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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365: the best CRM solution for photographers

Many professionals now use a CRM to manage their work more easily. Using software such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is warranted in numerous professions, including that of photography.

Photography may seem like a picture-perfect profession; however, you know that this dreamy façade overshadows a sometimes-complex professional situation. Whether you’re a food, fashion or portrait photographer, or an event or corporate photographer, you need to be organized to complete your contracts and satisfy your clientele. By using a CRM for photographers, you will be able to improve the quality, as well as the efficiency, of your work by centralizing all your business’ data in one place.

Why use a CRM for photographers ?

Of course, you may not think that a CRM for photographers is a logical choice for your business. You probably think that this type of software is reserved for large businesses and multinationals. However, a tool such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is indeed suitable for creative professionals.

Do you often feel like there’s not enough time in your week? Does your work involve repetitive tasks? Do you want to be more responsive when communicating with clients? Do you always know where you’re at in your projects?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, you’ll find Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 useful. It helps you:

– Save time:

By optimizing all of your tasks and centralizing all of your data in the same place, you will no longer be searching for the quote that you had written up for a potential client several months ago. Thanks to your database, you will find it quickly.

– Be more efficient:

Centralizing information is the key to working efficiently. By implementing a CRM for photographers, you will make the most of the time spent at your office, allowing you to focus on your contracts.

– Respond more quickly to your clients:

Before doing business with you, your client is a prospect. At this stage, a prospect is looking for the best offer that’s available to them. Sometimes, this is determined by response time. Thanks to a CRM for photographers, you can implement email templates, or automated replies to make prospects wait while you focus on your work. No more emails left unanswered or forgotten at the bottom of your inbox.

– Track your clients and know where you’re at in the process:

It’s crucial to know exactly where you’re at in your client relationship if you want to succeed in growing your business. This is precisely how a CRM for photographers will help you out. Whether it’s invoices, contracts or even folders of photos that are ready to share with a client, all of this information can be stored in the same place; you can also save every client history.

– Automatically manage payment reminders:

Tracking invoices and sending payment reminders is definitely not the most motivating aspect of your job. With Dynamics CRM 365, you will no longer be dreading these tasks—this software can perform them for you automatically. When it comes time to pay, if the invoice has not been paid by the deadline, the system will automatically issue a reminder.

Why is Dynamics CRM 365 the best CRM for photographers?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is a platform that grows at the same rate as your business

A CRM for photographers will adapt to fit the mould of your business. Once you have configured the software to properly reflect your needs, Dynamics CRM 365 will become the most important factor in your growth. By strengthening your productivity and automating your tasks, you will notice an acceleration in the growth of your business. Your CRM will scale up as your revenue increases.

Keep your data secure thanks to your CRM for photographers

Data management is a critical issue for a number of businesses. For you, as a photographer, it’s twice as important. You own and store a large quantity of your clients’ photos. You also keep confidential client information, for example, that cannot be shared. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365, you can rest assured that your data will be safely stored thanks to the Cloud and SSL encryption. Your clients’ data will be secured.

Dynamics CRM 365 integrates seamlessly with many software products

One of the benefits of working with a CRM for photographers such as Dynamics CRM 365 is the ability to connect it to other tools such as Microsoft Project or Teams. It’s easy and simple to integrate. All information in Microsoft Project, for example, will be handily synced in Dynamics CRM 365 to make it easier to communicate about your project. In practical terms, all aspects of your project management, whether it’s your shooting schedules or your meetings with clients or collaborators, will be synced in the various software that you use. This will prevent you from forgetting important events. Additionally, integrating with software such as Teams will improve your teamwork.

Leverage task automation to boost your productivity

As a professional photographer, your job involves a multitude of tasks. These all vary in their profitability; however, you cannot neglect them. This is why a CRM for photographers lets you automate menial tasks such as sending automated replies to clients, managing follow-up, generating invoices and performing marketing-related tasks. Imagine how much more efficiently you will operate by delegating these tasks to your software: your customized invoices will please your clients, who will become long-term, loyal customers thanks to your prompt communications. You will save valuable time that you can instead spend on what makes your business unique.

The quality of your customer relationship management is critical for the success of your photography business. By improving your customer service, from the moment your lead enters your system, to the quality control performed upon completion of your contract, you’re ensuring your business’ success. Many photographers who have implemented a CRM as part of their business have noted an increase in sales, as well as significantly higher client retention.

Get a wide-angle view of your business with a CRM for photographers

Beyond the fact that Dynamics CRM 365 centralizes your client database, by implementing a CRM for photographers, you’ll get a 360-degree view of your clientele. CRM lets you familiarize yourself with your clients and understand them better. You can track your prospects’ progress over the course of your client relationship. As such, your marketing actions are customized to your clientele, which will increase your conversion rate. You will notice that it becomes easier than ever to achieve the business goals that you set for yourself.  Your client communications, which you will find effortless, will be up-to-date and you will work more efficiently with your collaborators or the rest of your team.

Choose Gestisoft’s experts to implement your CRM

Many professionals have turned to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 to manage their business, especially photographers. Our CRM and ERP experts can help you explore all the customization options that are suited to your professional situation. Contact us to learn how a CRM for photographers can help you gain a clear overview of your operations.

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