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Choosing your Dynamics CRM partner in Ottawa

How to choose the best Dynamics CRM partner, in an area as big as Ottawa? This is a question that we hear often. If I am being completely honest, it’s bit difficult to answer it without our experience in implementing a Dynamics CRM and elsewhere for 20 years.

A Microsoft CRM expert in Ottawa or elsewhere is more than a simple CRM reseller. They are an ally, a right hand, and a full member of your team that has your success at heart, just like you.

Why? Because of their expertise, deep knowledge, proactive team, numerous resources and processes that help you successfully implement a CRM. Trust us, this is no small task even when everything is done in harmony.

So, how do you choose your Dynamics CRM expert in Ottawa?

You have to find a true partner that will advise and support, but will also remain present at every step.

First Things First, What is Dynamics CRM?

Dynamics CRM is foremost a customer relationship management system. It's part of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. With its numerous functions from marketing to sales, it allows you to accumulate and store all the data about your clientele in the same place so you can get a better overview of it.

An example of data Dynamics CRM can help you visualize

Dynamics CRM has proved itself in Ottawa and elsewhere in North America by being one of the most popular CRMs, with its numerous advantages and user-friendly interface. It offers the most advanced technology and is the most flexible CRM in the industry.

It goes without saying that Dynamics CRM allows you to improve sales and the efficiency of your marketing while optimizing customer service. Do we believe it's essential? Oh yeah.

Finding a Trusted Dynamics Partner in Ottawa

Well, it’s obvious, but certainly not easy to do. Finding a Dynamics CRM partner in Ottawa is like finding an ally for a lengthy journey.

CRM implementations can be a long and demanding process, so you better be armed with the bests in the industry to facilitate the coming months.

This is why Dynamics CRM in Ottawa has to be purchased solely through a certified partner.

How Can You Ensure That You’ve Chosen the Best One?

Microsoft Partner Gold CRM and Gold ERP logo

You must first know that your Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner will act in Ottawa, or elsewhere, as an advisor to inform you about modifications and improvements you need to make in order to get a CRM that’s perfect for you. It will then be a true pathfinder of CRM systems by discovering your needs and potential, and by directing you to the best functions to adopt in Microsoft CRM.

To identify a good advisor, check their experience with CRM, the industries they have worked with, and their success rate.

After all, it’s a full team that will follow you through the implementation, like true partners in your endeavour. On top of following you through all those months, this same team should be there to follow your CRM evolution, and to help you enjoy the benefits for a long time.

How do you evaluate if your Dynamics CRM expert will be a great source of support during those months?

Look into their process and methodology for implementing a CRM.

Who is better than your favourite Dynamics CRM partner in Ottawa to help you review your needs and problems from time to time? As you can see, a partner is in fact more of a reseller. They will follow you all along your CRM journey: from implementation to update and improvement.

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Find a Dynamics CRM partner in Ottawa, or Anywhere, in a Nutshell

To continue, you will need to choose an expert who has the abilities to understand your industry and your needs, but also to advise you through the implementation process.

You will also need a Dynamics CRM partner with a strong team in Ottawa that will support you wherever you are.

Finally, you will need to find an expert with tons of resources that are able to shed light on everything, but also able to support you in the following months of your implementation with trainings and competitive customer service.

The Gestisoft Way

We believe that the success of an ERP or CRM is all about communication. If we don’t know your needs, your problems, your limitations, your habits, and your industry, how can we help you implement a Microsoft Dynamics ERP or CRM solution that will facilitate your core business process in Ottawa or around the world?

For us, technology is all about the human element. No ERP or CRM can be used to their full potential if we don’t know the human that will operate it, their workflow, their ambitions, their problems. It goes without saying that we have long conversations with our clients.

By understanding the process and reality of the company, we get amazing results and we can defy the statistics that show a high level of failures in ERP or CRM implementation. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM & ERP advisors located in Ottawa develop solutions that are adaptable and can be integrated naturally into companies.

As we create solid relationships with our clients, we understand their daily life, and we want to see them succeed. We will do everything to make the best CRM or ERP for them.

What We Offer

Our services are perfectly aligned with our mission and processes: we are present from start to finish, and for years to come. Implementation and success rate are at first a question of expertise and support from a great team. We offer implementation, training, and support.

Dynamics CRM Implementation in Ottawa

As I said earlier, Dynamics CRM is really versatile and powerful. It allows you to integrate a ton of functions and customize the CRM to the tastes and needs of its users.

To get there, you will need a Dynamics CRM partner in Ottawa or elsewhere that will be able to support you all long and shed some light on the functions you should add to or customize in your ERP. This is why we offer a detailed, unfailing process with steps that are based on many years of experience.

A Custom Training for Your Team

Obviously, the success of CRM/ERP implementation relies on the training and information you receive. With group or individual training that targets your specific needs and difficulties, and guides with clear and relevant processes, as well as remote training for your immediate needs, Gestisoft makes sure you have everything in hand to perform with your ERP system.

With Gestisoft as your Microsoft Dynamics partner in Ottawa, you will benefit from:

  • A group of expert allies to support you through the implementation with on-site personalized trainings
  • Custom user materials
  • Personalized workshops to make all the adjustments to your solution
  • Group and individual trainings on general or particular functions
  • Video trainings

Support That Ensures Your Long Term Success

At Gestisoft, it’s essential for us to be proactive in our customer service. We like to see problems in advance so we can nip them in the bud. To achieve that, we have put the Privilege Support in place, available to all our Dynamics CRM clients in Ottawa and elsewhere.

Request a number of hours per year in your plan and get the expert service at your fingertips.

The Privilege Support allows our clients to monetize their investment, and increase their productivity by ensuring the success of their CRP or ERP. How exactly?

  • One-stop shop: easy to use and discuss with an advisor ready to answer your questions and solve your problems.
  • An annual evaluation to see problems coming in advance
  • A complete support plan to ensure constant progress

As you can see, choosing your Dynamics CRM expert in Ottawa, or elsewhere, is not a simple task. By choosing a partner that has your success at heart and has put in place procedures that rely on experience, as well as services like training or technical support, it goes without saying that you have found the team that will help you perform and use your CRM to its full potential.

Want to know more? Find us here, or at this address: 116 Albert St Suite 300, Ottawa, ON K1P 5G3. You can also give us a call at 1 (613) 777-4907.

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December 03, 2021 by Lukas Vézina Marketing Content Specialist

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