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Why Should You Have a Power Apps for Dynamics 365 License?

Before we delve into different Power Apps for Dynamics 365 licenses, let’s understand what Power Apps are.  

Power Apps is a suite of connectors, apps, and services, along with being a data platform that provides an ideal development environment to build custom apps for your specific business needs. This means that Power Apps can help you create custom business apps and connect them with data stored in Microsoft Dataverse, on-premise data sources like Dynamics 365, or other data sources.  

One of the best perks of using Power Apps to build apps is the business logic and workflow capabilities they equip you with. Using these powerful features, you can digitize your manual business operations. Additionally, the apps built using Power Apps flaunt a responsive design that renders well on all screen sizes. --> Here are some real-life examples of what you can do with PowerApps !<--

Now that we have the underlying information about Power Apps, let’s understand the different licenses for Power Apps for Dynamics 365.

What are Power Apps for Dynamics 365 Licenses?

You can build apps using Power Apps and connect them with data already used within the Dynamics 365 ecosystem – Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service, and Dynamics 365 Marketing. However, to achieve this, you need appropriate licenses. Here are the different Power Apps for Dynamics 365 licenses:

Nested License

When you purchase Dynamics 365, you are inherently provided with a Power Apps nested license. Thus, you can use the Power Apps features with Dynamics 365 for no additional costs.  

Per App License

This license helps businesses meet their needs corresponding to one business scenario at a time. This per app license provides users with access rights to one app or one Power Apps portal. However, if a user wants to use more than one app, they can opt for more than one per app license. So, if a user needs to access one portal and one app, they will need two licenses.

Per User License

This license provides unlimited access to several Power Apps with Premium connectors, like Common Data Service, to a user.  

Pay-As-You-Go License

So, if you don’t have an annual commitment and want to scale up and down as needed, pay-as-you-go plan is what you need. So, if a pilot is done, you can delete the license that is no longer needed and stop paying for them any further. However, to bill these licenses, you would need PAYG licenses.

Power Apps for Dynamic 365 Price Licenses

There are two kinds of price licenses for accessing Power Apps. You can start with subscription plans or a pay-as-you-go plan.  

Subscription Plans

Subscription plans are the best fit for organizations that require predictable user-based licensing such that users can choose to run one or unlimited apps at a time, as per the need. These are further subdivided into two plans:

Per App Plan

This plan lets a user run one app or portal. However, if the needs change, a stalking license can be opted for. This plan costs $5 per user per app per month and comes with 250 AI Builder service credits per month.

Per User Plan

This plan lets users run an unlimited number of portals and apps for a flat monthly rate. This license costs $20 per user per month, and comes with 500 AI builder service credits per month.  

Pay-As-You-Go Plan

This plan is the right pick for organizations that want to pay only when a certain user runs an app monthly. It costs $10 per user per app per month. However, the plan requires you to have an Azure subscription based on the number of unique portals or apps the user plans to use per month.

Why Should You Take a Power Apps For Dynamics 365 License?

Having Power Apps for Dynamics 365 licenses equips you in ways more than one. Here are a few benefits of Power Apps:

Solve Business Challenges

If the readymade business solution you are looking for is not available, Microsoft Power Apps provides you with a bespoke solution. You can create, for instance, an event registration app that allows attendees to check in and register. You can also create an employee expenses app that will allow employees to input any expenses and the respective receipts for easy tracking and approvals.

No Coding Needed

What makes Power Apps worth using is its minimal to no coding requirement for app development. This means that you can build an app without requiring any technical experience. --> Here are some great tutorials to healp you become a PowerApp Pro! <--

Easy Integration

Being a Microsoft solution, Power Apps come with the inherent capability to get integrated with other Microsoft tools. This means its integration with Dynamics 365 is relatively easy.  


Power Apps are built upon the Common Data Service. Thus, you can establish security roles based on access permissions, ensuring that your confidential data is always in the right hands.  

What Can You Do With Power Apps for Dynamics 365 Licenses?

Power Apps for Dynamics 365 licenses help you create bespoke apps specific to your business needs on the go. They equip you with three different development types:


These help you create portals or websites that you can share both internally and externally. The data is stored in the Common Data Service, ensuring top-notch security.  


These provide a blank canvas to the users. They need to add a workflow and connect to a data source to create a design. Since you get to start from scratch, you enjoy added flexibility with these.  


Model-driven apps come with a pre-decided layout controlled by the data source. This is the right approach to realizing an app with complex business logic.

We Can Create the App of Your Dreams !

All in all, Power Apps for Dynamics 365 help you create apps within Dynamics 365. Depending on the apps and portals needed, you must opt for a suitable license. If you are unsure about the right license that will fit you, or you want professionals to take care of your development processes, Gestisoft is here to help. Contact us to discover how we can ease up the process for you.

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