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What Are Dynamics 365 Power Apps Tutorials Available To Become A Pro?

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM platform is one complete solution for all your customer relationship management needs and enhancing your team's productivity and operational efficiency. While Dynamics 365 provides powerful tools, you still need to gain the right skills to make the best out of these tools.

But you need not worry too much about the learning curve. You have hundreds of learning materials, tutorials, and well-guided learning paths that will bring you to use some advanced tools like the Dynamics 365 PowerApps within a short period.

Dynamics 365 Power Apps

What Is It?

Dynamics 365 PowerApps is one of the premium features provided by the Dynamics 365 platform. It is a rapid app development platform that consists of a suite of applications, services, connectors, and a robust data platform. You can use it to create powerful custom applications for your particular business needs.

All apps you build on the PowerApps platform can easily integrate with your existing data platforms or any data sources such as Sharepoint, Microsoft 365, SQL Server, Dynamics 365, and so on, thus giving you unlimited potential for business automation and integrated services.  

Who Uses It?

Any business or organization that uses the Dynamics 365 Platform can make use of the PowerApps suite to create custom apps to fit their business logic.


Here are some of the apparent advantages you gain by building custom apps with the PowerApp platform:

  • Custom apps allow you to transform your business logic and workflow capabilities into a software application
  • Allows for digitizing and automating manual processes
  • All PowerApp based apps are responsive by default and thus can be easily adapted to any device and screen size. It provides cross-platform support for all the apps.
  • Allows for creating highly functional custom apps without having to write code.

Dynamics 365 Power Apps tutorial in Learn PowerApps

The best source to learn how to build custom apps with the PowerApps platform would be the extensive documentation maintained by the Dynamics 365 platform.

Screen shot of the Power Apps learn section

You get complete documentation of all the features, the different data sources, data platforms, and more. The Dynamics 365 Power Apps tutorials come in the form of detailed documentation and video content, making it easy for you to understand all the concepts.

The Microsoft Learn Portal also groups the learning materials into modules and paths that let you make the most out of the tutorial content.  

Dynamics 365 Power Apps Tutorial In Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a free learning platform provided by Microsoft. It provides ample learning materials, tutorials, and course modules that help learners gain hands-on training on the various products and skillsets required to master the workings of Microsoft products and platforms such as the Dynamics 365 platform.

Screen shot of Microsoft Learn

It interactively teaches in-demand technical skills, and the courses include products and services like Azure, Microsoft 365, Power platform, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. All the course materials and learning content are available for free and are made available in 23 languages.

You can use Microsoft Learn to get an in-depth understanding of how the Power App platform works and how best you can use it to transform your business logic into functional apps. You get detailed Power Apps tutorials that teach you the step-by-step process of creating custom apps, adding new features, and handling the various data sources.

Which Modules are Available?

All course content is grouped into modules that consist of a sequence of steps or learning topics that must be completed to be considered to qualify for completion of the module. These smaller learning steps are called units and are usually an hour-long video tutorial that discusses a particular topic. The more units you complete, the more experience and knowledge you gain, indicated by the reward points (XP) awarded after each unit.

Completing the preceding unit or module would be considered necessary to proceed with further learning as each step/ unit is organized in increasing levels of difficulty.

What Are Learning Path?

Learning paths are a sequential organization of several modules aimed at giving you the guidance and direction to course through the learning materials that best suit your purpose.

For instance, if you are a developer looking for in-depth learning about the Power Apps platform, you can choose the learning path that focuses on building apps with the Power Apps platform. But if you are a system administrator, you can choose a different learning path that focuses on the various admin tasks, data management, and similar courses that are more relevant to the tasks an admin would carry out using the Power Apps platform.

Filter by Role, by Level

To make content discovery easier, the Learn platform allows you to filter your search for Power Apps tutorials with the help of different tags. The tags that you can use for filtering include:

  • Job Role: The learner’s role in the organization, which could be admin, developer, architect, end-user, or a business analyst
  • Level: The skill level of the learner can be classified as beginner or intermediate.
  • Product: The actual product or skillset you are focused on learning about. For learning about Power Apps, you will have to set this tag to Power Apps.
Here's an example of all available Learning Paths for beginner's level business owners

102 Modules And Learning Path

The Microsoft Learn platform provides about 102 modules and associated learning paths relevant to the Power Apps platform. You can choose the learning paths based on your end goals, skill level, or job role and start learning at your own pace.

Dynamics 365 Power Apps Website Tutorial

Official Microsoft Website

The Microsoft docs website is the official website to find all details relevant to the Power Apps platform. This site is a complete knowledge repository with detailed documentation on all the features of the Power Apps platform.

Find All The Resources You Need For Everything + Updates

Even if you choose another learning platform or a professional course to learn about the Power Apps platform, you can continue to use this site as your primary reference. The Dynamics 365 platform releases regular updates and keeps on refining the Power Apps platform every quarter. Keeping an eye on the official Power Apps tutorial website will let you know of all the latest updates and let you take advantage of the advanced functionalities as soon as possible.

Find All The Workflow Tools Resource

The site also provides extensive tutorials and step-by-step guides for all types of workflow tools, applications, and services.

Go Further Than Dynamics 365 Power Apps Tutorial

While the Learn platform does provide a good amount of course materials, you may need to get proper validation for your Power Apps skills. The Learn platform provides certificates and exams for this purpose. These certificates can be used as a validating document for your employees and identify and hire new talents well-versed in the Power Apps platform.

Exams And Certifications

Here are some of the Certifications and exams associated with the PowerApps platform that you can take to test your skills and add value to your effort spent on learning.

  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Solution Architect Expert  - Exam PL- 600
  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Functional Consultant Associate- Exam PL- 200
  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Developer Associate- Exam PL - 400
  • Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 + Power Platform Solution Architect Expert - Exam MB - 600
  • Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate- ExamPL-100

Gestisoft Microsoft Dynamics 365 Tutorial

While the Microsoft Learn platform is indeed an excellent place to start your PowerApps training, it does not really cover the nuances of adapting Power Apps to your custom needs and niche requirements. It may also be difficult to self-learn when you have only a little time on your hands. So let us get you started on deeper learning with our expert guidance at Gestisoft.

Our training includes excellent collaboration among the learners and teachers, ensuring you understand the concepts well and are equipped with the right skills to make feature-rich and quality custom apps with PowerApps.

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