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7 reasons to use a CRM for tourism to increase profits for your travel agency

Now considered essential for every business, corporation or organization, CRMs drastically improve customer relationships. While these solutions seem particularly suited to some industries, other sectors also gain many benefits from deploying customer relationship management software. So, how can you benefit from a CRM for tourism? What are the top 7 reasons to use these digital tools? Gestisoft offers a comprehensive, convenient overview of these relevant topics below.

7 particularly critical reasons to use a CRM for tourism

1.     Save time with a CRM for tourism

The well-known saying “time is money” makes perfect sense once you’ve deployed a CRM for tourism. Indeed, this software offers many effective features for reducing the amount of time spent on a variety of tasks that are essential for every professional.

Organize and allocate your tasks strategically

The dashboard overview in a CRM for tourism and the centralization of relevant data allow you to prioritize important tasks, thereby improving the organization of your business or corporation. Tasks considered “wasteful” are then relegated, maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your professional pursuits.

Generate automated reports

A CRM for tourism also lets you generate automated reports to assess the performance of your confirmed transactions (sales, reservations, etc.). Automating these essential processes is an ideal way to limit possible entry errors, all while saving a significant amount of time and improving data‑based decision making.

Benefit from “mobile” consultation

Contrary to local storage solutions, saving and centralizing data in a CRM for tourism means that this information is accessible at any time, regardless of your geographic location. All you need is a smartphone (or touchscreen tablet) to view these data on the cloud. Additionally, you’ll optimize the internal organization of your tourism business or corporation with the ability to edit or add information in real time.

2.     Boost your efficiency with a CRM for tourism

An efficient tourism business or corporation is first and foremost one that responds quickly to every client inquiry. This characteristic is even more critical for this industry when there are other competing offers available online. The Internet has sparked a dramatic shift in consumption habits, making it critical to immediately present offers or send responses. Otherwise, your prospects will take their business elsewhere.

A CRM for tourism streamlines support, centralizing every piece of relevant information. A quick glance at this database will make it easier to respond more quickly and accurately when contacting a lead or a customer. You can also effectively amplify your results by integrating IVR (Interactive Voice Response) with your CRM.

3.     Optimize your CRM for tourism to improve your business strategies

The competitiveness of a tourism business or corporation depends, of course, on its business strategies. The tourism industry is characterized by periods that are ideal for boosting revenues (high seasons). It’s therefore critical to get an overview so you can identify the best strategies. You’ll have no trouble accessing this information summary with a CRM for tourism, which also simplifies this process. Your staff can then effectively multi-task, saving you a significant amount of time with their efficient collaboration.

4.     Integrate complementary software with your CRM for tourism

While CRMs for tourism are integrated with many digital tools to begin with, they’re also compatible with other modules, software or apps intended for businesses and corporations.

Microsoft Project is a perfect example of this. Designed to efficiently plan and manage every project, this software also allows you to analyze certain complementary data to strengthen your results.

Likewise, you can integrate your CRM for tourism with your ERP—a significant advantage for improving your professional pursuits and maximizing the competitiveness of your business or corporation!

5.     Improve prospect and client management and client satisfaction

Obviously, a CRM for tourism (or for another industry) allows you to efficiently manage your clients and prospects to boost their satisfaction. There are several practical aspects of this software that can strengthen your client relations.

Familiarize yourself with your clientele using a CRM for tourism

You’ll inevitably have to familiarize yourself with your clientele if you want to improve the performance of your tourism business or corporation. By centralizing all the data and details on your clients, you’ll be able to pinpoint their expectations and identify what makes them unique.

Get a 360°-view of your client, their habits and their preferences thanks to your CRM for tourism

It’s critical that you identify your clientele’s habits and preferences if you want to profit from customer loyalty. Similarly, by creating products that are suited to your customers’ unique tastes, you’ll significantly boost your sales and revenues. You can implement a “multichannel” strategy using:

  • Web browsing
  • Phone calls (or videoconferences)
  • Emails
  • Social media
  • Live chat platforms

Histories of interactions, areas of interest and client decisions in your CRM for tourism

Finally, when you centralize the histories of interactions (pre-sale and post-sale), areas of interest and client decisions, you’ll amplify the performance of your tourism business or corporation. Indeed, this information is crucial for developing your business strategies by identifying attractive offers.

6.     Overhaul your client experience thanks to the database of your CRM for tourism

With a CRM for tourism, you can closely track your customer relationships. That being said, this software is also recommended for overhauling and “modeling” your client experience using your database. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) and business intelligence (BI) prove valuable for reassessing and customizing your business strategies. Your business or corporation will then stand out with offers and services that are perfectly aligned with market trends.

7.   Quickly expand with your CRM for tourism

Naturally, every tourism professional wants to quickly expand their business’ or corporation’s operations; it’s especially recommended that you deploy a CRM for tourism to accomplish this! Indeed, customer relationship management software helps you optimize your business and marketing strategies.

It’s obviously critical to implement personalized campaigns based on travellers’ habits and preferences to achieve such results. Likewise, the database in your CRM for tourism represents an incredible asset for encouraging additional sales. As many individuals agree, this profitable relationship plays a crucial role in bolstering the brand image of your business or corporation.

In a similar manner, you’ll be able to more effectively brand your SEO campaigns; your offers will be more visible and accessible, turning your online marketing campaigns into highly profitable investments.

Lastly, by deploying a CRM for tourism, you’ll also build customer loyalty, allowing you to quickly expand your business or corporation—no matter your background or level of experience.

In conclusion

Many forums and websites portray CRM for tourism as an incredible tool for quickly expanding the operations of a business or corporation. Indeed, deploying this type of software is a great way to implement the best business and marketing strategies based on your clients’ expectations and their unique needs.

Nonetheless, the results you can expect after deploying your CRM will naturally depend on how it’s used. Gestisoft offers you customized guidance during this critical process. To learn more about our services, contact us today directly via our website. Our team will get back to you very shortly to identify the most suitable solutions for your precise needs.

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November 23, 2020 by Frédéric Charest VP of Marketing

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