The first contract management solution integrated with Microsoft business solutions: PowerApps, Office 365 and Dynamics 365.

Simplify your contract management with Contrat 365

With an app like Contract 365, you can forget about renewing your contracts, filing them, and even late fees. All you have to do is schedule alerts and the Contract 365 solution takes care of the rest.

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Increase your profitability by 9% with a contract management application* like Contract 365

At Gestisoft, we have too often seen companies devote several hours a week to their contract management or lose a lot of agents because of late fees.

So, we decided to create the Contract 365 solution to help companies protect, organize and their contracts.With the help of alerts and notifications, the application allows you to have a complete view of all your contracts, renew them on time and classify them in a safe place away from theft, loss… and forgetfulness!

* Source: Independent International Association for Contrat & Commercial Management

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Organize your contracts strategically.

Too many companies have difficulty classifying, organizing and securely saving their contracts. As there are many of them, the risk of losing them and even having them stolen is great.

Improve the monitoring and payment of your contracts.

Maintaining an accurate overall picture of our contracts late payments, penalties and fees can be extremely complex and time consuming.

Schedule alerts and never lose contracts.

By creating your contracts, you can automatically create alerts that will send you notifications when one of your accounts needs renewal, cancellation or signature.

A unified file for your customers and suppliers.

Track all contracts of your suppliers and customers in a single file. Attach your communications, files and activities to your contracts

Easy to use and expand with the power of Microsoft PowerApps
Import contracts and Contracts, set up alerts and expiration dates, have an overview of your contracts, all in the Contract 365 interface which saves you from wandering from one program to another or get lost for hours in a mountain of data. It's efficient and we love it.
Directly integrated with Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365
You are an avid user of your Microsoft Office or Microsoft Dynamics 365, so do we. That's why we created the Contract 365 app to be fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365 ecosystem.
Advanced search and a wealth of data
Benefit from a powerful program that gives you the ability to find the right information in seconds. With all the data collected in your contracts, it is surprisingly easy to do a more detailed search in the Contract 365 app and you will also be able to take advantage of its comprehensive dashboard that will give you the full picture of your renewals and delays.
Better management with an interactive dashboard
In addition to protecting your contracts from being forgotten, Contract 365 lets you keep them safe and organized in Microsoft PowerApps. Additionally, you can establish user roles to restrict access to your contract manager. Microsoft, with its hosting in Canada, its SLA level of 99.9%, its redundant backups as well as its technical support, is the right platform for your contracts.
Become a contract management pro with Contrat 365 and the help of our experts!
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(And the Microsoft Power Apps platform of $27.10  per user per month)
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Our team helps Canadian companies in their digital transformation projects with the help of Microsoft CRM and ERP applications. Our role is to find how you can use these business solutions to have a real impact on your business. From manufacturing production to managing your sales, our experts will find how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can accelerate your success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why choose Contract 365?

Easy and hassle-free, the Contract 365 app takes care of your contracts while you work to close new agreements or meet new clients.
  • Ensure hassle-free contract management
  • Never lose your contracts again
  • Always stay informed of penalties and late fees on your contracts
  • No longer suffer the repercussions of late contract renewals
  • Be more efficient by automating renewal and overdue alerts
  • Avoid late fees and cancel your contracts on time
  • No longer experience problems with your customers and suppliers

Why work with Gestisoft and Contrat 365?

With over 23 years of expertise in enterprise technology solutions, we know the reality you face every day. We have implemented hundreds of business tools in different industries and we know how difficult it can be to communicate urgent information across various teams.

Why use Microsoft's PowerApps platform for the Contract 365 tool?

Microsoft PowerApps is a tool that allows us to meet challenges specific to your business with low-code tools for your teams. It allows us to create, adapt and develop an application such as Contract 365 for your organization.

Completely integrate with the Microsoft Office 365 suite and Dynamics 365, this facilitates the collaboration of Contrat 365 with your productivity tools such as Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams.

How to use automations and alerts with the Contract 365 tool?

Contract 365 uses the power of Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate to manage automations. With Microsoft Power Automate, you can create alerts based on your contract information and dates.

Whether it's a text, email, or Teams message, you have the flexibility to create alerts that apply to your management needs.

Why did you create the Contrat 365 application?

This idea came from our VP of Professional Services, Pier Lemyre, who had challenges with his internal contract management. We looked at the solutions that were available in the market and they were not suitable for the small business. We decided to make an application that is easy to use and offers the ability to scale for more complex needs.