Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Empower yourself to accelerate the pace of your sales cycles and increase your sales performance. The intelligent functions of Dynamics 365 will allow you to better calculate the potential of your prospects, plan strategic interventions and anticipate the needs of your customers in order to maximize their long-term profitability.

Optimize your sales strategy with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Thanks to Dynamics 365's sales process management capabilities, your representatives know when and how to engage in the relationship with customers and prospects. This automation of sales processes leads to a reduction in non-productive tasks which will help your salespeople focus on the essentials, and allow you to quickly onboard new staff so they can start selling immediately.
Boost your sales productivity with easy-to-use tools
Free up more time for engagement with customers thanks to familiar tools and intelligent automation to streamline the sales process.
Grow your sales profitably
Reduce costs through sales and marketing alignment, and shorten sales cycles with predictive insights.
Innovate with sales solutions designed to grow
Encourage digital transformation with adaptable and scalable sales solutions that are easy to customize, develop, and connect to other apps and services you already use.

Activate digital selling with the Sales Accelerator

Shorten the sales cycle with a single workspace containing all the tools remote salespeople need to stay focused and productive.

Help remote salespeople focus by giving them clear business activities and achievable, prioritized through AI and predictive scoring.

Streamline selling processes using integrated multi-channel tools, such as softphone dialer and email templates.

Communicate with empathy by using AI-based conversational intelligence to detect customer emotions, feelings and priorities.

Consolidate your relationships with authentic and personalized interactions

Harmonize relationship data and processes through integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. This allows salespeople to have the information they need and easily manage relationships in the right way.

Get actionable profiles and insights through integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, including related leads and ways to benefit from warm introductions.

Keep track of your contacts and visualize your relationships between contacts with interactive flowcharts.

Keep your relationships on track with signals from Dynamics 365 detailing relationship status and associated risks.

Free up more time for selling

Minimize routine tasks with an intuitive, interactive user interface and suggestions for creating new recordings.

Focus on selling with business playbooks featuring winning and repeatable selling techniques, as well as contextual reference materials.

Spend less time researching content with modern sales support features that intelligently recommend the most relevant content and related training for salespeople.

Reduce training times with a professional user interface, with context-sensitive support at every phase of the business cycle.

Boost your sales productivity with easy-to-use tools

Improve coordination between sales and marketing thanks to visibility of all teams on campaigns, as well as pre-integrated workflows that automatically transfer prospects willing to sell.

Collaborate on contracts spanning different functions and geographies, sharing documents and customer information directly from Microsoft Teams, a modern platform for instant chat, meetings, documents, and business applications.

Limit manual data entry by scanning business cards and converting them into new records in Dynamics 365.

Streamline workflow with modern mobile apps and tools you already know, such as Outlook, Excel, and SharePoint, fully compatible with Dynamics 365 Sales.

Accelerate sales performance

Streamline planning and improve forecasting accuracy with intuitive, vendor-generated projections enriched with predictions.

Drive accountability with instant insights and visualization of transaction flows making it easy to track and analyze changes at the pipeline level.

Help sales managers optimize performance with sales insights, relationship analysis, and conversational intelligence.

Identify your customers' emerging needs, competitor dynamics and market trends with actionable AI-powered insights.

Proactively identify risky sales, gain full visibility into conversations, and deliver actionable feedback through built-in coaching tools.

Innovate with flexible solutions that grow as your business grows

Accelerate time to market by quickly adapting pre-integrated sales and AI applications to your needs using visual editors. Automate your workflows, analyze data, and easily build custom applications with Microsoft Power Platform.

Deliver actionable insights to your sales team with built-in AI. Customize this actionable information to suit your business process, with no code required.

Reduce the cost and complexity of managing an overall infrastructure with Azure and help preserve your data across Microsoft data centers.

Transform the end-to-end customer journey by unifying your marketing, sales and service data.

Get the best CRM solution for SMBs at an affordable price.

Choose the plan that's right for you

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales gives you an industry-leading sales force automation solution with contextual analytics and advanced personalization features.

Sales Professional
Start strong with a complete sales management solution.
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Account and customer management
Opportunity and lead management
Marketing lists & campaigns
Product and price management
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Integration with Office 365 & Teams
Sales targets and territories
Management of support cases
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Sales Enterprise
Evolve your sales strategy with the power of artificial intelligence.
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Account and customer management
Opportunity and lead management
Marketing lists & campaigns
Product and price management
Quotes, orders and invoices
Integration with Office 365 & Teams
Sales targets and territories
Management of support cases
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