The first membership management software for association or regulatory bodies solution integrated with Microsoft PowerApps

Legio 365, the member management solution for regulatory bodies and associations

Legio 365 is a solution for your employees, who manage, protect and supervise thousands of members for your association or regulatory body. Gestisoft has been working for 25 years with professional associations and regulatory bodies and can finally present this new technology. Legio 365 is the solution for everyday tasks that take time and reduce productivity, but need to be accomplished.

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Infinite Possibilities

Legio 365 has 15 modules and more than 300 functions designed to speed up your organization and simplify your life.

We are proud to present Legio 365, the association management solution intended for regulatory bodies and professional associations. It includes all the functions of access to the profession, registry, renewal, discipline, investigation, queries and complaints, courtesy, events, elections, members' web portal, mass messaging, etc. The solution is developed with Microsoft Power Apps business applications and is fully integrated with productivity tools like Microsoft Office, Outlook, Sharepoint and Teams.


Simplify your Regulatory Body’s management and automate your administrative tasks

Legio 365has 15 modules and more than 300 functions designed to speed up yourorganization and simplify your life.
Membership management and Renewal
Reduce your administrative tasks of your renewal by 75% with the web portal, the annual declaration, and the online payment of your members.
Admissions management
Manage the steps and requirements for admission to practice (collection of documents, request for equivalencies, exams, payment, convictionand more!)
Management of complaints, ethics and discipline
Manage the disciplinary file of your members with the information required to manage the complaint to the management of the hearing and sanctions.
Event management
Organize your events from the simplest to the most complex one, with marketing communication tools, online registrations and payments, web portal integration and more!
Continuing Education
Manage your course catalog. Track your members' credits ,units or hours of training and ensure that continuing education requirements are met.
Practice monitoring
Keep control over the profession’s practice with all the main functions of the quality assurance department, such as the preparation of the annual general inspection program, special inspections, management of illegal practice and much more!
Billing and Accounting
Generate invoices for your accounting system or benefit from the only solution with a natively integrated accounting system.
Members owverview
Get quick access to a 360 ° portrait of your members and make the information online for the general public.
And more!
From marketing automation to committee management, Legio 365 offers a host of features to meet your unique needs.
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Speed up the admission process

Simplify procedures with an optimized web portal. A user-friendly and secure web portal with a 10-steps admission process, from membership category, uploading the requested documents, to online payment of membership fees.

Automate administrative tasks. Save time with an automated, a system-sent follow-up emails and a quick access to applicant details.

Centralize data and accelerate the committee's decision. With centralized data storage, and secured access management for better cybersecurity protection, you no longer need to wait while updating the transfer between multiple data bases.

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Improve management of complaints, ethics and discipline

Save time and effort with pre-recorded master data. Reduce recurring and repetitive tasks by preconfiguring all our codes of law, and our templates to apply them to different scenarios, and this throughout the case’s lifecycle.

Quickly access to case details. With the "Timeline" section, follow-up the progress of a case by having a quick overview on emails, phone calls, communications, and appointments related to the case’ progress, and all this with direct integration of Outlook items.

Plan tasks and ensure better case processing. A tool specially developed for Legio 365 which allows you to prepare a list of tasks to be completed for a specific case, in a specific context. Assign each task to the right team, department, case owner, or investigator, and ensure better follow-up.

Refine membership and renewal management

Quickly access the member's billing status. Check the renewals' status with an overview of bills to pay and renewal deadlines.

Alert your members and facilitate the renewal process. Notify your members about renewal deadlines and make the process easier by offering a secure online payment.

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Guarantee better control over the exercise of the profession

Plan tasks and ensure better inspection. A tool specially developed for Legio 365 which allows you to pre-configure a list oftasks to be completed for a specific file, in a specific context. Assign each task to the right team, the right department, the case owner, or the inspector, and ensure better support.

Make field inspection easier. Legio 365 is available as a web or application version on all mobile devices, whether it is a phone or a tablet. With the off-grid functionality, field inspectors no longer have limitations.

Optimize the management of your events

Communicate effectively with your members. Make your event a success, with the mass email marketing tool. Communicate quickly and effectively with thousands of members.

Make the event attendance confirmation process easier. With the web portal, the reservation, the choice of the price formula (individual or group), as well as the payment of the registrations, are done in a few clicks.

Get the best solution for Regulatory Bodies at an affordable price.

Choose the plan that's right for you

Legio comes from a partnership for more than 10 years with several regulatory bodies in Canada. We have developed a solution 100% personalized to your needs and flexible in order to be adapted to the processes of your organization.

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Financial management
Sales and purchasing management
Annual renewal follow-up
Project's accounting management
Integration (Banking, HR, Payroll, eCommerce, BI, and more)
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Legio 365
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Membership management and Renewal
Management of complaints, ethics and discipline
Event management and marketing
Continuing education management
Practice monitoring management -inspection
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions?

Why choose Legio 365 for your regulatory body?

We are an organization that cares about the work and important role of regulatory bodies. The mandate to protect the public is a noble mission and we strongly believe that we must help regulatory bodies with the best tool in order to support you in your daily life. Gestisoft has been developing Legio 365 for the past 10 years. A solution at the forefront of technologies and trends in member management. We work with more than 15 professional orders and associations, +900 users and +250,000 members in order to offer you the best solution for your needs.

Why work with Gestisoft and Legio 365?

With over 25 years of expertise in enterprise technology solutions, we know the reality you face every day. We have implemented hundreds of business tools in different industries and we know how difficult it can be to communicate urgent information across various teams.

Why use Microsoft's PowerApps platform for the Legio 365 tool?

Microsoft PowerApps is a tool that allows us to meet challenges specific to your business with low-code tools for your teams. It allows us to create, adapt and develop an application like Legio 365 for your organization. Completely integrate with the Microsoft Office 365 suite and Dynamics 365, this facilitates the collaboration of Legio 365 with your productivity tools such as Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Why is Legio 365 safe for my members' data?

In addition to protecting and helping you protect the public, Legio 365 allows you to keep your members' information safe and organized in Microsoft PowerApps. Additionally, you can establish user roles to restrict access to your contract manager. You therefore protect yourself against the loss of contracts, but also against theft. With its hosting in Canada, its SLA level of 99.9%, its redundant backups, the best security certifications ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, FedRAMP, UK G-Cloud, PCI DSS, HIPAA as well as its technical support, Legio 365 is a safe place for your members.

Why did you create the Legio 365 application?

Legio comes from a partnership for more than 10 years with several regulatory bodies in Canada. We have developed a solution 100% personalized to your needs and flexible in order to be adapted to the processes of your organization. Recently, we have invested several hundred thousand dollars to redesign the Legio 365 application with the Microsoft Power Apps solution in order to give you access to the latest technological advancements from Microsoft.