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With over 25 years of expertise in enterprise technology solutions, we understand the reality you face on a daily basis and we seek to find technological solutions to your daily challenges. We have carried out more than 528 CRM, ERP and LEGIO projects since 1997.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Business Central (ERP)
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a all-in-one ERP solution for small and medium businesses. With more than 140,000 customers and millions of users, this flexible and adaptable solution will meet all your needs such as financial management, supply chain management, manufacturing management, project and service management.
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Microsoft Dynamics 365
Customer Engagement (CRM)
Empower yourself to accelerate the pace of your sales cycles and increase your sales performance. The intelligent functions of Dynamics 365 will allow you to better calculate the potential of your prospects, plan strategic interventions and anticipate the needs of your customers in order to maximize their long-term profitability.
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Legio 365 - Ordres & Associations
Legio 365 is a solution for your employees, who manage, protect and supervise thousands of members for your association or professional order. Gestisoft has been working for 20 years with professional associations and orders and can finally present this new technology. Legio 365 is the solution for everyday tasks that take time and reduce productivity, but need to be accomplished.
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OUR services
Our services are designed to help you get the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 software with the help of our CRM & ERP experts.

CRM and ERP software implementation

Gestisoft's CRM and ERP implementations allow you to improve your performance according to the needs, size and growth rate of your business.

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Customer success: From training to development

Our Customer Success team will support you at every stage of your growth. You can quickly book a self-service session with our experts.

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Self-Service Platform

GestiOnTheGo: the only self-service application

Need help with Microsoft Dynamics 365? Directly book a CRM or ERP expert to help you with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in 1 click.

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Level 1 by Gestisoft: Preconfigured solutions.

Over the years, Gestisoft has developed solutions to add functionalities and configurations to Microsoft Dynamics 365 adaptable to your needs.

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Our preconfigured services

Accessible and adapted services to give you the best return on your investment.

In recent years, we have been building turnkey solutions and configurations to make Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions accessible for SMEs. This allows you to use the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 at a reasonable cost to your business. You learn the solution quickly and benefit from our self-service to evolve Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your current needs.

Accelerate your sales with Level 1 by Gestisoft

The Level 1 application by Gestisoft offers you a quick and preconfigured implementation to get you up and running quickly and on your way to success with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales application.

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Manage your contracts with Contract 365

With an app like Contract 365, you can forget about renewing your contracts, filing them, and even late fees. All you have to do is schedule alerts and the Contract 365 solution takes care of the rest.

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Take control of your ERP with GoFinancials

Become a pro of your new ERP software in 11 Missions accompanied by our experts. Let our experts guide you in implementing the best practices in financial management with an ERP.

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Expand your knowledge with our blog on ERP, CRM and Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions

Choosing a good business solution represents a major investment in time and money. Gestisoft's mission is to produce useful resources to support you in your search for information.

With our team of 80 experts, we have one goal: to ensure the success of your project.

Our team helps Canadian companies in their digital transformation projects with the help of Microsoft CRM and ERP applications. Our role is to find how you can use these business solutions to have a real impact on your business. From manufacturing production to managing your sales, our experts will find how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can accelerate your success.

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