Speed up your financial management and follow your growth with an ERP solution adapted for SMEs.

Take control with GoFinance

Quickly get the best ERP solution for SMEs and ensure a return on investment thanks to a fast and agile implementation. Let our experts guide you in implementing the best practices in financial management with an ERP.

Make smart decisions

Make informed decisions with data connected between accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and customer transactions.

Create dynamic dashboards.

Create graphs of your financial performance in real time with integrated Power BI dashboards.

Simplify your daily tasks.

Speed up financial closing and reporting, and maintain compliance with fast and accurate accounting.

Improve the accuracy of your forecasts

Improve your forecasting accuracy with comprehensive analysis and modeling of your financial data.

With our team of 80 experts, we have one goal: to ensure the success of your project.

Our team helps Canadian companies in their digital transformation projects with the help of Microsoft CRM and ERP applications. Our role is to find how you can use these business solutions to have a real impact on your business. From manufacturing production to managing your sales, our experts will find how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can accelerate your success.

Vice-President Sales & Marketing
François Cloutier
Director Go Solutions
Josée Béchard
Team lead - Business Central
Jocelyn Sicard
Vice-President Finance & Administration
Martin Desrosiers
Company creation
At the end of this workshop, the super-users will have started building a new company and decisions will have been made on the orientation of the chart of accounts and the dimensions of analyzes, budgets, taxes, currencies and bank accounts.
Asset management
At the end of this workshop, the customer will be able to build a Power BI report using Dynamics 365 as a data source as well as publish and share it.
Accounts receivable management
At the end of this workshop, the super-users will have been able to experience, through Business Central, the main scenarios represented by their management of customer accounts (customer, invoicing, credit, collection / deposit).
Closing of the fiscal period
At the end of this workshop, the super-users will have been able to live through Business Central, the end of fiscal period tasks
Suppliers Management
At the end of this workshop, the super-users will have been able to experience, through Business Central, the main scenarios that represent their accounts payable management.
Opening balance
At the end of this workshop, the starting balance, documents payable and outstanding bank transactions are imported.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions?

Why do a GoFinance project?

The GoFinance solution by Gestisoft offers you an implementation in 11 days of the most useful and interesting features for your business. With rapid implementation, quickly benefit from your return on investment. Work afterwards with rapid evolutions adapted to your needs

Why work with Gestisoft?

With over 23 years of expertise in enterprise technology solutions, we know the reality you face every day. We have implemented hundreds of business tools in different industries and we know how difficult it can be to communicate urgent information across various teams.

Which functionalities will my business really use?

It will be important for you to take stock of the features offered by each module, highlighting those that will be really useful to you. Nowadays, ERP software have the capabilities to fully cover a wide range of business processes. So often, the features offered by them can be too specialized to be useful for a business. Make your final choice on software that covers your needs and does not offer too many superfluous features to finally pay only the essentials and make your ERP implementation profitable as quickly as possible.

Can Business Centralsupport the growth of SMEs?

As with any business, the primary objective of SMEs is growth and development. A high-performance ERP solution must be able to support your development over time. Indeed, it is a long-term investment that must be able to optimize your growth. You must be able to focus on your core business and the development of your activities, without being disturbed by frequent software changes.

What is the integration with Office 365?

Business Central Online is fully integrated with Office 365, allowing you to navigate freely between Office 365 and Business Central using the app launcher. In Business Central, you can open the data in Excel, print reports using Word, and you can work on your Business Central data in Outlook, for example.