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How Legio 365 helps regulatory bodies manage annual membership dues

Legio 365 helps regulatory bodies and professional associations handle their annual membership dues, providing them with a membership management solution.

The challenge for most regulatory bodies is keeping up with its growing member database and renewal process and complying with applicable rules and regulations. With Legio 365, a membership management solution for regulatory bodies and professional associations, these tasks are simpler than they would think.

Because Legio 365 is fully integrated with other Microsoft productivity tools, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint and Teams, it is the ideal regulatory software solution.

Find out how Legio 365, Microsoft’s regulatory software solution, can help ensure your membership annual income and how Gestisoft can provide you with best regulatory software solutions.

Regulatory software solutions for any automatized, accelerated registration process

Legio 365 offers membership software solutions to professional associations and regulatory bodies, helping them manage their members through an automatized registration process. This non-profit membership software has the back-end solutions you need to process, store and report all member data.

You need Legio 365 as your management solution because it’s scalable, flexible and secure, supplying the tools that professional associations and regulatory bodies need to manage their annual membership effectively.

You can take advantage of Legio 365 via the Microsoft Web Platform, relying on the software's login security since it is managed by Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C), a Microsoft identity management service.

Legio 365 has been developed as a non-profit membership application, offering regulatory software solutions and keeping in mind that not all non-profit organizations have access to funds for marketing campaigns.

With its user-friendly web portal, however, Legio 365 offers a comprehensive view of the information every body or association needs to manage membership renewal campaigns, new admissions, training programs and practice licences.

Also, besides quickly accessing applications such as the Microsoft Office Productivity Pack, and its Learning Management Tool, you can use Legio 365 on any mobile device and tablet as easily as you would on your computer. Legio 365 also covers all regulatory-related information and can be accessed via Microsoft Teams, a handy added feature.

Legio 365’s dashboard can be customized to meet your specific needs, according to your role in the organization. In addition, you can easily navigate between each module you have the permission to access, so you can quickly find any information you need.

When accessing a specific member’s admission form, Legio 365 offers a full view of all the relevant information you need to follow up via the registration process:

• General information

• Equivalency conditions

• Documents

• Committee reviews

• Previous convictions

• Portal

• Administration

• And more!

For new members, Legio 365 makes it easy to complete the registration process. Once their admission is completed, they can view upcoming events and register, if interested, access training modules and any information on their practice — just like existing members do.

10-step simplified registration process:

1. Registration type

2. Personal information

3. Academic credentials

4. Employment

5. Fields of practice

6. Insurance

7. Other RBPAs

8. Document transmission

9. Previous convictions

10. Payment

Once the registration process is completed, the administrator receives an email informing him or her of the new registration request, so that the next steps, such as assigning the request to the right committee, can be taken quickly.

How to increase renewal rates with regulatory software solutions

Increasing renewal rates is made easier with integrated marketing automation tools, which enable you to send mass communications to your members to inform them about upcoming payment deadlines and simplify the renewal process. With its mass email marketing tool, you can keep in touch with all your members quickly and effectively.

With the Admin Interface

Legio 365 provides regulatory software solutions that can help you keep track of every member in one place, giving you quick and easy access to their membership status. It also allows you to send targeted messages to help them renew their membership, increasing your regulatory body's renewal rates and saving your organization time and money.

Legio 365 also allows you to collect more data about your members, so you can better communicate with them during future membership renewal campaigns and any other initiative. With the regulatory software solutions of this application, it’s easy to prepare renewal reminder notices, programmed to reach each member based on their renewal deadline.

Quick access to each member's payment history and communications help you predict future payment renewals, so you can get in touch with each member accordingly. To complete the picture, you also have access to a “timeline” section, a quick overview of all emails, phone calls, communications and appointments — all with the possibility of direct integration with Outlook items.

The Member Portal

Legio 365 offers members an extraordinary online experience via its user-friendly web portal.

The web portal offers many advantages to members, giving them access to their profile overview, where they can update their profile and easily stay in touch with their regulatory body. Moreover, they can use this portal to view or pay any outstanding membership invoice directly online. This online payment tool is also available in conjunction with Moneris, so members don’t have to worry about online payment security. With Legio 365, membership payments and renewals are easy, quick and secure.  

How Legio 365 works for you and your members

Legio 365 automates the administrative side of member management, including data entry, storage oversight and personal data updates. It also manages access permissions via for members via user groups.

With its 15 modules and 300 functions, Legio 365 gives you complete independence in managing your member database. A detailed view of each member profile helps you, as an administrator, make sure that all members are compliant and up to date on, for instance, their training and membership payments. By taking care of repetitive administrative tasks — Legio reduces renewal-related administrative tasks by 75% — Legio 365 lets you spend more time engaging and contacting your members, which are also compelling renewal factors.

Legio 365 can also automate the membership renewal process, help plan renewal reminders and facilitate reporting and the production of annual reports. Its user-friendly dashboard can help you quickly access information on new or old members by age group, gender, professional category or certification status, whatever the case may be.

Legio 365 also comes with a timeline that contains information on any action undertaken by administrators and members, supplying useful information for future communications.

As you can see, Legio 365 offers regulatory software solutions that evolve with your organization, helping it meet all its objectives.

Contact the Legio 365 experts

Legio 365’s regulatory software solutions offer an online user-friendly environment for any regulatory body and its members. This system has many benefits, such as the ability to send alerts, facilitate renewal processes and handle requests from your members efficiently.

At Gestisoft, we strongly believe that Legio 365’s regulatory software solutions can help with these tasks. Contact our experts today to learn more about this regulatory system solution or find out how to implement it.

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