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What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional?

In a digital world bustling with the competition, customers will not think twice to switch to your competition when they don’t feel valued. Customer experience has to be a core part of your business strategies. You will need powerful tools and holistic solutions to help you continuously improve customer experience and customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional is a specialized module that provides customer service automation with a wide range of features that give your business the competitive edge you seek. Here is an overview of this module from the Microsoft 365 dynamics platform.

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional?

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional is a specialized version of the customer service solution provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It aims at providing an easy-to-use customer service platform by streamlining the core functionalities of customer care. Service teams will find the tool to be of great help in carrying out their tasks more efficiently.

The main features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional license include:

  • Access to core Dynamics Customer Service functionality, including case and knowledge management
  • Social customer care with guided outcomes, insights, and analytics
  • Allows entities like Cases, Contracts, Entitlements, Service Level Agreements, Contacts, Accounts, and Facilities/Equipment.
  • Connects with Dynamics 365 with Outlook, Excel, and Power BI
  • Can be accessed via mobile and tablet apps.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional?

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professional provides an optimized subset of the Dynamics 365 Customer Service enterprise solution.

It is a cheaper but powerful option that provides companies a way to approach customer service much more efficiently. It can also be easily upgraded when you have growing requirements that need to be met.

Some of the cool features of the Dynamics 365 Service platform are explained below.


360 Degree Customer View + Better Customer Experiences + Self-Service Options

When you get a complete picture of your customer data, you can design better customer experiences with several self-service options that will save up on your costs and time required for manual intervention.

You could easily automate self-service with virtual agents powered by the knowledge gained from your knowledge base portals. You can also implement personalized customer experiences with the help of 360-degree customer views that will leave no stones unturned when it comes to understanding the needs and preferences of your customers.

Personalize Your Services

You can run highly targeted campaigns with higher rates of success with the powerful insights you can gather through Dynamics 365 Customer Service. You also get AI-driven insights and analytics that can be of huge help in devising optimized customer service strategies and unique customer experiences.

It helps you identify emerging trends in the market and adapt your customer experience to match customer expectations.

Real-time insights allow you to quickly adapt to customer sentiments and provide tailored services that are sure to bring you lasting, lifelong loyal customers.

Mobile Access

Dynamics 365 binds embedded IoT signaling and alerts to ensure your team stays on top of any issue or potential issue. Your team will be notified of problems even before the customers themselves could notice. The platform also provides seamless support for mobile devices and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime, giving the productivity boost your team needs to catch up with any backlogs.

Proactive services via IoT will help fix issues in real-time and enables your agents to keep a watchful eye on real-time device readings to detect and resolve problems as soon as possible.

Assist Your Teams + Intuitive Agent Experience + Fast Problem Solving

When your team is equipped with the best tools, they don’t have to rely on guesstimates and assumptions to make the right decisions. Dynamics 365 Customer Service empowers your teams with powerful AI-backed productivity tools and data, thereby significantly reducing the time to resolve any customer issue presented. Your team will provide the right information, make suitable suggestions to your customers, and be more successful with their efforts to upsell and cross-sell.

Your agents will get faster answers to their queries with AI-powered suggestions that use real-time context cues and knowledge base. Agents can efficiently work across multiple cases without worrying about any loss of data or disruptions in workflow. The tool also allows agents to integrate survey insights from Dynamics 365 Customer Voice with your existing customer data to make quick decisions that bring better value to your customers.

Flexible And Extensible Platform + Integration With Other Microsoft 365 Tools

The platform is easily adaptable to your existing solutions. It can be easily integrated with your Microsoft 365 suite of productivity and CRM tools, making it a perfect addition to your toolset.

What Are The Limitations Of Using Dynamics 365 Customer Service Professionnal?

Limited Customer Entities

While the Enterprise license provides you with an unrestricted number of entities, the professional version allows a maximum of 15 custom entities

No Access To Portal

Support for the united service desk is provided only with the enterprise license and not the professional license.

Not Full Customization

While the full-fledged solution of this platform that comes with the Enterprise license provides unlimited customization options, the professional license does not have the same amount of liberty to customize the parts of your system as you would like to. But for most growing businesses with limited need for customer support service solutions, the professional license fits the bill, and it can be upgraded anytime as the requirements grow.


Advanced customer service features like gamification, embedded intelligence, and context-based suggestions cannot be enjoyed with a professional license. Access to custom applications using Power apps will not be available either.


Dynamics 365 Customer Service offers a range of advantages and has the potential to lift your business and quicken the time to reach your goals. But you need expert help to get started with the implementation and understanding of the tool to take full advantage of the services provided.

Gestisoft is a pioneer in the market specializing in the Dynamics 365 platform. We can take care of everything from conducting need analysis, integration of Dynamics 365 Customer Service with your existing system to setting up the operations you need to be performed. You can get complete guidance on the best ways to use this powerful tool and optimize your customer service operations with the right AI-driven insights.

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