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Dynamics 365 for Customer Service: How to Earn Customer Loyalty

Earning customer loyalty is no easy feat. It’s a key element enabling companies to guarantee stable income levels, meet fixed goals and project realistic and achievable results. Microsoft has developed a Dynamics 365 module especially for companies striving to improve their customer engagements and increase their customer retention rate. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can help your company improve its customer retention rate by enabling you to:

  • Engage with customers on any channel or device;
  • Deliver fast, personalized service;
  • Learn from every interaction;
  • Innovate with a modern and adaptable platform.

Beyond the well-documented methods for increasing customer retention rate, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service has several communication and optimization options that can truly make a difference.

Engage With Customers on any Channel or Device

Understanding how to deal with customers who are unsatisfied with your services or experiencing technical difficulties is an art. Customers in these circumstances expect exceptional customer service.

Create Effortless Support Experiences

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, your customers can find answers themselves through self-service, community or social channels. Providing your customers with quick and simple access can greatly reduce the frustration caused by the inconvenient situations they may find themselves in with your products or services.

With all these channels, you can easily route cases to the right agent for quick and optimal resolution. Thereby reducing wait times, improving follow-ups and… earning customer loyalty by ensuring they feel supported when using your products!

Use AI Through Virtual Agents

It’s no secret, one of the greatest issues with customer support is the limited availability of agents, often due to the large volume of calls companies receive daily. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service empowers you to automate resolution by using virtual agents, enabling you to free up agents for high-value interactions.

Virtual agents have one benefit in particular: they are always available. They don’t face any time constraints or performance-related pressure, and your customers will greatly appreciate their existence.

Resolve Issues With Predictive Care

As the age-old saying goes, prevention is better than the cure, and this also applies to customer service. Keep customers happy by avoiding service and support issues. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables you to analyze data from connected devices at a glance and take action before warning sings become a problem requiring a lot more effort to resolve.

The Customer Service module makes it easy to prevent problems and thereby reduce the number of calls and customer support requests, increasing the availability of your agents. Your agents will be able to focus on cases that can’t be resolved using AI or predictive care.

Deliver Fast, Personalized Service

I can’t say it enough: providing fast and optimal services is the most important factor of customer service. You should never take your current customers for granted; they can be your greatest allies by recommending you to others. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service has come up with many ways to help you deliver fast, personalized service.

Quickly Guide Agents to Outcomes

The Customer Service module’s intuitive interface provides an overview of all relevant information, so that your agents can make the right decision exactly when they need to. The application has been designed to use intelligent automation and dynamically guide agents to provide optimal customer service. Intelligent automation has several undeniable advantages: it reduces the time required to resolve issues, improves customer satisfaction and agent satisfaction, by providing agents with all the information they need to support customers. It’s a win-win!

Personalize Service With a Complete Customer View

You don’t want customers to feel like a number in a queue when dealing with your company. By having a better view of each customer’s journey, your agents can better advise them and guide them to the right products or services offered by your company based on their habits and needs. So, your customers get to enjoy a special service where your agents can anticipate their needs and personalize every interaction.

Empower Agents to Resolve Problems Themselves Using AI

Help your agents to be more productive and avoid having to escalate customer queries to a higher level, requiring more time. Artificial intelligence uses contextual data about customers and your business to make smart recommendations.

Learn From Every Interaction

There’s a lesson to be learned every time an agent resolves an issue. Seeing each issue as a learning opportunity rather than a burden can quickly become an asset for your company. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service provides the tools you need to do this.

Learn From Your Customers

To retain customers, you need to take their comments and opinions into account. Give your customers the opportunity to voice their concerns using direct survey feedback, discussion forums, and social listening. Having collected service experience data is a huge asset when you start thinking about ways to improve your customer services.

Turn Insights Into Action

Your team of agents is your greatest strength. You need to encourage them to provide the best customer service possible. With Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, you can improve services through targeted analysis of contact centre operations and business-critical data, including strategic information about billing, request processing times, and discounts. Dynamics 365 for Customer Services also enables you to equip your agents with the best tools, thereby improving their performance.

Furthermore, you can motivate your agents with individual games and team competitions. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service makes customer service an enjoyable experience for all!

Speed Onboarding and Adoption

The effort required to welcome a new employee should never be underestimated. The Customer Service module provides you with the tools you need to quickly onboard new agents and keep them up to date on new features and identified best practices in no time. With tailored in-app learning that’s always available, you can speed up your team’s adoption of the Customer Service module.

Enable an Agile Support Model

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service empowers you to optimize and allocate resources based on popular channels, trending issues, and required skills to address daily requests. Your agents will be able to focus on their area of expertise, thereby improving customer service and resolution time.

Innovate With a Modern and Adaptable Platform

The technology train flies by, and you have to jump aboard as quickly as possible. Thankfully, solutions like Dynamics 365 for Customer Service make it easy.

Adapt Quickly

You can adapt Dynamics 365 for Customer Services to your company’s needs using no-code visual editors and tools that make it easy to build and deploy web and mobile applications.

Unify your Service Environment

You can interconnect all Dynamics 365 modules (not just Customer Service) and automate their processes. Synchronizing data will enable your teams to provide better customer experiences.

Invest With Confidence

Managing data can quickly become demanding. By using Dynamics 365 datacentres, you can reduce the cost, time, and complexity of operating a global infrastructure.

In conclusion, Dynamics 365 for Customer Service can be major ally for your customer service centre and help you increase your customer retention rate. Interested in implementing Dynamics 365 in your company to improve process management? Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and options.

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April 10, 2019 by Frédéric Charest VP of Marketing

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