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Why equip your office with a CRM for law firms ?

In legal cases these days, clients want to clearly and fully understand their files. While prestige and reputation may have once been factors in choosing a firm, clients are now most influenced by the quality of their relationship with their lawyer. Beyond legal services, clients expect personalized communications and a clear image of how their case is progressing.

Law firms must therefore centre their practice around their client relations. Many businesses from every sector currently use Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, to improve their client relations. A CRM for law firms plays a critical role in this continual improvement by rationalizing certain management processes, simplifying file organization and automating repetitive tasks. Thanks to a CRM that is customized for law firms, you can focus on defending your clients and expanding your business.

Get a cross-sectional view of all your clients

One of the first reasons why you should equip your office with a CRM for law firms is to gain a cross-sectional view of your client portfolio. When purchasing a CRM, you will initially need to build the database by entering all your clients and prospects. You will then obtain accurate insight into your situation: you will identify strategies for developing new business opportunities with your prospects, yet you will also be able to implement new processes to earn the loyalty of your existing clients.

Thanks to an effective CRM for law firms, you can assess the profitability level of every client. An important client always seeks to have a personalized relationship with you. Prospects often arrive via multiple communication channels: internet forms, email, telephone, etc. To manage these various modes of communication, you will need to implement a solid system that will help you get your business relationships off to a good start. When you’re starting a case with a new client, you want to have everything you need to properly understand their file. As a lawyer, you know that a complete file is a winning file. A CRM for law firms can help you win over your clients, as well as win their cases, when they go before the court.

Access your files from anywhere, at any time, along with all your associates

Once you have successfully created your database, it’s easier to share it with the rest of your team. Not only is all the information on your clients centralized in one place, but the history of your data and documents can be accessed by your entire team.

We know that you and your associates are sometimes at the office and often in court or at the prosecutor’s office. Wherever you are, you always need to have access to the contents of your clients’ files. Otherwise, you risk wasting your colleagues’ valuable time and possibly even losing the case. Additionally, all consultations and actions regarding a client’s file are recorded in a history. You can therefore obtain an accurate, up-to-date view of their file’s progress.

How a CRM can help you organize your files

We often imagine law firm offices overwhelmed by stacks of files. This very telling image no longer reflects the reality of many firms thanks to the widespread use of CRMs for law firms.

Even if it’s still difficult to go paperless in some instances, by implementing management software, you can organize your files more effectively. Here’s how a CRM can help you simplify how you manage your multitude of files:

  • All client information is summarized in one document
  • Every related document is scanned and linked to the file
  • Every interaction with the client and with the judge is noted and documented
  • Your access history, and that of your associates, is automatically saved
  • Your documents are securely saved in the Cloud to ensure the information remains confidential

All these features make it easier to manage your files, giving you peace of mind and letting you focus on what you do best: defending your clients’ cases and their rights.

Simplify your files and lighten your workload using automation

If you’re passionate about your work, as lawyers often are, you likely do not count your hours. Your days tend to be overflowing with work. However, out of all the tasks you complete every day, some are manual and repetitive, and can therefore be automated.

Deploying a CRM for law firms involves implementing automation processes. For example, you can implement sequences for welcoming your new clients, or set up reminders so you don’t forget any deadlines for your files. By working meticulously and meeting deadlines, you will make your clients more willing to trust you.

Associates and clients can communicate more easily with a CRM for law firms

To win a case, you must plan every step and communicate effectively with your team. Thanks to a CRM for law firms, it will be easier than ever to communicate with your team and clients. For example, you can set up personalized emails to share with your colleagues or even plan bulk mailings for new offers for your clientele.

When it comes to finding the right time slot for a team meeting, you’ll save valuable time with synced calendars. You can also allocate tasks and responsibilities to everyone based on how files are progressing.

Automate to support your marketing activities

In a CRM for law firms, automation is your tool of choice for your marketing needs. Maybe you’re not a seller at heart. You were called to the bar to serve the interests and rights of citizens. However, you know that you cannot forsake marketing if you want to expand your office.

Here are some practical functions of CRM that can help you expand your business without wasting time on sales-related tasks:

  • Implement an email marketing sequence
  • Automate reminders for new prospects
  • Develop a retention strategy for previous clients
  • Periodically send a personalized letter to your clients (birthday, Christmas, etc.)

Once you’ve developed your marketing strategies, entrust them to your CRM so you can get back to arguing your clients’ cases.

How artificial intelligence benefits your law firm

A CRM for law firms is a tool that uses artificial intelligence. By using all your software’s features properly, you will obtain accurate reports on the different aspects of your practice. Of course, CRM serves first and foremost to provide you with a precise, reliable analysis of your firm’s level of profitability. This software can generate reports on how your employees perform, how much time is spent on each case and how effectively physical and human resources are used. However, since CRMs can be customized, they can also assist you with your decision-making processes in your legal practice. You can integrate milestones regarding specific regulations, periods of limitation, etc.


Deploying a CRM for law firms has an immediate impact on your potential sales volume. But above all, this tool will take your legal practice to another level. You can then focus on what really counts in your profession: ensuring that every client’s case receives fair and equitable treatment.

Contact our CRM and ERP specialists for assistance in deploying a CRM that’s suited to the legal field.

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January 12, 2021 by Frédéric Charest VP of Marketing

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