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Looking for a Microsoft Dynamics partner in Montreal ?

Do you have chills as you scroll through pages and pages of companies, reading in depth about ERP and CRM systems to understand everything about them? We feel you.

After many years of experience in the industry, we understand that being overwhelmed is totally normal. We’ve had many people come our way with the same problem, looking for the best ERP solution for them. You are not alone. We can help.

We’re a Microsoft Dynamics partner from Montreal, and—without bragging—we’re pretty good at what we do. More than a Microsoft reseller, we consider ourselves an ally for your company, not your hockey league*.

We know the ins and outs of CRM and ERP, and we understand how to align your needs with ERP services to get a winning combination. As a Microsoft Dynamics partner working in Montreal and the surrounding areas, we support, advise, and follow you daily from creation to update.

How? See it for yourself by reading on.

What is a Dynamics partner?

Complex and powerful, versatile, but sometimes a bit confusing, ERP can be difficult to understand and to adopt if we don’t know a lot about it. This is why your Microsoft Dynamics NAV reseller in Montreal will not only act as an advisor, but also as a companion in your ERP implementation.

A true partner for your success, your Microsoft Dynamics reseller in Montreal will first look to shed some light on your needs and potential. As all ERP are adaptable to each workflow and process for every enterprise, any function can be integrated to maximize efficiency. So you definitely need someone with experience to illuminate the type of ERP you need.

Acting first as an advisor, your Microsoft Dynamics partner in Montreal will inform you about the modifications and improvements you need to make to get an ERP that’s the best for you. After that, your partner will follow you in your implementation.

Provided you choose a Microsoft Dynamics partner in Montreal that's perfect for you!

As implementation is a process that requires a lot of time and work to adapt, your Microsoft Dynamics advisor in Montreal will guide you through the steps with your company and team.

After all, an ERP and CRM have to follow the evolution of your company, the market, and the technology. To maintain the best tool in place in your company and to pursue your long-term goals, you must review your needs and problems on occasion. And what is better than your favourite Microsoft Dynamics partner in Montreal to help you out?

A great Microsoft Dynamics partner will help you create, implement, and actualize your ERP or CRM. However, they should especially be like a core member of your team, listening to your needs and finding the best solutions. A true ally will help you reach the impossible.

Gestisoft, your Microsoft Dynamics partner

We believe that the success of an ERP or CRM is, above all, a question of communication. If we don’t know your needs, your problems, your limitations, your habits, and your industry, how can we help you implement a Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM in Montreal or nearby, a solution that should facilitate your core business process?

For us, technology is all about the human element. No ERP or CRM can be used to its full potential if we don’t know the human that will operate it and their workflow, their ambitions, their problems. It goes without saying that we have long conversations with our clients.

By understanding the process and reality of the company, we get amazing results and we can defy the statistics that show a high level of failure in ERP or CRM implementation. Our Microsoft Dynamics advisors located in Montreal develop solutions that are adaptable and can be integrated naturally into the companies.

As we create solid relationships with our clients, we understand their daily life, and we want to see them succeed. We will do everything to make the best CRM or ERP for them.

Gestisoft, Microsoft partner : our services supports you better

It’s through nothing less than actions that a true ally can mark some points. We know the traps and problems that arise when considering a CRM or ERP so well that we have created numerous services and a methodology to insure a seamlessly integration and success for our clients.

No, a CRM or ERP implementation is not doomed to fail. There are more than 500 clients that can prove it to you. It’s because you need a system in place and not everybody has the resources to offer you that.

Our team of Microsoft Dynamics experts in Montreal has developed a methodology to ensure the success of each implementation and optimize the process of every company. By listening, collaborating, and researching solutions, our advisors who work with you can truly find the best software for you and support you along the way.

After 20 years of working in the industry, we can affirm with certainty that Microsoft Dynamics has been making miracles here in Montreal and around the world. Versatile and adaptable, they are CRM and ERP products that can facilitate every company’s life… if well implemented!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation

Do you know Microsoft Dynamics CRM? A tool of customer relationship management, it allows you to optimize your process and grow your sales while gathering all the information in the same place.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central implementation

Dynamics Business Central is, in fact, an ERP, an enterprise resource planning solution for your resources. By allowing you to handle everything from production to sales, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central optimizes performance and facilitates your every day life.

You Microsoft Dynamics partner in Montreal is also there to train you !

Obviously, no implementation can be successful without a good training. Why? Because as stated earlier, CRM and ERP are complex but powerful products, and they require good knowledge to exploit their full potential.

With Gestisoft as your Microsoft Dynamics partner in Montreal, you will benefit from:

  • A group of expert allies to support you through the implementation with on-site personalized trainings
  • Custom user materials
  • Personalized workshops to make all the adjustments to your solution
  • Group and individual trainings on general or particular functions
  • Video trainings

Want to know more ? So, CONTACT US:

  • By email, by writing to us at;
  • By phone by dialing 514-399-9999
  • In person in Ottawa by visiting us at 87 Prince St, Montreal, QC H3C 2M7, Canada

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