The first citizen request management solution integrated with Microsoft business solutions

Simplify the citizen service requests management with Civio 365

The Civio 365 application by Gestisoft offers you a quick and preconfigured implementation to get you up and running quickly and on your way to success with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application.


Improve the experience of your citizens with Civio 365.

Offer exceptional service to your citizens while optimizing the work of your 311 agents. Our Civio 365 solution, based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, gives you the tools to centralize information on citizen requests, open new communication channels with stakeholders and offer a self-service platform to your citizens, which will allow you to raise your quality of service to a higher level.
Unified user experience
Give your team of agents a unified user experience where they find all the information and functions they need in one place.
Multichannel communications management
Dynamics 365 offers a unified platform for your agents to deliver a positive and personalized experience to your citizens.
Use of self-service tools
With Civio 365, you will be equipped with a self-service portal including knowledge base management and community management functions.
Simple & Powerful

Offer an intuitive self-service portal to your citizens

Reduction in the number of calls
Offer your citizens several communication channels, adapted to their preference (phone, email or chat), while centralizing requests in one place.
Communications automation
Automatisez plusieurs fonctions comme les courriels de suivi, l'attribution des requêtes aux équipes impliquées.
Real-time visibility
Offer real-time visibility to your citizens, but also to your elected officials, by allowing them to consult the status of their citizens' requests.
Proactive response
Support your citizens by answering their questions through frequently asked questions (FAQ), a chat service and an easy-to-access knowledge base.
Simple & Powerful

Optimize the work of your agents and your teams in the field

Increased efficiency
CRM is the cornerstone of a 311 service. Civio 365's cloud-based database centralizes all your data and allows you to increase the efficiency of the processing of requests. Reconcile similar requests to eliminate duplicates and thus simplify the work of your teams.
Smart routing
Automate the assignment of administrative cases and tasks to the right team, the first time, with routing rules. This powerful functionality adapts to organizational changes and is based on geomatic and / or contextual attributes.
Collaboration made easy
By centralizing the exchange of information, you will optimize coordination, communication and collaboration between the various stakeholders. Civio 365 also allows you to follow up on requests from the general management as well as on citizens' questions expressed to the City Council.

With our team of 75 experts, we have one goal: ensure the success of your project.

Our 75 CRM and ERP experts are dedicated to the success of your project. Specialized in sales, customer service, finance, distribution and manufacturing, our implementation experts have over 38 Microsoft certifications to be one of the best Microsoft Gold Partners in Canada.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any other questions?

Why choose Civio 365 as your case management solution?

Gestisoft has developed its Civio 365 solution to allow you to get started quickly with a complete CRM solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365, adapted to the reality of Cities and to the needs of citizens. Benefit from the expertise of our advisors and the business intelligence acquired by our team during our numerous projects in collaboration with various municipalities.

Why work with Gestisoft?

With more than 23 years of expertise in the field of technological solutions, we know the reality with which you have to deal every day and the challenges, both human and technological, that an implementation project involves. We have implemented hundreds of business tools in different industries and we know how difficult it can be to communicate urgent information across various teams.

Is Civio 365 safe for my citizens' data?

Civio 365 has a level of security that allows you to ensure that elected officials see only the information they need to effectively respond to their fellow citizens. The solution allows you to protect your citizens' information in a secure and organized place in Microsoft PowerApps.

In addition, you can establish user roles to limit access to your citizen request management software, but also against data theft. With its hosting in Canada, its SLA level at 99.9%, its redundant backups, the best ISO 27001, SOC 1, SOC 2, FedRAMP, UK G-Cloud, PCI DSS, HIPAA security certifications as well as its technical support, Civio 365 is a safe place for your citizens.

What is integration with Office 365?

Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is not a simple integration but, it has a common database, Microsoft's Dataverse. Use the power of Office 365 to your advantage. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is fully integrated with the Office 365 suite. Collaborate on the most important Microsoft Dynamics 365 cases from Microsoft Teams. Manage your files directly in SharePoint from Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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