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Real Life Examples of Dynamics 365 PowerApps

A comprehensive CRM platform such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool every business needs to get on board with in this highly competitive world. But just subscribing to Dynamics 365 will do little to help you be better than all your competition. You need to make use of the various features provided actively.

Dynamics 365 allows for various customized offerings, process automation features, AI-based analysis, deep insights on customer data, and more that you should be aware of and leverage to optimize your business operations.

The Dynamics 365 PowerApps is one such feature that holds promise for both growing and well-established organizations. Here we present to you how best you can use the Dynamics PowerApps feature along with an outstanding PowerApps implementation from Gestisoft's.

What are Dynamics 365 PowerApps?

The Dynamics 365 PowerApps is a suite of tools, services, connectors, and data platforms to build custom apps for your particular business needs. It provides a rapid development platform with which you can easily convert your business logic into a working app in a short time. The custom apps developed can be readily deployed into your web or mobile apps, complete with full functionality, all without writing any code at all.

Two device screens showing different views within Power Apps

PowerApps lets you digitize your manual business processes and enable automation. All apps built with the PowerApps platform are responsive and can be easily used in any device and browser type.

While you need not learn to code to use PowerApps, you have the option to program data interactions, make custom connectors, create external data connections and do more with an extensible platform.

A screenshot of Power Apps showing a visualization of a workflow

Based on the way you choose to create apps with PowerApps, the apps created will fall within the following three categories

  • Canvas Apps: These apps are created using the Power Apps studio, which lets you work with a canvas interface to add features to your app quickly.  
  • Model-driven Apps: These apps are created using the App designer, where you define the site map and app components.
  • Portal: These apps are created using the Power Apps Portals Studio, which is basically a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) kind of app design tool.

Why Use Dynamics 365 PowerApps?

The obvious reason to use Dynamics 365 PowerApps is when you want an app that can implement rich business logic. But there might be many other ways you can build such an app. Let us list down why the Dynamics 365 PowerApps is sometimes a better choice for your needs.

For starters, it is easy.

Easy to develop, easy to deploy, and easy to connect with your existing data sources. You don't even have to learn programming to get started with PowerApps. Now even your business analysts can quickly develop apps and configure new features without relying on a developer.

It drives innovation.

When app development becomes as easy as it can be with PowerApps, you can do a lot more exploration to build apps that can take on a varied range of business scenarios. It could be sales automation, Field-specific inspections, the prospect to cash, and a lot more, just like your business demands.

Highly tailored applications.

You get to customize every detail of your app and optimize your process flows, thus making it much easier to optimize your business operations. You get ready to use components like camera, location support, and more which can let you go beyond a regular business use case.

Easy access to data.

Data is indeed the real digital currency, and you have got to make the best use of it in your business apps. The PowerApps platform lets you do that efficiently

Easy integration and extensible apps.

PowerApps simplifies data integration with the systems you might already be using with more than 200 inbuilt data connectors.

Lower costs.

And finally, Power Apps is a cost-effective solution. It gives you fully functional and fully responsive, quality apps at the quickest possible time, without costly licensing fees.

What Can You Do With Dynamics 365 PowerApps?

With Power Apps, you can:

  • Build custom apps that transform your business logic into an optimized digital application
  • Automate your business processes
  • Connect Apps through the built-in data connectors as well as custom connectors
  • Improve your business process optimization, productivity, and thus revenue.

Some popular PowerApps usage scenarios include apps to contract management, scheduling site visits and inspections, account validation, expense tracking,  deals and discounts app, reporting apps, and more. You can create any custom app that fits your business needs.

Examples of Dynamics 365 PowerApps designed by Gestisoft


Gestisoft has developed Contract365, the first contract management solution fully integrated with Dynamics 365. Simply put, it's a PowerApp that helps you manage all your contracts efficiently without worrying about late fees and renewal deadlines.  

Contracts are an essential part of all modern business transactions. And having to manage them manually can be an exhausting process as each contract will come with its own set of operations, data sets, states, and more, which needs to be handled accurately. You need to be continuously in the loop regarding all your contract updates, events like cancellation, signature validation, and more. Contract365 is a feature-rich PowerApps application that will cover everything related to contract management in your business.

  • It provides full integration with your Dynamics 365 platform
  • Supports alerts and notifications for custom events like contract due dates, renewals, cancellations, and so on.
  • Provides an intuitive dashboard  and reporting with charting visualizations to get a better understanding of your contract management system

ProContract 365 is a fully secured app with features like security groups to control data access.

Back to Office

As the work environments are increasingly leaning towards a hybrid work model and people are slowly coming back to physical workplaces, we have designed an app to fit our needs since there was no other solution integrated with Dynamics 365 on the market.

This Power App can readily integrate with your CRM and ERP data and let you automate the tasks such as:

  • Making reservations to come back to the office
  • Set maximum limit on onsite employee count
  • Automating the approval process
  • File for publication to send communication to the employees about sanitary rules
  • Send a check-in questionnaire to everybody who reserved a spot at the office

Gestisoft can help you use your PowerApp to fit your needs.

PowerApp is indeed a powerful tool that can help you in lots of ways than you can imagine. It enables you to quickly put together a quality app that you can start using for any short-term or long-term business use cases.

To know more about building your own custom apps with PowerApps and to explore specific Power App solutions, contact Gestisoft today.

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