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What functions does dispatch software provide?

Many service firms utilize dispatch software to improve the administration of their activities on a daily basis. The digitalization of forms and the real-time centralization of data are significant benefits for a company that relies on dispatch. These solutions are both very effective and perfectly compatible with each device (computers, smartphones or touch tablets). In a nutshell, these applications are quite popular among professionals.

Now, what functions does dispatch software have, aside from certain unique features? Let's take a look at various scheduling and customer service management programs in this article.

What is dispatch software and how does it work?

In the past, service organizations were particularly vulnerable to big issues such as:

● The organization or reorganization of interventions

● The loss and duplication of essential information (invoices, estimates...)

● Lack of direct communication with field technicians

● Difficulties related to accounting

These issues can easily be solved with dispatch software. The way it works is: these programs, which cost a yearly membership, collect a large amount of data from an internet server. Then, this information's accessibility and near-instantaneous updating provide significant benefits.

The ability to quickly and inventively create work orders is one of the benefits of these online systems. Yet unlike more sophisticated software (such as ERP), a brief training session is all that is required to get the most out of these increasingly popular solutions. Field technicians will thus greatly benefit from this accessibility as well.

Additionally, creating timesheets is a great way to keep track of field technicians' actions. There are no hardware restrictions when installing a certain program on a smartphone or a touch tablet. On top of that, another useful function is consumption tracking.

You may find that many dispatch software applications are available on the market with just a little online research. Popular applications like Praxedo and ProgressionLive have swiftly gained a following among entrepreneurs. This article will provide the "fundamental" and common aspects of these solutions honestly and without bias.

Who are these online solutions aimed at?

Contrary to popular belief, transportation dispatch software can be used by any service company. Of course, organizations with many employees will emphasize the importance of these initiatives.  "small business" can profit from the advantages of these online solutions.

Annual (or monthly) subscription prices, as well as activation costs, may vary from one program to the next. Some services, however, are available as a "trial offer" that lasts for many months. Optimal use is ensured by continuous access to a support service and periodic upgrades to the program.

Are you new to all this and looking to review your company's structure? The remainder of this article will surely astonish you!

Transport dispatch software functionalities: planning management

Service call management

The handling of service calls is one of the functions of a dispatch software that provides a significant amount of comfort to professionals. Thanks to it, you'll be able to:

● Create work orders from a PC or a mobile device

● Immediately communicate any critical information inside your organization

● Improve the responsiveness and quality of maintenance

The administration of service calls guarantees a company's communication, regardless of geographical or material conditions, thanks to the features of dispatch software. Using a mobile device allows data to be centralized from a single online platform. Internal communication thus becomes improved with this functionality.

At the same time, by removing paper records, the dangers of lost or duplicated information also become minimal. This environmental element is frequently mentioned by users in their reviews.

Following the lead of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, a variety of solutions use IoT sensors to identify malfunctions and avoid service calls. As a professional, you'll need this feature to stand out from the crowd.

Planning management

A dispatch program can also help to improve the planning of field interventions by providing:

● The automatic definition of parameters adapted to each situation

● The rapid transmission of each data to your technicians

● The assignment of the necessary material

Automation of planning is, without a doubt, a great potential for professionals. In practice, each actor benefits from the enhanced speed of interventions. At the same time, dispatch software makes managing complicated circumstances (unexpected events) easier.

Management of the dispatch system

One of the most obvious benefits of dispatch software is dispatch management. This includes features like:

● The association of users in real time

● Training of teams according to the profiles and the nature of the intervention

● GPS tracking of each technician

Using transport dispatch software helps you to maximize the abilities of your field personnel. Task completion is facilitated, and customer satisfaction benefits as a result of this occurrence. Finally, GPS geolocation allows you to track the progress of treatments with pinpoint accuracy. The restructuring of the route sheets also results in significant time savings for the firm.

Dispatch software functionalities: service management

Activity follow-up management

When it comes to service management, one of the most valued features among experts is activity follow-up. The reassignment or alteration of a schedule may be accomplished with a few easy actions. Each intervention is made easier by real-time analysis of activities and the status of work orders in progress.

A dispatch program will also keep you updated on the progress of the operations on the road. On top of that, the ability to perform the automated reassignment of a field technician (if necessary) is another big benefit.

Activity report management

A dispatch program may dramatically improve the administration of activity reports. It will be excellent to utilize a smartphone or a touch tablet to concentrate diverse information such as:

● The visual report after each intervention (photos)

● The electronic signature of the customer

● Confirmation of specific elements (check boxes or drop-down menus)

Because of the digitalization of forms, the functions of a transport dispatch software stimulate an ecological and practical element once more. If a report was previously produced by hand, this approach promotes data collecting speed and efficiency. Furthermore, the software's architecture makes it extremely accessible to field technicians. Each contractor has a real chance to share information with other departments, particularly accounting, in real time.

Management of service call follow-ups

A dispatch program can handle the follow-up of service calls in any circumstance. The automatic transmission of SMS or emails will allow each actor involved in an intervention to be notified. If this functionality is too often underestimated, customer satisfaction is nevertheless favored.

Using a dispatch software to invoice interventions

A dispatch program can also guarantee remote invoicing of interventions, in addition to the benefits listed above. The field technician has all of the essential knowledge to do so. A mobile printing mechanism (small printer) is also available in some programs. The produced invoice is transmitted digitally and instantly, ensuring flawless bookkeeping.


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