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Dynamics 365 Gamification

Did you know that gamification is a great solution available for MS Dynamics 365, enabling your employees to easily participate in various individual as well as team-based competitions? With gamification, you have the amazing ability to now implement game mechanics easily into your Dynamics 365 experience. It is great as it can motivate and urge users to compete against one another instead of being policed in order to meet their weekly or monthly goals, such as sales targets.

While you have invested a lot of time and money in order to implement Dynamics 365 into your business, keep in mind that the work doesn’t end there.  You have to take a very important step once this application has been implemented in the business. You have to urge your employees to use the application on a daily basis and especially make them want to use it. This will help facilitate the adoption of the system in your business so that you can get the best results.

Here is the good news. Microsoft has developed a great tool to help you make this promotion and ease the transition while encouraging all your employees to work in a team by encouraging healthy and fun indoor competition with the Dynamics 365 Gamification app. Isn’t that great!

The main idea behind Dynamics 365 – Gamification is transforming your employees into great game players that earn points by achieving your organization’s most important and crucial metrics.

The application is great for your company as it:

  • Energizes your employees
  • Involves and engages everyone in your company
  • Helps accelerate the adoption of the software by all your employees

Work and have Fun with Dynamics 365 Gamification at the Same Time

Leverage the Dynamics 365 Gamification app to transform your work into real fun activities with engaging and exciting games to energize and engage all your employees. You can rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gamification app as it is a great solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that allows your employees to participate in great individual as well as team games. These games motivate your employees to achieve certain predefined sales goals by offering various incentives, such as prizes, privileges, rewards and recognition.

As a company, you may establish and assign various prizes for many categories and places. You can do this within each category, like Player Position Awards, Game Point Prizes, and KPI Awards (only to mention a few!).

Note that when you use a Fantasy Team format in the app, you will also get the option to choose your favorite sports theme, which is great. So, whether you are a fan of American Football or Hockey, you are covered as you may choose from up to TWELVE different themes, which is amazing.

The solution is also integrated with various Dynamics 365 modules such as the following:

  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Field Service
  • Automation of the project service

The solution is great as it based on activities that foster an environment of collaboration and competition in your company in order to increase employee performance and participation. Employees can do a lot of things with the app. They can compete in games with sports themes, create teams, or encourages their favorite teams.

The competition does not only drive the sales team’s performance and productivity, it is also an excellent way to enhance employee morale, measure and track their success, and easily find out what they are doing daily. And you can do this without needing to dive into your CRM in order to come up with your reports, which can be a hassle.

Gamification is unlike conventional solutions that only motivate a small number of employees for a short period. It actually encourages participation in large scale by involving more people in the game for a longer period of time, which is great. With gamification you can work immensely fun and engaging at the same time!

Learn how Dynamics 365 Gamification works

Mechanical Game

This is a great game as it involves everyone in your company in the game as players who either earn points or fans who create or encourage their teams. You can choose from many sports themes that are appreciated by all your employees, such as football, and basketball, etc. The best thing about it is that you can keep your employees engaged in the games longer with various key performance indicators.

These KPIs lead to good practices, involvement of your human resources, and generate tangible results for your company. You can also level the playing field by assigning players certain positions.

Monitor Performance

The app allows you to set clear objectives and goals with key performance indicators, or KPIs. You can also improve team performance with positive reinforcement, more recognition and rewards. This will keep your players and fans energized and concentrate on core objectives (KPI). Gamification uses calculation scores based on data from spreadsheets in Dynamics 365 or Excel.

See Concrete and Visible Results

You can improve performance at all levels in your company with increased visibility of results that help increase accountability and promote fun and healthy competition at the same time. You can also stream individual ranking and team results on large screens in your office or call center. Why not join a fanfare with celebration video clips which launch in real time when your players or teams celebrate a victory !

Dynamics 365

Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the latest generation of innovative and intelligent business applications for your business that allows your organization to evolve, grow, and transform. The great thing is that these applications unify CRM as well as the capabilities with ERP. This facilitates applications designed for the sole purpose of operating perfectly together in order to help manage specific business functions.

They also enable your organization to improve continuously in order to meet the changing needs and preferences of customers and capture new opportunities for your business.

You can Integrate Gamification with the following Dynamics 365 Modules

Field Service: You can identify and create great opportunities in the field for your sales teams.

Project Service Automation: offer better sales and delivery support. Allow your teams to engage customers while delivering billable projects under budget and on time.

Customer Service: You can now get a complete and comprehensive view of your customers, including their business history, key contacts, communications and internal discussions, among others.

Operations: You can master the end-to-end sales process from prospect to cash to get the best results.

Marketing:  This allows your marketing and sales functions to closely manage all interactions across the entire customer journey.

How to Install Dynamics 365 Gamification to your CRM ?

You can install the app by following these steps :

  • Go to App Source: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Gamification

Important: To install the application, you must have the administrator security level on the computer.

  • Click on the Get It Now button. The app is free!
  • Now you have to select the instance of your Dynamics 365 that you wish to install.
  • In the administrative portal of your Dynamics 365, under the tab “Applications”, you will see if the application is installed and available to be installed in your environment
  • Go to your Dynamics 365 and click on Advanced Settings.
  • Now select Solutions.
  • Now selects Gamification in the list of installed solutions in your Dynamics 365. And, click the Start Activation button.
  • Allow this app to install in your environment.
  • Now click Generate Security Key. The key may take 15 to 20 seconds to generate itself.
  • Make a copy of the alphanumeric key and paste it into the Security Key field.
  • If you enter the correct key, you will be welcomed !
  • Now, you will notice that the synchronization is in progress. The bit synchronization process does take 15 to 20 minutes. So, you have to be patient, otherwise you will have to repeat steps 8 to 12.
  • You can then click on Open Gamification Portal. If you have not configured the key performance indicators of your employees, you will have one default setting that you can use to make your test implementation. It is best, however, that you create it to better reflect the realities of your employees.
  • Here is the portal once the integration of Dynamics 365 is complete. You have to add members by giving them appropriate security roles so that they have access to the portal.

Good luck with your competition! You can create events surrounding the games in order to create a buzz and excitement among your employees !

Final Thoughts

With Gamification, you don’t have anything to lose and a lot to gain with higher end-user adoption, leading to increased productivity in your company by making the most out of your valuable Dynamics 365 investment.

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November 12, 2020 by Frédéric Charest VP of Marketing

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