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5 Reasons to use winery accounting software

Managing a winery is quite a complex task that requires very good organization. With so much red tape compounded by the scale of information to be managed, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Many accounting software programs for winery are seemingly outdated and no longer adequately respond to the needs of their users. Therefore, we have seen the emergence of new offers on the market.

Today, the best solution is undoubtedly the use of a winery ERP system. It alone enables you to manage an entire winery stress-free. But what exactly is it? And what are the advantages?

What is winery accounting software ?

Winery accounting software enables winemaking enterprises to manage their entire business from A to Z. The most successful in the industry use ERP technology. The term is an acronym, which stands for “Enterprise Resource Planning“.

Behind this name, which may seem somewhat complex, lies a very simple concept that has proven to be particularly useful. The purpose of a winery ERP system is to manage all the information concerning a winery, to have a clear and precise vision of what is happening daily. This ranges from inventory management to accounting and customer relations.

The company’s entire day-to-day operations can easily be carried out by a single person. To date, Microsoft’s Business Central offer remains the most suitable ERP solution for the wine industry. It is compatible with most existing software and guarantees great flexibility of use to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time.

Reason 1: Centralization of all information

The primary function of winery accounting software is to bring together all the software that is useful to your business in one place. No need to install large amounts of complicated software that are often incompatible with each other. All the information you need is immediately available. Communication between all processes of a company occurs naturally without the need to forward information.

The person in charge has an effective management tool that enables him/her to be informed about all ongoing activity, to anticipate the unexpected, and to be able to plan his/her strategy. It is a bit like taking a picture of the winery. If you look at the image as a whole, you will have a global vision that will let you assess your company’s overall performance.

However, if you “zoom in” on this image, you will be able to correct what is wrong. It could be a problem of supply or of personnel management, whatever the case! If something is wrong, you will know it and will be able to correct it. An ERP system provides you with unparalleled visibility into your business and makes it possible to confidently prepare for the future. Anticipation, planning, and action are the hallmarks of a successful winery.

Reason 2: Efficiency gain

The first thing resulting from this centralization of information is the gain inefficiency. As soon as information processing is optimized, the entire business performs better. All the available resources of the company are directed exactly where they are needed. As a result, there is no more waste because you can get the most out of the equipment and adapt human resource requirements as best as possible.

In fact, from the very moment you choose to develop your business, you come up against obstacles of a purely technical nature, which is going to slow down growth. A good idea needs to be prepared, and its implementation must be integrated into the rest of the business as best as possible. The problem is that this preparatory work is often long and considered to be arduous by people whose specialty is not administrative work. However, anticipation is now essential in what has become an extremely competitive market.

And this is the whole point of a winery ERP system: to enable winemakers to concentrate on their profession while being supported and assisted by a solution adapted to their specific needs. It is almost like a human assistant and will take on the task of automating all low value-added activities while ensuring effective control at all times. Errors are immediately reduced, and timeliness is significantly improved.

Reason 3: Traceability of information

Ensuring the continuous optimal quality of your products is a prerequisite for securing the loyalty of an increasingly demanding clientele. Having the capacity to ensure the traceability of information is today not only a guarantee of security for the consumer and a selling point for the winery but also a means of facing up to distributors and other wholesalers. However, such an approach is difficult to implement without the appropriate tools.

This is where a winery ERP system becomes a precious ally in this battle for control of the production process. Thanks to its various component modules, all stages are monitored, and the wine is never lost sight of. From harvest to delivery to the customer via bottling, it is always possible to know precisely what happened and consequently to trace the entire production chain in search of a potential problem.

The assistance goes even further since it also aids in management. With all the data that wine accounting software provides, the creation of dashboards becomes a simple process. For example, it will be possible to indicate precisely to each member of a team what is expected of him/her using specific indicators such as production costs, delivery times, customer satisfaction, etc.

Reason 4: Regulatory compliance

The wine sector is a constantly evolving field, both commercially and legally. Keeping abreast of regulatory developments is a thankless task and takes a considerable amount of time. Yet it is an essential step to ensure that the products sold will comply with the regulations. The purpose of a winery ERP system is to save you precious time by ensuring that you will be able to deal with regulatory changes in the best possible way.

All this is achieved through the various updates that will simultaneously apply to all business software without even you having to worry about it. No more risk of forgetting since everything is automated. This covers wine labeling requirements as well as export and customs compliance requirements.

Keep in mind that a winery ERP system is a comprehensive solution that integrates winery accounting and payroll management software. Therefore, you will be sure that you are in compliance with the tax and social laws in force, even in the event of changes.

Reason 5: Cloud availability

What makes managing multiple software programs difficult is ensuring that each authorized person has access to them. You have to manage licenses, each of which has a different renewal date. In addition, each software program must be installed on a physical medium, such as a computer, which increases the risk of incompatibility. Finally, they must be installed on as many machines as there are users, or even more, depending on the needs. Two problems then arise the lack of flexibility of such a solution, which will slow down the company’s growth and the risk of data loss.

The solution that has emerged and that is needed today is the cloud. Coupling the cloud with an ERP system solves all the problems related to data storage and user access. Your winery accounting software is then accessible from anywhere by all those who need it, at any time with a simple internet connection.

Imagine that a sales representative is on the road and makes a sale to a customer. He/she can then enter the order form on the commercial module from his/her tablet. The information is then instantly accessible by everyone, to concentrate human and logistical resources at key points in the production chain, adapting in real-time to market requirements.

Why choose Gestisoft?

Changing management systems is a big step for a winery. This is why the Gestisoft teams are here to help you take stock of your needs and answer your questions. Our experts guarantee you a solution specially designed for your business and assist you in getting the most out of our products.

And rest assured, data migration from your current software is entirely possible. We will do our best to ensure that this step is as neutral as possible for your company so that you can promptly benefit from the full potential of our ERP.

So, do not wait any longer to join us and head immediately to the CONTACT US section to benefit from a personalized offer. Our professionals will contact you as soon as possible.

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