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What Dynamics 365 Marketing training does Microsoft offer?

Dynamics 365 Marketing training via the Microsoft Learn platform is one of the best possible ways to get to grips with this powerful CRM software. If either you or your business is looking to learn Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s own training platform provides a whole host of free educational content online, for its entire range of technologies and services. It’s fun, interactive, and hands-on, and can be fully customized according to your own skill level, needs and goals.

With Microsoft Learn Dynamics 365, you can choose individual modules aimed at specific features of the service, or follow an extended learning path that will get you up to speed with some of the most important functionalities and competencies. If you’re learning Dynamics 365 for a specific job function, there’s also the option in Microsoft Learn to organize the educational modules according to the roles they’re relevant to. There are both modules and learning paths for Dynamics 365 Marketing training on Microsoft Learn, as well as industry-recognized certifications that you can attain.

Dynamics 365 Marketing training

Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to create effective, customized marketing campaigns via email, to organize events, to design personalized marketing journeys for your potential customers, and much more besides. Dynamics 365 Marketing training in Microsoft Learn will show you how to make the most of all these features.

There are a few different ways that the educational content for Dynamics 365 Marketing training can be organized:

  • According to skill level. Beginner and intermediate modules and learning paths are available.
  • By role. Dynamics 365 Marketing training can be specifically tailored for: administrator, business analyst, business owner, business user, functional consultant, & technology manager

Two ways to learn Dynamics 365

Depending on your own learning style, how much time you have, and your specific goals, you can learn Dynamics 365 in your own personalized way on Microsoft Learn. The two main options are:


These are relatively short, focused learning courses intended to teach you a specific function or feature. Dynamics 365 Marketing training features such modules as Introduction to Dynamics 365 Marketing, Create a webinar event in Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Manage subscription centers and double opt-in in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Learning paths.

These are collections of modules, teaching you a broader set of skills as you learn Dynamics 365 in a more in-depth way. Some Dynamics 365 Marketing learning paths include Manage events in Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Analyze insights in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Learn Dynamics 365: what will it teach you?

Dynamics 365 Marketing training covers a wide variety of topics. Let’s take a closer look at each of the modules and learning paths that are currently available to those looking to learn Dynamics 365 on Microsoft Learn.

The modules are as follows:

  • Introduction to Dynamics 365 Marketing

This covers what you need to know about why Dynamics 365 Marketing is so useful, and explores its basic features.

  • Dynamics 365 Marketing

After this module, you’ll have a firm handle on the business value of Dynamics 365 Marketing, as well as knowing how it works and looks.

  • Set up and manage Dynamics 365 Marketing

This teaches you how to move beyond basic email marketing to start identifying and developing leads, how to connect marketing with sales, and how to automate processes.

  • Manage assets and content settings in Dynamics 365 Marketing

After this module, you’ll be able to upload and use images, adjust settings, and use content block elements.

  • Review domain authentication, email best practices, and GDPR in Dynamics 365 Marketing

This intermediate module teaches you more about all these important aspects of the software.

  • Manage customers in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Teaching you how to manage contacts, accounts, and leads, this module will show you how to optimize account-based marketing, with scoring and qualifying of your leads.

  • Advanced configuration for Dynamics 365 Marketing

This module shows you how to fine-tune the applications’ behavior, including advanced settings and reviewing quotas. Here you’ll also learn how to activate one of the most useful elements of Dynamics 365 Marketing, which is its ability to integrate with LinkedIn.

  • Manage forms, pages, and subscription centers in Dynamics 365 Marketing

This module teaches you how to create marketing forms, and how to add them to your pages.

  • Create a webinar event in Dynamics 365 Marketing

This is where you can learn how to set up online meetings and conferences to promote your company or brand. It shows you how to configure webinar settings, and how to connect your event management to a third-party webinar provider.

  • Manage website visits, redirect URLs, and social postings in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Here you’ll learn how to keep tabs on who is visiting your site, how to redirect them effectively, and how to properly schedule your social media posts and messages.

  • Promote events, manage registration and check-ins, and review results in Dynamics 365 Marketing

If you’ve decided to create an online or in-person event as part of your marketing strategy, this module will teach you all you need to know about handling it. How to get the word out about your event, how to keep track of who’s attending and when they arrive, and more.

  • Create an on-site event in Dynamics 365 Marketing

This module teaches you how to handle events in the earliest phases. You’ll learn how to create an event website, budget for the event, and start doing promotional work.

  • Advanced event management features in Dynamics 365 Marketing

Once you’ve got to grips with the basics of event planning, this will take you to the next level. You’ll learn how to set up waitlists and session-by-session registration, as well as how to set up recurring events.

  • Evaluate marketing initiatives with analytics in Dynamics 365 Marketing

This lets you bring data-driven insights into the planning of your marketing strategy, showing you how to evaluate key performance indicators for your target audience.

  • Manage subscription centers and double opt-in in Dynamics 365 Marketing

You’ll learn how to create subscription forms and lists, and how to set up relevant content settings.

  • Review the marketing calendar in Dynamics 365 Marketing

This module shows you how to properly visualize your marketing activities.

The learning paths for Dynamics 365 Marketing are:

  • Set up Dynamics 365 Marketing and configure advanced settings.
  • Manage events in Dynamics 365 Marketing.
  • Work with core features in Dynamics 365 Marketing.
  • Analyze insights in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Going beyond Dynamics 365 Marketing training

Once you’ve taken advantage of Microsoft Learn to learn Dynamics 365, and mastered its Marketing applications, you can evaluate and demonstrate your competencies with Microsoft Certified. The Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant Associate certification combines the Microsoft Power Platform + Dynamics 365 Core exam with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing exam.

Alongside your use of the Microsoft Learn platform, you can complement your education with the services provided by Gestisoft. Besides custom implementations of CRM software, tailored to your business needs, and useful guidance to find the best solution for your business, Gestisoft also provides extensive training in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Marketing training is just one of our fields of interest, and we’ll make sure that you pick up all the skills that you need to benefit from Dynamics 365.

Get in touch with Gestisoft to book a consultation, and benefit from the same expertise that has been serving Quebec businesses for over 20 years.

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