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Empower Your Technicians With Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app is a recent launch from Dynamics 365 to optimize onsite consumer experiences and service operations. It is a customizable and configurable mobile app that integrates with the core functionalities of Dynamics 365, allowing your service technicians to connect better with your customers and enable them with powerful data-backed tools for optimized services.

It is compatible with all major mobile platforms and is built on Resco’s technology, thus offering a good set of features you should check out. Here is a brief overview of the app that could redefine how your onsite service operations are carried out, boosting brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

What Is The Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App?

The Dynamics 365 Field service mobile app can be primarily described as a productivity tool you can deploy to ease your service operations, starting from supply chain management and inventory management to onsite service deliveries.

The app allows you to configure all operations based on your custom needs. For instance, you can quickly sort through inventory by configuring product types and the different product records organized in a warehouse.

Simulated image of the Field Service (Dynamics 365) mobile app on a phone and a tablet.

Not The Same As Field Service Mobile

This app is a recent launch and should not be mixed up with the existing Field Service Mobile Service. This app offers limited functionality compared to the Field Service Mobile.

While the app is still in infancy with limited features in its first version, the vision is to move most of the Field service mobile functionalities such as push notifications, geofencing, IoT alerts, remote assist and reporting, and more into the Field Service Dynamics 365 app.

The older Field Service Mobile will be phased out gradually and will cease operating as of June 2022. The Field Service Dynamics 365 app will take its place, and hence, getting familiar with it right now will help you make a smoother transition and a better advantage.

Configurable And Customizable

Typical field service can be an installation, maintenance, or repair job that will be carried out as part of regular audits or as a reaction to a customer query or complaint. Hence, you need a proper mechanism to keep track of all the service tickets raised and find efficient ways to reduce downtimes and improve customer satisfaction.

The Dynamics 365  Field Service mobile app lets you do this the best way by allowing you to configure your own custom entities like views, forms, fields, workflows, work order types, commands, and more. You can configure trigger actions, workflows and set your custom rules and data handling methods to enhance your service operations.

For Whom?

The app is designed to empower service technicians and onsite operators to optimize their workflows, assign priorities, and get their schedules on time for improved work efficiency.


Right now, it is compatible with iOS 10.0 or above versions, and android 4.4 and above versions. A windows compatible app could be made available in the future.

What Are The Capabilities Of Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App?

The capabilities of the Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app include:

Mobile Platform And Offline Data

It works with iOS and Android mobile platforms and allows for offline access to data. This way, technicians can access the relevant data even in remote customer locations with limited connectivity.

Camera Capture: Photo + Video

The camera capture feature allows technicians to gather more precise information on the issues and record them for future reference.

Barcode Scanning And Geocoding

The app has inbuilt barcode scanning and geocoding features that help identify parts and analyze the equipment quickly.

Simulated image showing four mobile devices in different stages of the barcode scan process.

Calendar View And Time Entry

Productivity options like Calendar View and Time Entry allow for better management of workflow and task tracking.

Driving Directions

The driving directions feature allows the technician to reach the customer location via an optimized route for faster service delivery.

Simulated device showing Field Service mobile app, with the

Speech To Text

Speech to text is a useful accessibility feature that can record customer queries and observations accurately and efficiently.

Connected Field Service, Inspections, And IoT Alerts

By integrating the Dynamics 365 and IoT devices, the app can let you get timely alerts and notifications to avoid critical issues from reaching beyond the threshold scenarios.

Simulated image showing three phones with Field Service mobile app and IoT device readings.

Microsoft Intune And Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

Remote assist can let technicians fix problems faster from remote locations with minimal interference.

Simulated image showing a phone with Field Service mobile and a menu option to launch Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

What Capabilities Will Be Available On The 2nd Wave Of Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App?

The Dynamics 365 Field Service mobile app is in constant evolution. As mentioned earlier, the current version is the very first version that has been launched, and with subsequent releases, the app is set to overtake the Field service mobile functionality

The first version allows for key functionalities like configurable work order creations, offline data, and time entry features. The second wave of the release plan is scheduled soon and is expected to contain key intelligence capabilities like push notifications and real-time location features.

Here are some possible features that will be included in the upcoming releases:

  • Push notifications
  • Geofencing
  • Reporting
  • Scan to find asset
  • Location sharing and auditing
  • Enhanced offline synchronization filters
  • Offline by default
  • Allow technician to force data synchronization
  • Bulk-add users
  • Checklist for service tasks
  • Enhanced mobile workflows
  • Remote assist
  • Microsoft Intune

Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App Security

You need to be aware of a few things before getting started with the Field Service Dynamics 365 mobile app.

You need to be using the Field service solution v.8.8.22 and above to get access to the mobile app functionality. So, you must update your Field Service solution to use the app.

You should check the security roles relevant to the Field Service app and ensure your user is assigned the corresponding security role to access the app. You can add new security roles and manage them via your dashboard controls.

You can now schedule a work order for a resource. The app can be downloaded from the authorized app store and then logged in with the proper username and password. The work order schedules and other data will get synced with that of the Dynamics 365 Field service data.

Licensing Dynamics 365 Field Service Mobile App

The field service mobile app is available as part of the Field service license plan, and you can buy only the Field service solution of which the app will be a part of. Your Team members can have a license to have full read access across all the Dynamics App, Field Service App, inclusive of the Dynamics 365 app and its related functionalities.

Screenshot of the Dynamics 365 list of apps, showing the Field Service Mobile solution in the list.


All tools are only as useful as your mastery in using them. While the new Field Service Dynamics 365  app packs in a good set of features and is supposed to replace the older Field Service mobile service, you need some expert guidance to get an early advantage on using the app to its best potential.

Contact Gestisoft today to get started with the Dynamics 365 Field Service app and make your Dynamics 365 Field Service implementation worth every penny you spend on it.

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