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What is CRM Real Estate Software?

For several years, CRM real estate software has been strongly recommended for a number of reasons. So what exactly is this solution that many professionals now consider a must-have? What are the benefits of this software? We’ll review these relevant questions in the following article.

What is CRM real estate software?

Brief definition of CRM

The term CRM refers to “Customer Relationship Management.” In practice, this type of software allows a business, corporation or organization to accelerate its sales, thanks to the optimal capture, processing and analysis of data associated with clients/prospects. Deploying a CRM will therefore noticeably and significantly improve your customer service.

Why use CRM real estate software?

Using CRM real estate software means that, above all, you’ll limit errors due to manual entry. Basically, these solutions ensure that a database dedicated to relations between a business, corporation or organization and its clients/prospects is automatically defined.

What’s more, centralizing data makes it easier for each department to access a variety of relevant information in real time. With optimized internal communication and organization, you’re guaranteed better results!

Likewise, automatic data entry by CRM real estate software means that information can be precisely tracked. You’re just a few clicks away from identifying the origin of certain data, allowing you to implement best practices in real time.

What are the main functionalities of CRM real estate software?

In addition to a dashboard that brings together many pertinent data, CRM real estate software offers a number of functionalities that have become essential. Here’s a detailed list of these attractive features.

Managing and analyzing data with CRM real estate software

With CRM real estate software, you can simplify and optimize how you manage proposals, requests, acts and mandates. Furthermore, the ability to organize visits and study mandates/investors are other reasons to opt for this type of digital solution.

You’ll note there are several functionalities pertaining to data, including:

  • Analysis of data and of mandate/client profitability
  • Dashboard
  • Sales forecasting
  • Anticipation of client needs

Prospecting for new clients

Every business, corporation or organization must inevitably invest considerable effort in prospecting and expanding its operations. CRM real estate software also optimizes these activities by automating mandate sharing via various popular portals (such as or Century 21). Every professional will benefit from a variety of functionalities, including:

  • Directly manage contacts and web marketing campaigns
  • Choose to merge emails and send bulk emails
  • Define histories and registers
  • Quickly import data on prospects

Improving communication

CRM real estate software is a great way to improve communication with every prospect, client and collaborator, as well as at your business, corporation or organization. In this regard, the ability to collaborate and release publications via several communication channels are significant benefits.

This software also allows you to dial numbers (here, voice over IP is with Teams), send out physical or electronic mail and, with a few clicks, manage how emails are sent and received. All in all, a CRM can take care of many communication-related tasks with its relevant functionalities.

Marketing tracking

Understandably, prospecting requires you to implement particular marketing strategies to maximize your results. CRM real estate software also covers this crucial step, thanks to useful tools designed for:

  • Creating marketing campaigns
  • Using standard templates offered by the CRM to write your automated mail
  • Tracking campaigns
  • Assigning contracts following the implemented strategy

Gathering and converting leads

The automatic entry and analysis offered by CRM real estate software helps you convert leads. The ability to create online forms and use community networks and other communication-related tools allows you to identify some of the priorities for each team/department in just a few clicks.

Simplifying client and supplier invoicing

You’ll also find it easier to manage sales cycles if you deploy CRM real estate software. It will allow you to create and store every invoice, quote and catalogue in a centralized, automated manner, a feature that’s critical for the operations of a business, corporation or organization. You’ll also benefit from customized models when drafting emails and invoices.

What are the benefits of using CRM real estate software?

CRM real estate software benefits legitimate, inarguable popularity thanks to its features. Here’s a detailed list of these perks:

  • Simplify collaboration with clients and other real estate agents
  • Automate marketing actions and real estate agents’ tasks
  • Make it easier to assign prospects to the right proposals
  • Keep information accessible, no matter the situation (particularly during moves)—this has been proven to increase productivity

Furthermore, you’ll grow your prospects and leads thanks to:

  • Better, entirely automated marketing strategies—risk of error and oversight are reduced to anecdotal levels
  • Every buyer and seller prospect segmentation is optimized
  • More efficient prospect tracking
  • Analysis and reporting of marketing results
  • Development of a database to reuse for future projects

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: the best option for your real estate agents

Among the different software available, Microsoft Dynamics is a particularly popular and widely used CRM real estate software (it’s also meant for other professionals). Naturally, the American giant’s know‑how makes for an incontestable experience.


It’s crucial to personalize your CRM real estate software. This will make your software more efficient by customizing it based on the specific operations and processes of your business, corporation or organization. In this aspect, Microsoft Dynamics stands out from its competitors’ models.

Personalizing forms or workflows allows you to automate multiple tasks. This configuration is meant to make the software accessible by integrating various tools.

The Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem

Microsoft Dynamics consists of an inviting ecosystem. Its infrastructure encompasses multiple digital solutions. Their popularity is indisputable, whether it’s the American giant’s CRM or ERP.

Connect Microsoft Dynamics with other tools such as Office 365 or SharePoint, both of which are entirely compatible with this software.

Trust Gestisoft to guide you in implementing your real estate CRM

Without a doubt, CRM real estate software has proved a truly essential tool for dealing with increasingly strong competition. It’s really crucial for every professional to optimize their client/prospect relations.

However, choosing the “right” real estate CRM is also critical for guaranteeing the long-term profitability of your investment. Evidently, your business, corporation or organization must analyze its needs to achieve this goal.

Gestisoft offers personalized guidance on this matter—we’ll partner with you to identify the software most suitable for your needs. Our consultants will be happy to evaluate your needs and expectations. For guidance with this, contact us today via our website. Our form only takes a few moments to fill out, and we’ll get back to you very shortly!

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