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Why You Should Be Using Dynamics 365’s Field Service ?

Managing service calls and client follow-ups is a key issue for any company with a field team. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service plug-in has been designed for companies which have to deal with daily mishaps while also maintaining a regular rhythm.

Field Service offers features that have been designed to improve business processes. And as better processes mean improved efficiency, this add-on has a considerable number of benefits for those who choose it as an ally.

Improving Operational Efficiency

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) — defined as a network of devices connected via the internet to a variety of virtual and physical elements — you can be notified when there is an issue with your equipment before your customer even becomes aware of it.

This enables you to proactively fix the problem remotely as soon as you receive the notification. If this isn’t an option, you can assign the task to the closest technician. In this case, your technician will receive a notification on their device, briefing them on the case history, the client, and the data collected from the equipment in question.

Proactively detecting, diagnosing and solving issues quickly (without having to depend on your customers’ availability!) could be the thing that sets you apart from your competitors while also improving the fluidity of your business operations.

Optimizing Resources

The main issue with having equipment all over the city (or the province) is that efficiently assigning your resources in a realistic schedule can be difficult. Dealing with delays, failures, inventory, as well as technicians’ abilities and location can rapidly become overwhelming for your dispatchers.

Field Service has you covered.

Automating Scheduling

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service has even thought about giving you the opportunity to automate your appointment and repair schedule. By analyzing data collected from your field equipment and your resources, this Dynamics add-on creates a realistic schedule depending on the tasks which need to be carried out. Saving time, improving efficiency, and raising the number of appointments available… you can’t say no to that!

Managing Work Orders

The application also allows you to manage your resource assignments by offering you an interactive drag-and-drop schedule board. Enabling your dispatchers to gain a complete schedule overview at a glance in real-time.

Managing Your Inventory

The IoT can also be very useful when it comes to tracking down your inventory. Whether you wish to track quantities or location, Field Service facilitates how you manage your stock.

Improving Your Technicians’ Productivity

Customer service is a major priority for any company, and it’s not an element where you can compromise on quality for quantity. The challenge thus becomes improving efficiency without cutting corners on the amount of time spent with a client or the quality of your intervention.

Impeccable Punctuality

This D365 app will soon become a tool for managing customer appointments that you can’t live without. Your technicians will have access to the fastest and shortest route to get to appointments, and detailed instructions right on their mobile device, tablet or computer.

As the scheduling of these appointments has already been automated and the information is shared in real-time by your dispatchers, the expected duration of the appointment and travel time have already been taken into account.

Optimizing Time

Once at the customer’s location, your technician can review the customer’s preferences and order history. With this data in hand, your tech will be able to offer better customer service and give advice on your client’s next purchase with your company.

Once finished with their repairs or maintenance, the technician can update the work order, adding all relevant details, which could be useful for the next tech who interacts with the same client, thanks to the Field Service implementation.

Facilitating Access to Data

It is almost impossible to know everything about a specific subject, and your technicians are no exception to this rule. Regardless of their skills, they could end up facing a problem they can’t solve.

Field Service can share information via an augmented reality headset. This headset might come in handy when your technicians need technical support, but need to keep their hands free to handle their tools and perform repairs. Directly sharing their point of view with experts, they can receive all the required details to efficiently solve the problem without delaying the repairs or keeping the customer waiting.

Plus, you can also provide technicians with access and modification rights to files on a drive. This knowledge database makes sure all your skilled employees have access to everything they need, wherever they are.

Improving Customer Service

It comes as no surprise that the advantages listed above obviously have a positive impact on your relationships with your customers and your customer retention rates.

By seeking an open and clear dialogue with your clients for everything from quotes, to contracts and scheduling, using Field Service becomes a major factor in helping you retain your clients. At a time when access to information is almost standard, your customers expect you to provide them with the technological resources they require.

The Field Service customer self-service portal allows customers to manage their appointments and maintenance. Your customers will love feeling in control of their own operations. They will enjoy being able to organize their follow-ups, to see exactly where the technician is in real-time, and most of all, having phone, text or email reminders.

Reducing Costs

This article would not be complete without mentioning the reduced costs associated with the advantages of optimizing your business processes.

From improving your business productivity to automating your scheduling and retaining customers, these elements have a positive impact on your profits and your operation costs.

Dynamics 365 Field Service is a must with multiple advantages. Are you interested in implementing this solution in your company? Contact us for more information!

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April 10, 2019 by Frédéric Charest VP of Marketing

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