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Why Should Professional Associations and Regulators Use a CRM?

What is a CRM?

CRMs often have similarities to professional associations or governing bodies. However, when we consider CRMs, we think of a business-oriented software, not a state-regulated organization.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

CRM helps regulatory bodies organize client data to take actions based on customer information. This includes managing customers more precisely and taking actions that make interactions more productive and long-lasting.

What Role Does a CRM Play in Professional Associations and Regulatory Bodies?

Associations and regulatory bodies manage members, not clients. So, how can a CRM help an organization like this? If you think about it, substituting "client" with "member," you'll see that members are treated the same as a corporation's clientele. In exchange for joining the association, your members receive a service. Providing them with useful tools will improve your reputation and competence.

  • Is it difficult to get your membership renewed?  
  • Do you have trouble determining how many active members your professional association or regulatory body has?  
  • Are you unsure how to describe your organization's admissions process?  
  • Do you have a system in place to track complaints?

If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, your organization probably needs a CRM.

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A CRM Will Help You Change Your Member Communications for the Better

For starters, CRM provides you with a summary of your membership via the member platform. This platform displays who your members are, their contact information, and the communications you have with them in real time.

The yearly renewal process also becomes particularly easy, thanks to this data centralization solution. The renewal is issued automatically on a set date based on your membership criteria through an automated process.

The adoption of a CRM within your regulatory body considerably facilitates communications with your members. Send a newsletter to keep your members updated about your organization's happenings. You can also track who opens and reads your newsletter. This allows you to adapt and optimize the content of the messages you send out regularly.

It can take a lot of time to manage an association or regulatory body, especially for things like invoices and accounting. This issue is almost magically solved by a CRM.

Managers of regulatory bodies often see the highest efficiency in using a CRM at the accounting level. This is because invoices are delivered automatically based on your member's membership date. Keep your accounting up to date by using a CRM. This lets you set up automated invoice sending and reminders for members, depending on how often you need to pay them.

To meet the standards of their field of competence, professional associations and regulatory bodies must establish a strong and thorough admission procedure. You may build up this procedure using a CRM by setting the admission and equivalency criteria. Renewal is made easier by automatically keeping and updating the membership roster. Even professional examinations of your members may be incorporated directly into your CRM's tree structure, letting you keep a closer look on their practice. These automatic procedures save you time as an association or regulatory body leader. You can spend more time focusing on what is important instead of doing repetitive tasks.

Because you have control over your organization's information, using a CRM provides better practice monitoring. You may use the CRM to set up effective complaint management methods. Your data also provides you with an accurate picture of your organization's professional members' level of ethics and discipline. You can customize your activities to your members' needs by providing the right type of continuing education. This is because you have access to great practice monitoring.

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How Do You Choose the Best CRM for Your Professional Association or Regulatory Body?

To use a CRM effectively, you'll need some criteria to guide you in selecting the most optimal software for your organization.

You should learn more about the software's capabilities.

For example, can it send automated emails? Is it able to track your website? Is event planning a part of it? Does it allow you to optimize the admissions procedure?

These are just a few examples, but you may search for CRM software that meets all of the requirements that apply to your situation as a regulatory body.

After you list your needs, you may check the price and growth potential of the CRM system proposed to you against other market offerings. Consider the expense of CRM software as an investment that'll protect your organization's professionalism and discipline. What you may feel a cost in the short term will turn out to be one of your finest investments in the medium and long run.

However, you must make sure that the solution is scalable to avoid wasting your money. CRM implementation is likely to increase your credibility in your professional sectors and expand the number of memberships since your reputation will precede you. The CRM must be able to handle many users while also letting you customize it to your needs.

Lastly, a CRM for an association or regulatory body must be easy to deploy and have help from your provider from a technical standpoint. Make sure you have access to after-sales support if you have any queries or difficulties. Check the sort of data storage as well, as some companies offer local server storage, while others offer a cloud-based option.

Gestisoft's Approach for Professional Associations and Regulatory Bodies

At Gestisoft, we're experts in CRM and ERP solutions. What sets us apart from other professional software suppliers, however, is that we understand your situation as the manager of a professional association or regulatory body.

We've provided business solutions to associations and regulatory bodies for more than 12 years.

Since we understand your business situation, we can assure you that Legio 365 satisfies all the criteria for a strong organizations aimed CRM.

Our solution allows you to adapt the modules according to the nature of your organization thanks to its appealing and user-friendly design.

Legio 365 has nine modules to help you handle all aspects of your professional association's administrative life:

  • Admission and renewals
  • Continuing education
  • Practice monitoring
  • Management of applications
  • Discipline and ethics
  • Management of complaints
  • Dashboard
  • Committee
  • Events
  • Marketing

Legio 365 is also a member of the Microsoft family of companies. As a result, it's compatible with Outlook and Microsoft Office, allowing you to better manage and interact with your team. Legio 365 is a management platform that can handle all your email, member satisfaction, billing, and mass marketing needs.

Legio 365 is a new CRM system on the market, but it is the only one built specifically for regulatory bodies. You can take your organization's communications to the next level by collaborating with the experts at Gestisoft. Using a CRM to automate administrative chores can save you up to 75% of your time.

Contact us if you're looking for a reliable and scalable IT solution to manage your professional association or regulatory body.

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