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Empower Your Customer Managers By Using Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights is an AI-backed analytical service that lets you get a deeper understanding of your customers, their expectations, and their behavior. Here is everything you need to get started with this new product from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

What is Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights?

What Is An Insight?

An insight is a deeper level of understanding of the subject in question. The better understanding you have of someone or something, the better services and experiences you will deliver that suit their preferences, needs, and wants. Deciding based on data-backed insights is always a better idea than making business decisions based on assumptions.

Insights help shape up your goals and direct your energies towards further growth and development. They give actionable metrics that you can track and assess for continued success.

For instance, if you know your customers’ intent behind a purchase or query, you can advise them with best-fit product recommendations to increase your cross-sells and upsells.

What Is Customer Service Insights?

Customer Service Insights refers to all the possible answers to any questions you may have about the customer service part of your business. Customer satisfaction is a critical part of sustained growth. But it is not always clear what makes a customer feel good or where your customer service processes are going wrong.

Having a clear idea of what works with your customers and what causes them grievances could help you design sophisticated and personalized customer experiences, which can be vital for achieving your business goals.

The Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights is a tool that provides you with valuable and accurate information. It does the job effectively through powerful analytical methods backed by AI. It can consolidate customer data from various channels and provide you uber-fast results.

What Does It Provide?

Some of the core capabilities and applications provided by the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights are:

  • Customer service historical analysis
  • Topic clustering for cases
  • Customer service analytics for business intelligence
  • Knowledge search analysis
  • AI suggestions for similar cases and knowledge articles.
  • Omnichannel customer service including real time customer analysis, contextual AI suggestions and so on.

In Constant Improvement

One of the best things about the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights tool is that it keeps evolving based on the users’ inputs and feedback. It practices what it preaches. The tool has been provided with new updates and enhancements in incremental waves.

The product was first launched as GA in April 2019 and, since then, has had multiple waves of improvements. In the second wave released in 2019, several advanced features and improvements were added to the service. Some of these features, like the ability to create and work with shared workspaces and access the Common Data Service (integrates data from multiple sources like Salesforce, Zendesk, Service Now, and others), have been very useful in boosting productivity and ease of use.

Subsequent updates have also added enhancements to customer engagement via Dynamics 365 for Customer service chat, support for Microsoft Forms Pro Capacity and more.

The release plan for 2020 is also executed in two waves, with the first release date extending from April through September and the second starting from October and extending to March 2021.

What Intelligent Tools Are Used In Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights?


Artificial Intelligence drives the analytical capabilities and fast processing of data in the Dynamics 365 Customer Insights service module. It hugely reduces the time otherwise spent on the manual grouping of data with the help of inbuilt topic clustering features.

Machine Learning

Machine learning tools embedded in Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights have effectively identified behavior patterns and in-depth customer insights.

Business intelligence (BI)

The comprehensive omnichannel experience provided by Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights helps you combine the data from various sources and arrive at meaningful relationships.

Business intelligence is further enhanced by avoiding data silos, efficient analysis, and simplified interface to carry out business analytics.

What Type Of Data Can Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights Provide?

Customer Service Insights module is extremely flexible and allows you to work with all types and formats of customer data. Let’s group customer data into the three main insights categories which are critical to making any business decision

Performance Metrics

Performance metrics such as customer interactions, conversion rates, CTR, and ad performance can be used to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and customer engagement platforms.

Operational Data

Operational data includes information and details regarding your business operations, productivity, and effectiveness. Data such as backlog trends, case resolution insights, and historical comparisons can be used to evaluate agent performance and business impact. You can also monitor case volume and incoming support topics to optimize agent productivity.

Emerging trends

Emerging trends are useful insights used to steer your company’s vision and immediate service offerings. It helps you respond to market changes proactively and transform your services and products to suit the exact customer needs.

The quicker you get to know of the latest and emerging trends, the better you can be prepared for the upcoming market changes.

Customer Service Insights Sign In | Microsoft Dynamics 365

What Can You Do With Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights?

Better Visualization Of Data

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights has several out-of-the-box dashboard designs. Three intuitive dashboards combine data from traditional BI metrics, AI-derived insights, and other KPIs, providing an easy way to access and digest complex information. You can readily notice areas that need improvement and take timely actions. You also get to view real-time insights and visualize your progress effectively.

You can further drill down data as you wish by adding subtopics to see how it affects the metrics of concern specifically.

The dashboards are interactive, and BI powered offering provides dedicated analytics of any topic you right-click on.

Measure Performance Over Time Across All Channels

As the module is designed to work with the common data access, it is possible to monitor and assess performance across all the channels, be it Dynamics 365, your ERP, or any other CRM. You can thus even include traditional data silos that were previously not taken advantage of.

Identify Areas For Growth

Customer Insights module provides a quick way to identify possible areas of growth. For instance, you can easily identify the most successful and preferred communication channels like voice, chat, WhatsApp, and such and try to improve your customer interaction, respectively.

Resolve Emerging Issues Quickly

Customer Service Insights helps you identify issues before they even arise. It does so by increasing your knowledge capabilities. It can support case data, semantically similar group cases, and case resolutions insights. It lets you know the top-trending topics and allows managers to optimize their support and provide apt feedback to core product teams.

Virtual Agents

By the intelligent data derived from your Customer Service Insights, you can easily automate your support systems. The AI-powered insights can easily provide the proper resolutions and recommendations depending on the customer query and reduce manual intervention. Virtual agents can also help you reduce cost and offer round the clock service and support to your customers.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights is now Generally Available - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog

Benefits Of Using Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights

Empower Customer Service Managers

Your managers will be equipped with the knowledge to make better decisions, data-driven improvements and have a comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction score (CSAT) drivers.

Build Loyalty

When you understand your customer and meet their exact needs, it helps you better serve and enjoy improved customer satisfaction.

Improve Productivity and Operational Efficiency

The common data access and unified dashboards help your managers and agents quickly extract data and get answers to customer queries.

Extensive Knowledge to Solve Issues

The AI-powered analysis will ensure you get in-depth insights into the emerging trends and find the right ways to solve any issues on time. You can easily personalize customer experiences and minimize failure rates.

What Are the Price Licenses of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights?

Customer Service Price Offer

Dynamics 365 Customer Service is offered in two price ranges. The Professional subscription is priced at $64 per user per month, and the Enterprise version is priced at $121.60 per user per month.

The Digital Messaging Add-in for Dynamics 365 Insights costs $96 per user per month and requires enterprise license.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insight

This product requires a separate purchase of $1,920 per tenant per month, including 100,00 profiles. Those prices are subject to change. Please visit Microsoft’s website for up-to-date pricing information.

Your Turn

So, take no chances, and serve your customers in the best way, equipped with the best data analytics and insights. Contact us to streamline the setup for you, and to train your workforce.

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