are short on time, this solution can still be attractive since you are entrusting the management to experts acquainted with accounting data.

To keep control over your rental management activities, it is better to use rental management software. Also, you will not have to pay a management team, who would most likely use a type of management software themselves. Investing in the software will pay off much more in the long run. With cutting-edge software, you ensure that the most modern tools are used and that nothing is overlooked.

Even if it is necessary to invest in the training of your team to properly use the rental management software, over the years, you will easily recover the costs involved. Over time, you will be able to run reports in real-time and meet the latest compliance standards.

Rental management software is particularly useful for large-scale operations. In such cases, management is optimized, and you can get information about your lease from complex data. You will therefore be equipped to make strategic decisions in all situations.

In a context where rental management is becoming more and more sophisticated, the use of software considerably simplifies the task of companies. The number of documents and the factors to be managed is in ever greater numbers. Administrative tasks are increasingly complicated. What is more, you can monitor the situation for any change made in your rental properties and for any work carried out.

The best rental management software: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Experts consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to be the best rental management software. It simplifies the task for both large and small companies. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides a complete view of your supply chain. You also get a complete picture of your manufacturing operations as well as your projects and services. Also, you have access to your information on all media.

Dynamics 365 Finances is the ERP application for Dynamics 365. The application provides a web financial management solution. Its cutting-edge features enable you to make sales, place orders, and manage inventories, among other things, while facilitating the generation of invoices and reports. Management is greatly simplified.

Dynamics 365 also helps you to significantly improve customer service. It offers excellent support in the provision of professional services. The deployment of your field service technicians can be optimized. Customer service is one of the major factors in the success of a company. If customer information is centralized, your service will be taken to the next level.

With Dynamics 365, your agents can find all the information they need and all the required functions in one place.

Closure of accounts made easier

Microsoft Dynamics 365 makes closing accounts a very simple process. You have real-time access to your business performance, and you can share this information across your branches. Information can be securely shared with an accountant. Your cash flow is better monitored as well.

The solution is accessible via an internet browser, an application for mobile phones or tablets. You get a clear overview of your supply chain and reduce the cost of managing your inventory. Therefore, this integrated management system (ERP) makes for a premium solution.

ERP system

ERP is a proven management system designed to optimize the entire production chain, from sourcing to shipping your product to the customer. As a result, you can more effectively plan your resources. The efficiency of the system gives you an optimized planning of your resources and a great reduction in your production costs. The system ensures that all applications are interconnected. Data entered can be found anywhere.

A special feature of Dynamics 365 is that it breaks the principle of traditional silos between business solutions. The opposition between ERP and CRM disappears since the system offers a single system for each and a single platform for growth. The whole company can be managed easily.

Dynamics 365 Finances also includes the Property Lease Management solution. The software provides customers with a familiar and easy-to-use interface. Complex expenses and reconciliations are optimized. Transactions are following the most recent accounting standards. The company has a plurality of actionable data, including detailed rental reports, at its disposal.

Choose Gestisoft for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finances and Operations

With Gestisoft, you benefit from the support of experts in digital transformation. Gestisoft will help you choose the right applications for your business needs. The implementation of Microsoft Dynamics is adapted to the profile of your company according to your growth. You are also supported throughout the development of your company. The implementation of a system must include an ongoing customer support service.

Gestisoft has demonstrated its know-how for more than 20 years in professional services adapted to everything related to the features that you will find in Dynamics 365. Whether it concerns sales, marketing, finances, supply chains, or manufacturing, the experts at Gestisoft will help you to optimize the features of Dynamics 365, and therefore to increase your growth and embrace the process of digital transformation.

Contact us to tell us about the managerial challenges in your property management company.

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